Monday, December 20, 2010


The most outrageous man in drum & bass - John B - is about to re-release his stormer Red Sky as part of a brand new remix package. This follows renewed hype following it being sampled on huge US star Nicki Minaj’s ’Here I Am’ from the already gold selling album ‘Pink Friday’.

A massive drum and bass hit in 2008, ‘Red Sky’, is now going to be propelled into a different stratosphere, and it comes with brand new exciting remixes to match.

John B feat. Shaz Sparks // Red Sky (REMIXES) [BETA 019R/BETA 019T] by Beta Recordings

Red Sky is being re-released in Febuary 2011 and comes complete with dubstep, trance and drum and bass remixes from John B himself and cutting-edge producers Rebel Sonix, and Subsonik & Smooth.

In the meantime, John B's new album will be released in late February, followed by the first of a new Mix CD series, Trance & Bass 2011.