Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dillinja with MC GQ & SPMC [Metalheadz History Sessions @ Fire 21.02.14]

Dillinja with MC GQ & SPMC - Metalheadz History Sessions @ Fire 21.02.14 by Metalheadz

This year, Metalheadz celebrates 20 years of pioneering releases and events. To celebrate this milestone, the Headz crew put together an all star line up for a massive party with artists representing the past, present and future of the label. One of the highlights of the night was the appearance of bass legend Dillinja, who unleashed fury on the decks. Enjoy this one.

Track list:

Capone - Jah [Chronic]
Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart [Lionheart]
Cybotron Feat. Dillinja - Threshold [Prototype]
Capone - Friday [Hardleaders]
Sci-Clone - O.D. [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Acid Track [Pain]
Dillinja - Deep Love (Remix)[Logic]
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs (VIP Mix)[Razors Edge]
Just Jungle - Sky [Trouble On Vinyl]
Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Check 1, 2 [Valve]
Dillinja - Hard Noize [Test]
Dillinja - So Damn Tuff [Test]
Dillinja - I Wanna Know [FFRR] + Trinity - S Bag [Chronic]
Lemon D - I Can't Stop [V]
Dillinja - Nasty Wayz [FFRR] + Ed Rush & Optical - Watermelon [Virus]
Lemon D - 12.01 [Valve]
Capone - Massive [Hardleaders]
dBridge & Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Silver Blade [Prototype]
Dillinja - Deadly Ceremonies [Deadly Vinyl]