Wednesday, December 08, 2010

RA.EX010 Magda / Marc Houle

Two of Minus' key members chat at length about their history and their new albums. Over the past ten years, few techno labels have drawn as much attention as M-nus, the Berlin-based crew of expatriates led by DJ and producer Richie Hawtin. Among the label's most well-known members are Magda and Marc Houle. From their teenage years playing parties in Detroit, to their stadium-sized gigs during 2008’s Contakt tour, these two artists helped define the lean and punchy sound that came to be known as minimal. Both are currently on the road together promoting new albums. Houle's Drift features lengthy guitar-centric techno experiments, while Magda's From the Fallen Page translates her fascination with horror soundtracks into the same framework.


Track list:

Run Stop Restore - Speeder 64
Marc Houle - Colorscape2
Magda - Staring Contest
Clickbox vs Run Stop Restore - Magic Juice
Losoul - Open Door
Marc Houle - Manager
Baby Ford & Zip - Vacuum Cleaner
Persuader - Bottle Up!
Marc Houle - 7 AM
Marc Houle - Techno Vocals
Magda - Little Bad Habits
Magda - Distance to Nowhere
Marc Houle - Sweet
Marc Houle - Melting
Clickbox vs Run Stop Restore - Helen in the Keller