Friday, October 03, 2014

none60 Podcast 005 (Doc Scott Mix)

The none60 podcast strikes back.... featuring the original “King of the Rollers”, Scott McIlroy aka Doc Scott, a true drum’n‘bass legend. With musical roots steeped in electro, hip hop, techno and house, it was the early 90s rave scene that led to Scott’s initial headlining DJ sets. Here he presents something truly eclectic.

Also out now on none60 right now we have NSY012 - Banzulu - Nobody Move / Gal Dem

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01. Goldlink - CNTRL
02. Vince Staples ft James Fauntleroy - Nate
03. Hawk House - Vulcan Grip
04. Shlohmo & Jeremih - Let It Go
05. Banzulu - Nobody Move (none60)

Doc Scott Mix

01.Silent Dust - One (none60)
02.Submerse - Lets never come back here again
03.Deft - Wolf
04.Hidden Orchestra - Spoken (Submerse Remix)
05.Machine drum - Vizion
06.Komon and Appleblim - The Visionary State
07.DFRNT - A New Chapter
08.Sam KDC - Lovesick
09.Eluvium - Bending Dream
10.Synkro - New York (Synkro Edit)
11.Instra:Mental - Waterfalls
12.Illum Sphere - Never Lie Twice (Om Unit Remix)
13.Bjork - Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)
14.ASC - Full Circle
15.Darkstar - Armonica (Darkstar Remix) (Original Mix)
16.Omar S - Air Of The Day
17.Eluvium - Return To Debris
18.Silent Dust - Love Sundered (none60)

06.Boxcutter ft Star Fu - Active Transformation
07.Curly Castro ft Margel the Sophant - Emmett Still
08.Nuage - Prints of You (Ital Tek Remix)
09.Has-Lo & Castle - Off The Bench
10.Rodriguez - I'll Slip Away
11.Thom Yorke - A Brain in a Bottle