Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kongkast # 128 – feat. SURVIVAL (Audio Tactics, DNAudio, Quarantine, Play Music, Shogun Audio / UK)

For many of us, Survival needs no introduction. Releases on pioneering labels Inperspective Records and DJ Baileys Intasound, Creative Source, DNAudio, Quarantine, Play Music and Shogun Audio, as well as the name behind tunes like Storm Chaser ft. Alex Perez, Cronk ft. Break and his self titled SURVIVAL LP on Exit Recordings.

With a string new release on labels such as Play:Musik, Utopia Music and Break’s new album on Symmetry Recordings. Survival’s deep, organic sound has rapidly earned him a reputation as one of the true craftsmen of modern drum & bass.


1. Survival – Undercover
2. Spinline and Hydro – Blindfold
3. Survival – Harsh Langage
4. Bazil – Dark Impuses
5. Survival,Octane and DLR – Trasition
6. Skeptical – Cold One(Jubi Remix)
7. 8 Bits – Tic Tac Toc
8. Survival – Sun Down
9. Skeptical – Sphere
10. Banaczech – Deseptive Emotion
11. Octane, DLR and Linden – Teknik
12. Silent Witness – BrainDrain
13. Break feat Die - Slow Down
14. Break feat Silent Witness and Survival – Conference Call
15. Siren – Snorkel
16. Gremlinz and Anil – Stand Alone
17. Silent Witness – Frozen Still
18. Silent Witness and Survival – Bullet