Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Until Silence

Until Silence - RED010
A. That Shine
AA. Hands Tied
Out in all stores June 11, 2012

Until Silence's second offering for Pushing Red are two slices of funkiness cutting a swathe through house, techno and future soul. That Shine is clearly the stand out track, a dance floor pleaser with its pulsating kicks and weaving acid lines. Flipside Hands Tied is equally sumptuous: A piece of blissed out 4/4 funk built around soulful vocals. Polished yet seductive, this is irresistible.

ENA: Resident Advisor Podcast 313 - mix & interview

Tokyo bass, get downloading.

Dub Phizix // Guest Mix @ DJ Friction Radio Show // BBC Radio 1 // 21.05.2012

Holistix - Exclusive Mix for DBRDNB

Friday, May 18, 2012

Touch Radio Sombor (Serbia) Warped Drum and Bass Mix - Zul [02.05.2012]

Something I did for the kind people of Touch Radio Sombor recently, hope you like it. Download HERE.

Track list:

01. ASC - Symbol 1.1 [Aux Symbol]
02. Zul - Clarity [unreleased]
03. InVision - Nibiru [dub]
04. Synkro - Open Arms [Exit]
05. Two Thirds and Bad Apple featuring Veela - Sense Of Being [Med School]
06. Bulb - Mental Universe [DubKraft]
07. Blu Mar Ten - All Or Nothing (Keosz Remix) [FREE]
08. Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound (Consequence Remix) [Samurai Red Seal]
09. C4 - Solace [dub]
10. Massive Attack - Teardrop (Dominic Ridgway Bootleg) [FREE]
11. Keosz - Night Fall [dub]
12. dBridge - Detuned Heart [Autonomic]
13. Wagz - Blue Valentine [dub]
14. Sharpenski - Ionise [Rotation Deep]
15. Crimean - Open Letter [FREE]
16. Bop - Impermanence [Med School]
17. Flower and Mr Sizef - Autumn [Intelligent]
18. Synkro - December 23rd [FREE]
19. Indigo - Time [Exit]
20. Hijaq - I Guess This Is Goodbye [Something Deep]
21. Mr Sizef - Skies Kindness Happiness [Respect Russia]
22. Sharpenski and Venture - Sons Of The Sea [Something Deep]
23. Shea D Stedford - Condition [dub]
24. East Of Oceans - Symbol 6.1 [Aux Symbol]

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lung: Mixmag Mix Of The Week

Track list:

1. Lung - Asleep In Her Bed - Med School
2. Submerse - Always, Like This - Med School
3. Lung - Sky People - Med School
4. Myrkur - Metropolis - Brrrap
5. By Proxy - 68 (Vandera Remix) - Car Crash Set
6. Lung - Complete Me, Completely - Med School
7. Lung - Afterlife (Krytpic Minds Remix) - Kokeshi
8. Bop - Intercontinental Meltdown - Med School
9. Dan Marshall - Footsteps - Dub
10. TMSV - Myth - Box Clever
11. Cahb - In Our Moment - Dub
12. June Miller & Myrkur - Star Eyes (Ft. Gonnie) - Horizons
13. Amit - Stay With Me (Ft. Rani) - Exit
14. Killawatt & Ipman - Xibalba - Boka
15. Myrkur & TMSV - Icarus - Brrrap
16. Author - Turn (Ft. Ed Thomas) - Tectonic
17. Phaeleh & VVV - Reconcile - Soul Motive
18. Lung - Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything? (Ft. Rachel K Collier) - Med School

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Anile ft. Codebreaker DNBTV #195 Recorded Live on 2nd May

Intelligent Recordings podcast 15 (Mixed by Physical Illusion & Detail)

22:22 001 Sunchase & Nickbee - Belltine

Sunchase & Nickbee - Belltine / Summo

Label: 22:22
Release date: 14th May 2012
Cat no: 2222_001
Distribution: Triplevision
Formats: 12” & Digital

Fans of bass music are probably familiar with the work of Ukrainians Sunchase & NickBee. After receiving recognition from listeners, labels and colleagues all over the world the duo decided to create their own label, the mysteriously titled 22:22.

