Monday, November 15, 2010

Coldcut: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix [29.01.2006]

Coldcut - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix - 29.01.2006 by djmixes

Track list:

01. Adam F 'Unknown' (White Label)
02. Will I Am 'Who Am I?' (White Label)
03. DJ Vadim 'The Terrorist' (Ninjatune)
04. Supercat 'Don Dada' (Wild Apache)
05. Kenny Dope 'Don dada' (Big Beat)
06. Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side' (RCA)
07. Tribe Called Quest 'Can I Kick It?' (Jive)
08. Mr Scruff 'Trouser Jazz' (Ninjatune)
09. The Party Party .com 'Imagine' (Mp3)
10. Sweet Tee 'It's My Beat' (Edel)
11. KRS ONE 'Dope Beat' (Big Daddy)
12. AC/DC 'Back In Black' (Atlantic)
13. Harry Hall 'Teddy Bears' Picnic' (White Label)
14. KRS ONE 'Sound Of Da Police' (Jive)
15. Lumidee 'Never Leave' (Universal)
16. Eric B & Rakim 'I No U Got Soul' ( Island )
17. Eric B & Rakim 'Paid In Full' ( Island )
18. Zebra Breaks 'Unknown' (White Label)
19. ColdCut 'Smoke This One' (Big Life)
20. The Soul Searchers 'Ashley's Roachclip' (Alpha Omega)
21. Playschool 'Bang On A Drum' (BBC)
22. Disco 3 'Stick Em' (White Label)
23. Cutty Ranks 'The Stopper' (Fashion)
24. Slim 'It's In The Mix' (Epic)
25. Method Man 'Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Remix)'
26. Saul Williams 'Not In Our Name' (Ninjatune)
27. Rare Earth 'I Am Losing You' (EMI)
28. Jeremy Stieg 'Howlin' For July' (Blue Note)
29. Beastie Boys 'Sure Shot' (Capitol)
30. The Majesticons 'Suburb Party' (Big Dada)
31. Tickle 3 'I Got What U Need' (White Label)
32. DJ Z Trip 'Listen To The DJ' ( Hollywood )
33. The Invada 'Showtime' (White Label)
34. J Roc 'Dirty Fingered B-Boy' (Ninjatune)
35. Part 2 'One Of Dem Days' (Big Dada)
36. Yummy 'It's Good To You' (White Label)
37. Harmonic 33 'The Shape Shifter' (Warp)
38. Pizzy Yelliot 'Could You Be Loved (Disco)'
39. Harmonic 33 'Funky Duck' (Warp)
40. ColdCut 'Mr Nicholls' (Ninjatune)
41. McKay 'Takin Over' (White Label)
42. Dave & Ansel Collins 'Double Barrel' (Trojan)
43. Philorene 'Bola' (Organico)
44. Antipop Consortium '38303' (Antipop)
45. Ganja Crew 'Super Sharp Shooter' (Ganja)
46. Wayne Smith 'Sleng Teng' (Greensleeves)
47. Junior Reid 'One Blood' (Big Life)
48. Krust 'Warhead' (Full Cycle)
49. Slymoo 'Police & Thieves' (Arista)
50. Coldcut 'Everything's Under Control' (Ninjatune)
51. Coldcut 'Revolution' (Ninjatune)
52. Cane 'Grand Old Party Mix' (White Label)
53. Sunra Arkestra 'Yahyahs Resonance FM Rap' (Continue To Explore)
54. Baba Brooks 'Twilight Zone' (Proper)
55. Sandra Melody and Diplo 'Newsflash' (Big Dada)
56. Temperance 7 'Charley My Boy' ( Lake )
57. Crazy Titch vs Coldcut '1 hr To Make This' (White Label)
58. Lee Sratch Perry 'Cloak And Dagger' (BE)
59. Franz Ferdinand 'This Fire' (Domino)
60. King Tubby 'Base Dub' (Music Club)
61. Alan Watts 'Listen' (White Label)
62. Bjork 'Hidden Place' (One Little Indian)
63. The Congos 'Open Up The Gates Of Zion ' (Go-Feet)
64. King Tubbys 'Confusion Dub' (Snapper)
65. Son Kite 'Other Side' (Tribal Tribe)
66. Iggy Pop & Stooges 'Down On The Street' (Elektra)