Thursday, October 30, 2014

dBridge - Live at Womb

The Exit Records boss and drum‘n’bass maestro throws down some Amen-inspired breaks and future rollers. Live at Womb in Tokyo.
For those who don't know, dBridge aka Darren White’s first introduction into the music scene was in 1992, when he formed the Sewage Monsters outfit with his older brother Steve Spacek. In the mid-90s Darren met Jason Maldini and was soon working alongside him at Trouble On Vinyl. Whilst experimenting with beats the duo released their first 12" on Renegade Hardware, Flash Gordon/Jeep Beats, followed by a bunch of massive anthems. In 1998 Darren was one of the four founding members of Bad Company UK, based on the philosophy of re-energising what was becoming an increasingly minimalist musical genre. Their label BC Recordings defined a whole era in the genre, and as a production crew released on labels such as Prototype, Virus, RAM, React, and Formation, just to name a few. Bypassing the path leading to mainstream success, the crew instead opted to fuel the underground. This way of thinking was embodied in the birth of flagship internet forum, which gave fans and fellow artists alike the opportunity to express opinions, contribute ideas and greatly strengthened the global d’n’b community. Not staying still for long, dBridge co-produced Spacek’s second longplayer Vintage High-Tech which defined a new generation of British soul music, harnessing the power of today’s electronic media to create a vintage sound. Laterly his collaboration with Instra:mental created the short-lived but vital Autonomic club night, label and podcast series. Autonomic is credited with giving drum ‘n’ bass a much needed shot in the arm, and signposting the possibilities for a multitude of creative young producers. dBridge also helms his label Exit Records, a home to Om Unit, Dub Phizix, Amit, and veteran Marcus Intalex, and has also started another endeavour: Heart Drive. With a history as varied and colorful as his, no one knows what to expect next from dBridge: but it’s guaranteed to be ahead of the curve.