Thursday, April 03, 2014

Drum and Bass Mix 2014 — Machine Code — 45 Min Set (Ep. 155)

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Broadcasted on 3rd April 2014 at
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Machine Code (aka Current Value & Dean Rodell) is a project formed out of true respect and passion for dance music with its origins deep-rooted in Techno. Neither artist needs introduction to any of the scenes they have been busy infiltrating, as these two heavy-weights of underground electronica have been continually releasing tight cuts and forward thinking music for over 20 years between them to date.

Following the release Machine Code's first, forward thinking LP - 'Environments'; which comprised a slab of heavy and experimental and cross-over takes on DnB, Techno and Dubstep - they are once again fresh from working the machines at their own Subdivision Studio in Berlin. A fresh munitions stockpile is ready to be broadcast to and inflicted upon audiences worldwide. Machine Code live's ideal is to bring it back to that original and fresh sound with a true manipulated modular synthesis approach.

They are ready to crush sound systems in their path with relentlessly rushing and hypnotic DnB, lung collapsing Dubstep and dark clanging Techno derived from the darkest depths of their abused machinery.


00:00 - Machine Code - DIATOM
03:00 - Machine Code - INSOMNIA
06:00 - Machine Code - DISCHORD
09:00 - Machine Code - TEKKERS
12:00 - Machine Code - OTHERS
15:00 - Machine Code - SCANNER
18:00 - Machine Code - READY
21:00 - Machine Code -VELOCITY
24:00 - Machine Code - DRUNKEN MASTER
27:00 - Machine Code - REPTILE
30:00 - Machine Code - RHEA
33:00 - Machine Code vs Cooh - ?
36:00 - Machine Code - ELEPHANT
39:00 - Machine Code - THE MOD
42:00 - Machine Code - EARTH