Sunday, August 12, 2007

18/08/07 ADIDAS Presents Amit Live (Metalheadz) @ Phuture‎

Amit Live (Metalheadz/Commercial Suicide, UK)

Adidas makes a comeback after a year with the launch of adibeats, a little communal melting pot for all things good in the hood of the underground. Showcasing genres deep inna ground with an evil concotion of dubstep, halfstep and drum and bass vitamins.

With the launch of the support movement for all collectives and genres of music across the board, adibeats is proud to present Amit Live (Commercial Suicide/Metalheadz).

Kickin' it with an ableton live set, Amit who decided to drop by sunny Singapore since he loves his adidas kit, lamb curries and 'WHO IS AMIT?' stickers.

Free superhuman passes for the chosen ones, PM us on myspace or something to that effect, that means you got to add us on myspace at

More information at

Friday, May 11, 2007

re: locate - 12 May 2007 @ Club Magazine (Hong Kong)‎


Asia's first regional Drum 'n' Bass tour featuring all the major crews in Bangkok, Kuala Lampur, Singapore and Jakarta.

Date: Saturday, 12 May 2007
Time: 11pm till late
Venue: Club Magazine (Central, Hong Kong)
Entry: $100 with 1 free drink

Line-Up: Zul (Subvert, Singapore), Low (Loops Collective, Kuala Lampur), Wen (Homebass Communications, Bangkok)

Plus HK Magnetic Soul residents: Kay C, Blood Dunza, JP Lui, Cookie, Teem, and Sembei VJ

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vote for Subvert at the 2007 Motorola Super Style Music Awards...

Zul's nominated for the Motorola Super Style Music Awards in the catagory of Best DJ, vote for him at

Thanks in advance!


Subvert HQ

Thursday, April 12, 2007

FRIDAY 13 APR 2007: Dieselboy (USA), Digital (UK) MC Messinian (US)


The biggest, baddest drum & bass gig ever... like.. seriously. feat. America's Number 1 Drum & Bass DJ - Dieselboy (USA), Digital (UK), MC Messinian (USA) and Kabelton Live! (AUSTRIA)

10, Perak Road / FRIDAY, 13 APRIL / Beats roll at 10PM
*LTD presale tickets out at $23 - remember this is a first come first served event, and priority will be given to ticket holders
*Interested to promote this event to get free entry for yourself? E-mail

Friday, March 09, 2007

17 MAR 2007:Therapy Locus Harder Sessions feat. Dubwise All-stars

We're quite sick of too much liquid so we're taking it bigger, harder, ruffer and badder together with the brovas of Dubwise - churning out the best of ragga, dub, jungle and drum and bass.

Selekta! 17th of March (that's Saturday in case you're wondering) from 10pm at the one and only Bar Baa Black Chic (10 Perak Road

P/S: It's also gonna be a happy birthday aresha party for as many lurkers, friends and friendliers. e-mail for guestlist. b-b-b-b-BO! More details here.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Subvert March 2007 Mix available for download HERE featuring 70 minutes of the freshest drum 'n' bass pressure with some classics thrown in for good measure.


* Fracture and Neptune - Ventura (Med School)

* Icicle - So Close (Med School)
* Icicle - That Tune (Fokuz)
* Mistical - Mistical Solution (feat. Ras t-Weed) (Soul:R)
* Mistical - Amen Electric (Soul:R)
* Atlantic Connection - Brand New Colony (Creative Source)
* Break - Yes (Commercial Suicide)
* SKC - Conquest (Commercial Suicide)
* London Elektricity - Rewind (Makoto remix) (Hospital)
* Pentagon - Summer of 73 (Hospital)
* Sub Focus - Druggy (Ram Records)
* J Majik and Wickaman - C Style (Red Spider)
* Matrix and Sonic - Flashlight (Metro Recordings)
* Matrix and Futurebound - Skyscraper (Metro/Viper Recordings)
* Optical, Matrix and Louis Smith - DNA (Virus)
* Future Prophecies - Wonderland VIP (Section 8)
* CLS - Tell Me What You Want (Med School)
* Stan & Mook - Legal (Soul:R)
* Marcus Intalex - Wide Eyes (Soul:R)
* Digital - Termite (Innerground)
* Seba and Paradox - Move On (Hospital)

Happy listening!


