Thursday, October 02, 2014

Big Up Podcast 81 - Hatti Vatti

Hatti Vatti. The name you might not have heard until his recent album 'Worship Nothing', which we've been playing on repeat for the past couple of weeks. For the fans of deep electronic music (we're talking Synkro's emotional vibe, Bluetech's intricate production, or Indigo's 'genreless' subs), Hatti Vatti makes music that’s actually wrong to compare to any of these inspirations, as it sounds both wicked and beautiful, sincerely emotional, effortlessly personal, and unique to Hatti Vatti.

Track list:

Hatti Vatti – Worship Nothing (New Moon Recordings)
Troy Gunner – Capacity (Demand Records)
Es.tereo – Blurmotion [Indigo remix] (forthcoming Urban Poetry
Hatti Vatti – Algebra 6 (Nowe Nagrania)
Hatti Vatti – 1ne (New Moon Recordings)
Indigo – Genetic Memories (dub)
Stickman – These Eyes (dub)
Jafu – What’s Your Theory (Deep Heads)
Jalex – Next Step (Eternia Music)
Hatti Vatti – Synthesis (New Moon Recordings)
??? – ??? (dub)
Heden – Her Loss (dub)
Kontext – Worldbridger (forthcoming Absys Records)
Theme – ??? (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
Reza & Gremlinz – Akiko (forthcoming Cylon)
Perverse – Terrain (dub)
Synkro – Synthetic (dub)
SGNL & R4NS0M – Rubber (forthcoming Absys Records)
Khords & R381 – Helix Part 2 (forthcoming CX:Digital)
Hatti Vatti – Algebra 7 (Nowe Nagrania)

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