Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Christmas from Blu Mar Ten (And a Free Tune)

From Blu Mar Ten:

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year, (or whatever you celebrate in your part of the world), and we sincerely thank all of you who have taken the time to listen and enjoy our music. Without you good people we'd be quite incomplete.

Big thanks also to the people who come to our parties, the promoters who book us to play, the producers who send us new, fresh tunes, the DJs who support us and all the people who have simply become our friends through the magic of music. We hope that, in some small way, we brightened up your days from time to time.

In the festive spirit we decided to give away this little track we made in 2006 called My Heart. Many people have asked for a copy of it over the years but for various reasons we never set it loose before today. Well now it's free, so we hope you like it.

Blu Mar Ten - My Heart (2006) (Free download) by Blu Mar Ten