Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jerona Fruits Podcast Vol. 7: "Simon's Zambian Travels"


Track list:

1. The Burbs- Suki (31 Recs Dub)
2. Klute- Ashram [Music 4 prophet] (Commercial Suicide)
3. Noisia- Thursday (Invisible)
4. The Burbs- Southern Connect (Dub)
5. Eveson- Get your swerve on (Integral)
6. Blu Mar Ten- Overwhelm [Seba Rmx] (Blu Mar Ten)
7. Circa- Kabal (Med School Dub)
8. 8 Bits Feat. Riya- On your mind (Digital Soundboy)
9. Spectrasoul & D-Bridge- Glimpse (Shogun Audio)
10. The Burbs- That Sound (Jerona Digital Dub)
11. The Funktion- The Unknown (Run Dnb)
12. Raiden & Khanage- King stays king (Offkey)
13. Klute- Knowing how to get there (Commercial Suicide)
14. The Burbs- Organic (Hospital)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Coldcut: 70 Minutes Of Madness - Journeys By DJ - 1995

Coldcut: 70 Minutes Of Madness - Journeys By DJ - 1995 by djmixes

This mix was an absolute favourite of mine from back in the day, Coldcut mashes techno, jungle and everything else (including Dr Who!) to full effect. A must listen.

Track list:
01. Bola - Philorine
02. Street Beats Vol.2 - Truper
03. One Blood - Reid, Junior
04. Jam On Revenge - Newcleus
05. Extreme Possibilities - 2 Player
06. King Ashabanapal - Funki Porcini
07. Noddy Holder - Jedi Knights
08. Fuk - Plastikman
09. Mo Beats - Coldcut
10. Manganese In Deep Violet - Bedouin Ascent
11. African Drug - Holroyd, Bob
12. If There Was No Gravity - Air Liquide
13. Beats And Pieces - Coldcut
14. Greedy Beat - Coldcut
15. Music Maker - Coldcut
16. Find A Way - Coldcut & Queen Latifah
17. King Of The Beats - Mantronix
18. Mag - Gescom
19. Bloody Vibes - Masters At Work
20. Trumpet Riff - Corderdos, Raphael
21. Grace - Luke Slaters 7th Pain
22. First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Law, Joanna
23. Balthus Bemused By Colour - Budd, Harold
24. Into The 90's - Photek
25. Bridge Is Over - Boogie Down Productions
26. Nu Blud - DJ Food
27. Friendly Pressure - Jhelisa
28. Freshness - Hookian Mindz
29. Message From Our Sponsor - Biafra, Jello
30. Unify - Pressure Drop (2)
31. Again Son - Love Lee
32. Hot Flush - Red Snapper
33. Dr Who - Grainer, Ron
34. Free - Moody Boyz
35. Dusk - DJ Food

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LTJ Bukem - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix [July 2010]

One of my main inspirations DJ-ing wise, LTJ Bukem is - in a word - ace. Check out this mix to find out why.


Monday, July 26, 2010



Read the interview HERE.

Track list:
Camo & Krooked - Reincarnation
Subfocus - TimeWarp VIP
Marky & SPY - Time Moves On
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Error
Culture Shock - Bad Red
Dave Owen - Yo Girl
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & SPY Remix)
Judda & Krakota - Solid Shout
Squash - Divine
Ram Trilogy - No Reality
Bladerunner - Take Me Higher
Crissy Criss & Youngmam - Turn It Up
Logistics - Warehouse (Ill.Skillz Remix)
D.Kay & Lee - Tuning (D.Kay Remix)
Noisia - My World
Dub Foundation - Cosmic Ray
Lynx & Alix Perez - Keep it Low
Lynx - Disco Do Do
Lynx & Hellrazor - 433
Twisted Ind - Dah Dah Dah
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Testament
SPY - Favela
Pleasure & Origin - D Day
Fresh - Talkbox
Logistics - Together
Interface - Get Lo
Sigma - Front to Back (Original Sin Remix)
System - Near Miss
Camo & Krooked - Climax
Commix - Talk to Frank
Dillinja - Feels Like I’m Alone
Grafix - Matter of time
Contract Killers - The Life Moments
Netsky - Moving with you
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Superwoman
Clue - FreeFalling
Fresh - Kryptonite
Noisia - Split the Atom (Ed Rush & Opticial Remix)
Spor - Kingdom
Digital & Outrage - Final Demand (SPY Remix)
Hyperlogic - Only Me (Hamilton Remix)
DubZ - Escape Plan (Indivision & Livewire Remix)
Jonny L - Piper
Commix - Be True
Sigma - Baltimore
Ram Trilogy - Recharge
Chase & Status - Let You Go (Brookes Brothers Remix)
Futurebound vs Camo and Krooked - Chic
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Bladerunner Remix)
Hamilton - Come again
Tantrum Desire - Just Can’t Wait
SupremeBeing - Once Upon A Time
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Fu Machu
Pendulum - Witchcraft (Drumstep Mix)
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Kick Snare (Drumstep Mix)
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Superstarr
Tantrum Desire - Freeze
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Love Game
Crissy Criss & Youngman - Give You The World