Subvert HQ

Sunday, February 11, 2007


HOSPITALITY in conjunction with our lovely therapyfamily for February 2007 presents Zul (a.k.a Subvert) playing alongside the Hospital crew in London!

Hospitality (FRIDAY, 16 FEB 2007 HERBAL, LONDON)

One of Singapore's longest serving drum 'n' bass posses, Subvert was formed by Chuan and Zul and have been holding parties since 1998. Now among Singapore's leading drum & bass promoters, Subvert was among the first to book foreign jocks in the Lion City (Aphrodite in 1999 at Nox). These days, the team is anchored by Zul alongside esteemed contributors to which they've helped bring the likes of Friction, Stamina MC, John B, Pendulum, London Elektricity and most recently Logistics and Hospital Records' Chris Goss to drum & bass headz in Singapore.

A journalist at one of the island's leading newspapers, Zul has also spent time as resident at White Label in Hong Kong (regularly working the turntables of Amnesia, Ing, Studio 1, Phi-Bs and Level 27) and DJed in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok alongside Aphrodite, Friction, John B, London Elektricity, Logistics, Sonic, Pendulum and Teebee.

Main Room:

L Double (BBC 1xtra)
Danny Byrd
Zul (Subvert / Therapy Asia)
MC Ruthless

The Bar:
Chris Goss
Zac Vibert

From: 9:00 pmDoor: £5 b4 10.30 / £8 after
Herbal10 / 14 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7613 4462
Fax: 020 7117 3048

Represented by TherapyAsia For more information, visit or

For agency & rostering information, please e-mail
Subvert details available at and

Locus: FATT CHOY BEATS - The D&B Reunion Assault 17.02.07

Yet again, with too much free time on our hands:Ok so we threw away the Locus fridays and decided to come back with saturdays (hahaha).

It couldn't be a better idea to relaunch our lovely old/new night (depends how you look at it) with a great mix of selektas from all the different collectives. We also encourage you to dress a-la gongxifacai, meaning red or yellow. Or even better still, come in a lion costume!

We also highly reccommend that you pump up your vitamin C levels with our special CNY 1-for-1 Vodka Orange promo. $9.90 a glass or $48 a jug (which means you get two jugs or two glasses depending on how broke you are)

Also, too add to our abfab razzmatazz, we're giving out free oranges - YES! FREE ORANGES. Because nobody can resist a good mandarin orange. Stand to win some random rubbish we'll give out on the night if you're loud enough.

VIPLISTS: Reserved for DJs and foreign students leaving for Semester 1, 2007 :( GUESTLISTS will be by invite only - since you're supposed to be a GUEST to get on it. (or at least a really good friend)

FREELISTS for the el cheapos are limited to 10 (we might be lying about this figure) - so e-mail

FASTER LAH! Oh and it's the cost of your first drink to enter. Which works out to be $12 or less.

RSVP your guestlist via MYSPACE.

Friday, January 26, 2007

An old article - a peek into the Singapore scene though it says nothing much :)

Independent Nights
Straits Times LIFE!, Apr 28, 2005

From PopTart to Subvert, hip clubbing nights started by independent promoters have been winning converts all over town. JILL ALPHONSO reports.

IF YOU had stepped into Phuture on a particular Saturday night three months ago, you might have thought you had gone to the wrong nightspot. Instead of the usual bass-heavy hip-hop or nu-beats blasting from thespeakers at this Zouk venue, classic hits from the likes of 1980s electro bands Joy Division and New Order ruled.