22:22 is the first Ukrainian drum and bass label, releasing music on vinyl and in digital format. The label’s debut release is the single, Summo / Belltine, two slices of aggressive and futuristic soundscaping that are impossible to ignore.

Belltine - Sunchase & NickBee

A deceptively orderly intro sequence gives way to powerful percussion, staccato rhythms and ominous sound design. Thundering drums, thick basslines and cold, otherworldly engineering conjure up images of uninhabited planets and their alien landscapes.

Summo - Nickbee

On the flip to Belltine is Summo, from Nickbee. Into his own version of chewing, growling neurofunk bass technology Nickbee skillfully interweaves echoes of the East, while the pounding drumtrack showcases a talent for audio well beyond his young age.

Monday, May 07, 2012

MJAZZ MPOD 027 - Danny T

May's MPOD comes by way of Danny T - an old friend of Metro and a fan of Modern Urban Jazz from the off way back in ‘95. Usually just a vinyl junkie, Danny has finally embraced the digital age via Serato. His mixes are always spot on in both execution and selection and MPOD 027 is no exception, featuring some of the latest pressure from Justice & Metro and an exclusive from the Dubmonger forthcoming on MJAZZ - watch your bass bins!!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Convex002 - dBridge presents Velvit

Long one of the lynchpins of the drum & bass scene and one of the driving forces behind the much feted Autonomic movement, dBridge again reaffirms his place at the vanguard of modern electronic music with fresh offerings from a new alias, Velvit.

Finding a home on Jon Convex’s Convex Industries imprint, the sound of Velvit is one which re-assesses a broad range of influences with a notoriouslys prescient ear. A vast sound palette draws upon moods, emotions and production technique taken from as far afield as 90s Jungle to the sleaze and seduction of more modern contemporaries such as Jimmy Edgar via the futurist soul and yearning vocals of Africa Hitech. Available now exclusively through Surus.



No description necessary. Here come the drumz!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

KONGKAST #166 – feat. ARKHAM (Red Label / Hong Kong)

Kongkast is back this week with one of Hong Kong’s favorite sons in the Drum and Bass scene - ARKHAM (Red Label / Hong Kong). One of the longest standing resident of Hong Kong’s Drum and Bass scene, Arkham was originally introduced to Jungle in the early 1990s while living in London. Having originally learnt to mix hip-hop, it was the use of speeded up breakbeats in hardcore jungle that resonated so deeply with him. Over his 2 decade career, Arkham has played hundred of events, hosted numerous international artists and has produced countless tracks.


Deep'N'Bass [Liquid] Podcast 007

Track list:

Saint Etienne - The Sea (nClear rework of PFM mix) [Dub]
Scro - Illusionist [Offworld Rec.]
Fracture Design - Daydream [Offworld Rec.]
Digital Hunters & Duoscience - Memories [Offworld Rec.]
LM1 - Wake up [Offworld Rec.]
Psyko konceptor - Love is gone (LM1 remix) [Offworld Rec.]
Blue Moon, Dina Eve - Never Forget [Reverse Recs]
Breakslinger - Pollux [Offworld Rec.]
Sevin - Amazon [Prestige Music]
LM1 feat Atmodisiac & Kickbea - Agena [Offworld Rec.]
Lm1 - Entering Zero Gravity (Antibreak Remix) [Dub]
Komatic, Technicolour - We Were Always One [SGN:LTD]
Robert Owens, Bcee - Keep The Faith (Seba Remix) [Spearhead Rec.]
In:Sight & Duoscience - Early morning sax [Offworld Rec.]
Komatic, Technicolour - Ever After [Fokuz Rec.]
Kyro, Deeper Connection - Your The Only One [Fokuz Rec.]
Enea - Lickin [Beatalistics]
Flowhertz - Worst Day In Lifetime [Phuzion Digital]