DJ Fresh and MC Darrison - The Red Mix

Time for a rewind... this was an absolute corker of a mix from 2004, DJ Fresh showcasing the sounds from his then fledging Breakbeat Kaos label - chocked filled with anthems you've probably heard from drum & bass floors anywhere on Planet Earth. Load this into the i-Pod and get ready for a trip down memory lane.


FACT mix 169: James Ruskin

Powering through a whopping 42 tracks in a lean one and three quarter hours, James Ruskin's FACT mix is a real techno masterclass, rhythmically diverse, taking in tracks from Ruskin himself as well as contemporary like minds such as Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Mark Broom, Ben Klock, Traversable Wormhole, Mike Dehnert, Mark Broom and Peter Van Hoesen.
There’s a wealth of new and as yet unreleased material featuews, including Ruskin’s remix of Planetary Assault Systems’ ‘GT’ and a new O/V/R, plus sure shots from Detroit dons Jeff Mills, Rob Hood, Kenny Larkin and Dopplereffekt, upfront steppers from Scuba and Al Tourettes, and classics from Aphex Twin, Balil and Underground Resistance. In a word: barnstorming.
If, come the one-hour mark, you’re not punching the air or at least biting your lip in appreciation, then you can have all your money back.


Track list:
Aphex Twin – SAW2 CD1 Track2
Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper
Marcel Dettman – Captivate
Jesus Jones – Zeros and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction )
Plaid – Booc
O/V/R – Untitled
Terrence Fixmer – Drastic (Planetary Assault Systems Mix)
Gak – Gak 1
James Ruskin – Graphic
Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank
Emptyset – Gate 3A
DVS1 – Running
Jeff Mills – Belief System
Robert Hood – Self Power
Kenny Larkin – Glob
Hoodlum – Drama
Marcel Dettman – Screen
Kenny Larkin – Glob (Ben Klock Remix)
Scuba – Minerals
Al Tourettes – When I Rust I Rest
Se7en -m0h (Gary Beck Remix)
Silent Servant – Noise Modulation (Kalon Remix)
Jerome Sydenham & Function – Skimming
Mike Parker – Protolanguage
Daniela Stickworth – The Slot (Xhin Remix)
James Ruskin – Massk
Autechre – pce freeze 28i
Mike Dehnert – Eigenbedarf Part 2
Beardman – M6
Zak Khutoretsky – Polyphonic Love
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Nude Photo
KC Flightt – Lets Get Jazzy (Dope Dub Mix)
Planetary Assault Systems – GT (James Ruskin Remix)
Echologist – Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
Frank Martiniq – Blast Corps
Peter Van Hoesen – Terminal
Dopplereffekt – Rocket Scientist
Traversable Wormhole – Tachyon (James Ruskin Remix)
Traversable Wormhole – Exiting The Milky Way (Surgeon Remix)
Balil – Norte Route
Mark Broom & James Ruskin – Hostage
Underground Resistance – Amazon (4Hero Version)

FACT mix 170: Robert Hood

One of techno’s most revered figures, the Detroit-hailing producer known as Robert Hood co-founded Underground Resistance with Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills (he was their self-proclaimed “Minister of Information”) before embarking on a solo career that has expanded – through a studious, near-spiritual process of refinement – the very language of electronic dance music.
This year saw the release of Omega, a brand new artist album from Hood inspired by apocalyptic sci-fi movie The Omega Man (1976) – he told us all about the album and its motivations in this interview. The album launch party took place at NITSA in Barcelona during Sonar week, and Hood has granted FACT permission to use a recording of his set that night as his mix.
It’s the perfect way to experience Hood’s hypnotic, remorselessly industrial sound – live, direct, feeding off the dancefloor’s energy.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Handgun-Wielding Darth Vader Robs Bank

Some ridiculous news, courtesy of Wired.

