Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tron: Legacy

Been listening... nay... have been to geeking out to Daft Punk's soundtrack to the upcoming Tron: Legacy. Suffice to say, its's a stomper especially since their last few albums were - to be really honest - frightfully ho-hum.

This soundtrack, however, is destined to be a future classic (in fact, I have not been excited about a Daft Punk release since I first heard Da Funk on some compilation ages ago). If you like good music you will love this, period. Adagio for Tron, a cut from the 22 track album, is one of the many stand-outs - imagine if you will a sweeping orchestral score (think Han Zimmer and James Newton Howard's work on The Dark Knight)crossed with stirring electronics and you won't be far off.

It's classical meets cyberpunk, as one review puts it - perfect then to soundtrack the long-awaited sequel to Tron.

Culture Mob's Debbie Tharp said it's a massive undertaking for two musicians moving from two synthesizers and a drum machine to a 90 piece orchestra but Daft Punk pulled it off effortlessly. We agree... now go seek the album.