Monday, November 15, 2010

FACT mix 202: D1

This FACT mix comes from one of dubstep’s first titans, and one of the UK’s most consistant producers, D1. Known as Dwayne Marsh to his parents, one of whom, Antony Marsh was a jungle producer himself, D1 cemented his place in dubstep’s history books with a series of releases in the genre’s DMZ and Tempa dominated half-step days, amongst them the incredible ‘Crack Bong’, a track whose brittle drums, time-stretched samples and main pulse, warped to disorientating proportions, made it perhaps the scariest thing dubstep had produced at that point in its history.

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FACT Mix 202 - D1 (Nov '10) by factmag

Track list:

1. D1 – Pitcher
2. Subscape – Just Because
3. D1 – Ongie Bongie VIP
4. D1 – Bleeps To Broadway
5. SHM – One-Caspa Remix
6. Benga – Man On Mission
7. Kutz – Untitled
8. Caspa – Minimal Movements
9. The Others – Total Recall feat. Rod Azlan
10. Emalkay – Crusader
11. D1 – Flood of Emotion feat. Jenna G
12. D1 – Nothing Is Forever
13. Caspa – Love Never Dies (Back For The First Time) feat. Mr. Hudson
14. D1 – Keep On Loving You
15. Kutz – Ivory
16. D1 – No Tomorrow
17. D1 – Hurts – Wonderful Life [D1 bootleg]