He didn’t speak with the voice of James Earl Jones or wield a light saber. But a 6-foot-tall man dressed as Darth Vader wasn’t playing games when he flashed a handgun and demanded that a New York bank teller fork over the loot.

The unidentified Darth Vader got away Thursday from a Chase Bank branch in Suffolk County with an undisclosed amount of cash stuffed into a sack adorned with a New York Yankees logo, police said.

A bank patron, according to reports, “started joking with the dark lord as he tried to pull off his heist.”

“This is not a joke,” yelled Darth Vader, who had clearly gone to the Dark Side.

The character then fled the bank and hopped on a bicycle and got away. Apparently, his Super Star Destroyer Executor was in the shop.

The unidentified phantom menace gets demerits for wearing camouflage pants.

Breakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #8: NotioN

Via Dubplate Digest, download HERE.

Track list:

1. Submorphics – Revelation [N/A]
2. Dave Owen – Bit o’ that [N/A]
3. Vibes – Mystline ‘Tribute To Nujabes’ [N/A]
4. Brother – Work it out [N/A]
5. Submorphics – Strauss roller [N/A]
6. Vibes – Stu’s shoes [N/A]
7. Bass’Flo – Dreamwalker [OFFWORLD] Mount Everest EP
8. Bulb + N4m3 – From the moon [DUBKRAFT]
9. Blue Motion – Computer love [INFLUENZA] Blue Motion LP
10. NotioN – Because [PHUNKFICTION]
11. Atmospherix – Brightness [N/A]
12. NotioN & Second Self – Step with it [INFLUENCE]
13. Heavy1 – Lovin the dark [RUBIK]
14. Atmospherix – Dead soldier [N/A]
15. Linden – Stealth [N/A]
16. Dub Phizix – Dreamcatcher [N/A]
17. NotioN – Iota [PHUNKFICTION]

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portishead // BBC Radio One Essential Mix [23.04.1995]

Portishead - Essential Mix - 23.04.1995 by djmixes

Track list:

Part 1

01. Portishead – Untitled
02. Portishead – Strangers
03. Depth Charge – Number 9
04. Original Concept – Can you feel it
05. Brand Nubian – Punks jump up to get down
06. James Brown – Blind man can see it
07. Barry White – Can’t seem to find him
08. Franco Micalizzi – Affano
09. Lalo Schifrin – Scorpios view
10. Rhythm Heritage – Theme from S.W.A.T.
11. Marva Whitney – Unwind yourself
12. Ray Charles – The train
13. The Watts 103rd – Spreadin’ Honey
14. The Winstons – Amen Brother
15. Barry Gray – Theme from Space 1999
16. Horace Ott – Gordons war
17. Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown traffic
18. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire
19. The Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
20. The John Gregory Orchestra – Griff

Part 2

21. Lou Donaldson – Pop Belly
22. A Tribe Called Quest – If the papes come
23. The Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn (instrumental)
24. Portishead – Sour Times
25. Craig Mack – Flava in ya ear
26. Show & AG – Next Level
27. Gang Starr – The 7 Remainz
28. Bahamadia – Total Wreck
29. Black Sheep – The choice is yours
30. A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God
31. Portishead – Sheared Times/Nine – Whutch Want
32. Federation – Rusty James
33. The Mystic Moods – Cosmic Sea
34. Lalo Schrifin – Dirty Harry Creed
35. Gordon Staples – Strung Out
36. Patrick Williams – The Streets of San Francisco
37. Pretty Prudie – Soul Dreams
38. Weather Report – Non Stop Home
39. The Beatles – Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club
40. Stevie Wonder – Light my fire
41. Manzell – Midnights Theme
42. Massive Attack – Karmacoma EP
43. Portishead – Numb




