Monday, April 21, 2014

Frederic Robinson - Live Signals

Frederic Robinson - Live Signals - album preview (forthcoming on BMTM) by Blu Mar Ten

In 2013 Frederic Robinson released his stunningly unique Mixed Signals album to universal praise from audience and industry alike. At the same time, Frederic was also building up his equally unique live performance. The results of that live performance, captured in this new release available HERE, eschews the usual 2-CDJs-and-a-mixer routine for something completely mesmerising.

Here, he creates a completely new live experience using a bizarre array of instruments spanning the antique, the modern and the homemade. Rather than relying on vast amounts of playback, Frederic builds the tracks from scratch during each performance introducing large elements of improvisation and risk to the music and offering his audience a unique show each and every time. Using a mixture of drumming, modified Wii controllers, wired-up kalimbas, his trusty violin and his own voice, Frederic takes the listener on a journey though adaptations of tracks from Mixed Signals, some new material exclusive to his live work and reinterpretations of some of his remix projects.

You won't want to miss this.

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