Thursday, November 11, 2010

LWE Podcast 64: Matt O’Brien

Matt O’Brien follows in a long and proud tradition of British techno eccentrics.
A punk band member before he was bitten by the techno bug, Matt brings a rawness to his dance floor productions on the sporadic but always consistent Off-Key Industries label. Matt’s imprint has put out just five releases in as many years, but it has also spawned the Limited sub-label.
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Track list:

01. Beaumont Hannant, “Art of Stealing” (Swag Remix) [GPR]
02. Schatrax, “The Almighty” [Schatrax]
03. Ali Nasser, “Stars of Ra” [Soweso]
04. Matt O’Brien & Audiostatic, “Sepia” [Off-Key Industries Ltd]
05. STL, “Silent State” [Smallville Records]
06. Skatebård, “Naar Det Rykker I Ringen” [Luna Flicks]
07. DJ Koze, “I Want To Sleep” [International Records Recordings]
08. Bodycode, “The Centre of Time” [Yore Records]
09. Floating Points, “Shark Chase” [Eglo Records]
10. Alton Miller, “Inner8″ (Gerd’s No Vox Mix) [Clone]
11. Oracy, “Bass Mood” [Mojuba]
12. JC Freaks, “Source” [wandering]
13. Dave Aju, “Be Like The Sun” [Circus Company]
14. Dexter, “1992″ (Vocal Version) [Dolly]
15. Extrawelt, “Simpleton” [Cocoon Recordings]
16. Samuli Kemppi, “Suunta” [Komisch]
17. DJ Koze, “Blume Der Nacht” [Pampa Records]
18. Matt O’Brien, “Dodaso” [Off-Key Industries]