Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Resident Advisor EX020: Kenny Larkin

Via Resident Advisor:

Music, to be quite honest, only took hold in Kenny Larkin's life because his fledgling stand-up career didn't take off in the way that he had hoped. The Detroit DJ/producer moved to California in the early '00s to trade strobe light for spotlight. It's not hard to blame him. Often forgotten behind the bigger names of Detroit's second wave, it seemingly took a well-timed reissue of early work from Rush Hour and an excellent new full-length for Planet E in 2008 for audiences to realize the breadth of his catalogue and his continued relevance.

So, even as he slowly makes moves towards shifting out of music and into a career in Hollywood, the allure of music is still undeniable for the veteran DJ/producer. As RA's Todd L. Burns found out in conversation late last month, things are going too well for Larkin to give up the creature comforts that music provides. Especially considering one of the last times that Larkin got onstage in Los Angeles, he bombed. The time before that? He was arrested only hours before his gig. Find a priest, a rabbi, a minister and settle in at the bar. This is our funniest Exchange yet.


Track list:

Kenny Larkin - Glob - Planet E
Kenny Larkin - Colonize - Plus 8
Terrence Parker - Your Love - Seventh Sign
Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome (Ken's Mix) - Plus 8
Kenny Larkin - Sympathy - R&S Records
Dark Comedy - Chicken Blues, Pt. 2 - Poussez!
Ben Klock feat. Elif Bicer - OK (Kenny Larkin Remix) - Ostgut Ton
Radio Slave - I Don't Need a Cure for This (Kenny Larkin Remix) - Rekids
Kenny Larkin - Mono E Mono - Peacefrog
Dane Cook - Speak 'n' Spell - Comedy Central Records
Kenny Larkin - Harmonics - Warp
Dark Comedy - Paranoid - Elypsia
Dark Comedy - Eclectic - Elypsia