Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Resident Advisor Podcast: ASC

Absolutely one of the best mixes I've heard in awhile. Unreleased goodies abound on this assured encapsulation of the Autonomic sound. Divide by two. It seems so simple in retrospect. But what the producers centered around the "Autonomic" sound— Instra:mental, dBridge and ASC chief among them — devoted themselves to a few years ago has caused an enormous stir in the drum & bass community. It has also reenergized the aforementioned artists, resulting in some of the most indelible work of their (already) lengthy careers spent at 170 BPM. None more so than ASC (AKA James Clements), whose recent album Nothing Is Certain was termed "mature club music of the highest caliber" by RA's Max Bacharach. A distinct break from his more traditional drum & bass of the early '00s, Clements' recent work has shown him embracing a whole new world of possibility. With his RA podcast, he showcases a peek into the future of the Autonomic sound.

Read the interview HERE.

Track list:

dBridge - Dischord - NonPlus+
ASC - Emerge - Unreleased
Oak - Bedroom Community - Microfunk
ASC & Consequence - Untitled - Unreleased
Abstract Elements - Fourth Dimension - Unreleased
Vaccine - Nurse - Unreleased
ASC - As the Dust Settles - Unreleased
Despot & Abstract Elements - Lowrider - Unreleased
Future Sound Of London - Excerpt from Environments 1 (Part 1) - FSOL
ASC - Another Late Night - Exit
Instra:mental - No Future (Consequence Remix) - Unreleased
ASC - Black Hole Collapse - Unreleased
Instra:mental - Fist - Unreleased
Phaeleh - Afterglow (dBridge Remix) - Afterglo
ASC - Fourier System - Unreleased
Jamie Now - Cascade - Hypnosis
DJG - Be Here Now - Warm Communications
ASC - Moonraker - Unreleased
Riya - Seems Like - Autonomic
ASC - Reality Check - Auxiliary
They Live - What We Promise - Unreleased
Bulb - Tenderness - Kokeshi
Distance - Fading - Exit
ASC & Vaccine - Somnolence - Unreleased
Instra:mental - Human 0.1.2 - Unreleased
Pearson Sound - Windmills of Your Mind - Darkestral
Croms - Invisible Cities - Exit
They Live - 7998 - Exit
Vaccine feat. Riya - Like a Dream - Unreleased