Spinning for a 400-strong crowd was DJ Adrian Wee. The 30-year-old is the mastermind behind PopTart, one of the newest success stories of independent clubbing nights. Started last October, PopTart is usually held monthly at a small club called Home at Riverwalk Galleria. The Phuture gig was PopTart's first foray into a big-name club. That's just one example of how independent events, among them Sonar and Subversive, are spicing up the clubbing scene even as big clubs like Zouk hold sway. Industry sources say such events gained momentum here five years ago, with around six such nights running here in Singapore. These nights are not rare as clubbing scenes grow, and are in fact common in cities like London or New York.

Here, they are often run by DJs holding day jobs that have little to do withthe nights they throw. They want to share their passion for specific music, andare not out to make a quick buck. Events are held at small clubs like Cocco Latte and Home, which can take upto 300 patrons. Marketing is done via flyers, mass e-mails, website postingsand word of mouth.

'PopTart started because my friends and I wanted a place to hang out andlisten to the music we like,' says Wee. 'We were hoping to attract others with similar interests and build acommunity,' adds the man who holds a residency at Attica in Clarke Quay and isa former DJ of The Liquid Room.

He is not alone. Guerilla, a five-year-old drum 'n' bass consortium, wasstarted by best friends Jonathan Nah Eng Kiat, 32, and Ashidiq Ghazali, 30. Going by their DJ names of Kiat and Ash, both are art directors atadvertising agencies by day. They met at underground club events 13 years agohere and began organising one-off nights in dark, dingy venues like thenow-defunct Insomnia. Now, they hold events every two months (see other story) and are one of themost recognised names in the local DJ scene. 'I think people are sick of the corporatisation of clubbing,' says Kiat.'They come to smaller indie nights to look for something different, toexperience the music without all the fluff.' Though Guerilla has had the support of big-name clubs like Zouk and Rouge,which have played host to give customers an occasional new experience, it iscurrently looking for a smaller venue to hold its next event.

Elsewhere, Sonar and Subversive are other nights which have popped up onclubbers' radar over the past few years. Adding to the mix is a new night,Singapore Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), which held its first night last week atCocco Latte. Although indie operators are reluctant to talk about money matters, sources say they usually bankroll the events from their own pockets and nights can cost as little as $200 to throw.

But if an international DJ isinvolved, costs can reach $5,000, like in the case of Subvert, which brought inTony Colman of British drum 'n' bass duo London Elektricity last December. For the most part, organisers are said to break even at least. They charge anywhere between $5 and $20, and usually draw up to 400 patrons. PopTart, for example, began to take off in December last year.

By January, Wee and company were making a small profit. 'We're not running out and buying new mobile phones every week, but sometimes we do make a little bit,' he says with a laugh. He and his crew are able to 'maybe buy dinner with it' is all he will let on about the takings. Musician Yeow Tan, 38, of Chemistry Team, which organises the monthly Sonar,says it is not about making money, adding that it is more often than not abreak-even story with these indie nights.

So are they a threat to the big boys? Most organisers see their events ascomplementing what's offered at more established clubs. Zouk's marketing manager Tracy Phillips sees value in the fact that such indie nights show Singaporeans that local DJs are just as good, if not better,than international ones. Zouk has hosted PopTart, Subvert and Guerilla in the past three months. 'The local collectives have gotten savvier and more professional. That's great for the scene because there's more variety,' she says.

Clubbers agree. Mr Dustin Lau, 26, a film editor who frequents both Zouk aswell as indie nights, says: 'If you go often enough, you'll get to know theregulars, which breeds a sense of familiarity. That's a nice change from themore distant and impersonal atmosphere in a bigger club.' And you don't have to worry about being underdressed.

Says Mr Dan Camoens,26, a supervisor at a hotel: 'At smaller events, you can hang out with your friends in bermudas and a T-shirt, and no one's going to judge you for it.'

STILL don't know where to go? Here's Life's hit list.

