Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LWE Podcast 68: Morphosis

The Greek word “morphosis” means “the overall knowledge and learning,” which makes it an ideal moniker for Rabih Beaini. Not unlike his home in Lebanon, the producer’s bespoke brand of techno brings together the influences of Western dance tracks, jazzy improvisation, traditional, audience-fed Arab music and the very atmosphere around him. This blend appears in his rich and unexpected tone choices, the sweeping rhythms echoing natural patterns, itchy percussion timbres and droning sonics that have appeared on M>O>S Recordings, Delsin, Styrax Leaves, and his own Morphine Records. Focusing more on his music than its promotion, he offered Little White Ear Buds two exclusive podcasts to help draw the year to a close. The first is a mix recorded in Berlin that stitches together Beaini’s disparate tastes for synth-rock and reggae, outre techno and free jazz with his own work. The second is taken from a live set recorded at the Intergalactic FM Amsterdam Dance Event, an intimate and compelling look at how Morphosis navigates his own unique soundscapes.

LWE Podcast 68: Morphosis — Berlin (51:12)
LWE Podcast 68: Morphosis — Amsterdam (47:47)