Sunday, April 06, 2014

Optical - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Optical - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric

Alongside Ed Rush, Matt Quinn (who you’ll undoubtedly know better under his DJ name, Optical) has helped sculpt the drum & bass scene’s multifarious experimentations for nearly two decades now. As producers they pioneered the techstep sound, making crisp and explosive d&b sing on the defining Wormhole album, but as bosses of Virus Recordings they’ve managed to continually stay propulsive releasing music from people like Audio, Optiv & BTK, The Upbeats, Noisia and many many more. A mainstay here, the duo’s forceful and dominating sets are always surefire highlights which is why Fabric London asked Optical to put together an hour long mix which demonstrates a) why the scene hold them in such high regard and b) why Optical’s still one of the most quietly inventive production forces in modern drum & bass.