Where: A monthly event held on Saturdays at Home at The River Walk Galleria, but be warned … the night sometimes changes location and date, so check back on for updates.
Started: 2004
Who's behind them: DJ Adrian Wee and six others like Zaidi, Jah and Cherry who just like to rock.
Music: Classic sounds from the likes of Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers, Nine Inch Nails and New Order. The DJs also introduce the crowd to newer artists like indie disco rock bands Detroit Cobras and The Flaming Lips.
Crowd: Pool-playing sharks and booty-shaking hipsters. Go to have serious, unpretentious fun.

Where: Five parties a year, Timberlux Centre. Don't miss them. Check for details. Though the parties have been invite-only, doors open to the public in July. Check for details.
Started: 2004
Who's behind them: The Kinemat team, a bunch of rowdy folks who run an event and graphic design company with a penchant for block parties. Music: Be prepared for anything. Themes fluctuate from house music to Latin samba to nu-jazz, but absolutely no trance. Crowd: Who isn't there? Models, magazine editors, and the very hippest party-goers in the scene have been spotted.

Where: The Singapore Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) celebrated its inaugural night last Wednesday ’1 at Cocco Latte. The crew is currently in talks to throw monthlies there. Check for updates.
Started: 2005
Who's behind them: Three friends inspired by the international underground scenes of San Francisco and London who want to bring their living rooms into a club setting.
Music: Eclectic … everything from 1960s lounge, to German punk, to The Muppets. Expect live performances, video and art installations for eye candy.
Crowd: Chill after-work people looking for good vibes and cold drinks. Go with a bunch of good friends to goof around and put your feet up.

Where: This monthly weekender night regularly moves venues, so be sure to get onto the mailing list ( for regular updates. The last event was held at Mox in Tanjong Pagar.
Started: 2001
Who's behind them: Four friends with a design company, Chemistry Team, who started throwing parties in other friends' living rooms. They moved to clubs when the neighbours complained and have never looked back since.
Music: House, house and more house from DJ Yeow, formerly of Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz. The night gives play to local DJs like Triso ‘Junior' Garcia and Godwin P as well. Crowd: Don't let the large expat crowd put you off. The music's good enough to get you out there in your dancing shoes.

Where: Monthly nights at Home at The River Walk Galleria.
Started: 1999
Who's behind them: Subversive, made up of DJs Zul, Chuan and Vortex, don't care if you tell them drum n' bass is a dying genre. They've kept it alive in Singapore by throwing parties for six years.
Music: Hard-core drum n' bass
Crowd: Raw, pulsing, head-banging types. Those with a low tolerance for testosterone might think of staying away. Go armed with a good attitude and prepare for muscle aches the next day.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Hospitality (FRIDAY, 16 FEB 2007 HERBAL, LONDON)

Get deeper monthly at Hospitality’s Herbal stronghold, featuring all the Hospital artists on rotation as well as special surprise guests… Get close and personal as they push forward the fast soul sound on two floors, 3rd Friday of every month only at Herbal.

Main Room:
L Double (BBC 1xtra)
Danny Byrd
Zul (Subvert / Therapy Asia)
MC Ruthless

The Bar:
Chris Goss
Zac Vibert

From: 9:00 pm
Door: £5 b4 10.30 / £8 after

10 / 14 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DA
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 7613 4462

Fax: 020 7117 3048

Monday, January 08, 2007


happy new year all! So really, we're infamous for our o.t.t ridiculous nights. Dress like a goondoo and you might get a surprise.

Suddenly we realised that having vintage sounds were the in thing - so nonsequitur and aresha decided over 70 cent teh that they're gonna churn out some ace of base, michael jackson and vanilla ice as warm up for the melt down. (ha! wasn't that a clever sentence for confusion)...

You can bring your own tune of the 90's-2000 and get it played (exceptions: if you bring vengaboys n aqua u'll get hammered) And then we continue the Atari era with invid, zul and vortex bringing you the best pre 2001 drum and bass sounds... and we're trying to create a soundboard of some ridiculous sounds from mario brothers and what have you. and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to challenge a contender to a game of atari goodness projected on the big big big screen.

For more event details, head here.

LOCUS - FRI 19 Jan 2007 @ Bar Baa Black Chic
From 10pm onwards, for more details also check