Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Instra:mental 'Resolution 653'

Instra:mental 'Resolution 653' Album audio clips Nonplus Records by stholdings

Resolution 653 will be released on Vinyl , CD & Digital download. The 3x12” Vinyl and Download card shrinkwrapped inside. Instra:mental have completed their debut album and there’s no better home for it than their own firmly established label Nonplus+. Having made a name for themselves over the last few years as avant-garde, forward thinking producers who set trends instead of following, they lay down a full length album showcasing where their productions are at now rather than being a summary of where they’ve come from.
First off we get a taste of the album on the sampler with electro x juke style tracks ‘Thomp’ and ‘When I Dip” which have both been savaging dance floors worldwide over the last few months in the sets of DJs such as Loefah, Addison Groove and Benji B amongst others. Moving on to the full
LP we are treated to the complete gamut of Instra:mental’s ability. Tracks like ‘Aggro Acid’ and ‘Talkin Mono’ give us crude analogue acid modulation at its rawest that twists and gurgles across the sound spectrum with mesmeric manipulation, whilst others such as ‘Memory Implant’, ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Plok’ take us deep into synth arrangements that have become synonymous with their name.