1.Dub Fx - Sooth Your Pain - (Giocator Rmx) [DUB]
2.Johnny Kon - Throughout The Infection - [Rotation DUB]
3.Cohere - Hydro - [Broken Audio DUB]
4.Incident - Visitor [Basswerk]
5.East Colours - Go To Nowhere - [DUB]
6.Giocator - Cloudseeker - [Rotation DUB]
>>> Giocator - On the Ball - Rotation [DUB]
7.Firefly - Join The Foray V.I.P [Rotation DUB]
8.Zero Method - Boost Rocket - [Trust In Music DUB]
9.Giocator - The Rival - [Rotation DUB]
10.Mindscape - Vibrations - [Commercial Suicide]
11.Subway Funk - Cipher - [Rotation DUB]
12.Slaine - Brothers - [Rotation DUB]
13.Seb Buren N Treazon - Streetlights - [Rotation DUB]
14.Giocator - Serenade - [Rotation DUB]
15.Sonal Prez - Wonderland In Alice - [Brainz DUB]
16.Furi Anga - From Her Hands The Heavens Evoloved - [Rotation DUB]

Released by: Rotation Recordings
Release/catalogue number: RP001
Release date: Jul 1, 2010

Kongkast #119: Jerona Fruits


Track list:

1. The Burbs- That sound (Jerona Digital forthcoming)
2. DJ Hazard- All I can say (Ganja)
3. 8 Bits – On your mind Feat Riya (Digital Soundboy)
4. D-Bridge – Lost Shadow (Unreleased)
5. The Burbs – All Get down (Dub)
6. Madmen and Poets – Above the rim {Naibu Rmx} (Fokuz)
7. Eveson – Get your swerve on (Integral)
8. Utah Jazz – Bring back the love Feat. Version (Vintage)
9. The Burbs – Inferno 1001 (Dub)
10. The Funktion – The unknown (Run DNB)
11. Andyskopes and Mr Joseph – Stalker (Dub)
12. The Burbs – Crapham (Dub)
13. Netsky – Pirate Bay (Hospital Dub)
15. Bcee and SPY – Is anybody out there (Spearhead)
16. 8 Bits – So Good (Digital Soundboy)
17. Electrosoulsystem – Asteroids (Soundtrax)
18. D-Bridge – If you want to cry (Unreleased)
19. The Burbs – Therapy No 1 (Dub)
20. Glen E Ston – Above the clouds (IM:LTD)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Knowledge | Guest Mix: ASC

Anyone who's been following this probably knows that I can't enough of the minimal stuff. ASC is, in my view, one of the leaders of the pack. He has been a prolific producer in the drum & bass scene for the last ten years, with a string of releases on Good Looking, 720 Degrees and Nu Directions as well as his own Covert Operations label.

His long player on Non Plus Nothing Is Certain is fast becoming one of my favourite albums this year. Knowledge caught up with him for a chat recently, read it HERE.

He's also cobbled together a lovely mix (DOWNLOAD HERE). No track list available as yet, but the sounds is - I assure you - absolutely lovely.

Monday, July 19, 2010

DJ Flight - Dogs On Acid Mix

Top notch selection from DJ Flight, courtesy of Dogs On Acid. Check out the tunes from her relaunched play:muzik label. One for the download.


Track list:

RedEyes 'Moves' [play:musik]
L.I.S 'Apple Fingers' [play:musik]
Bal 'Sweet Lips' [White]
Insight 'What Do I Care?' [play:musik]
RedEyes 'Sitting Back' [play:musik]
Craggz & Parallel 'Release' [Product]
Capone 'Friday' [Hardleaders]
Need For Mirrors ft Stapleton 'Greazy' [V Recordings]
Skream 'Motorway' [Exit]
Proxima 'Envy' [play:musik]
Fracture & Neptune 'The Limit' [Astrophonica]
Barney Trouble 'High Level Road' [White]
Mosus & S.P.Y 'Hundreds' [play:musik]
Devlin 'Brainwashed (Breakage's Gutter Funk Mix)' [Island]
Craggz & Parallel 'Chamber' [Product]
Sinistarr ft Agzilla 'Emo' [play:musik]
ASC 'Metronomic' [White]
Deep Blue 'Immersion (Remix)' [White]
Dan HabarNam '12 And Salty' [play:musik]
Genotype 'Dubwiser' [Exit]
Mindmapper & Flatliners 'Lemon Haze' [White]
Crystal Fighters 'In The Summer (dBridge's In The Shade Remix)' [White]
Mousse T 'Monotony (Triad Remix)' [White]
ICR 'Sweet Smell Syringa' [play:musik]

Pendulum // BBC Radio One Essential Mix (17/07/2010)


Track list:

Pendulum - Genesis [Earstorm / Warner]
Pendulum - Witchcraft [Earstorm / Warner]
Pendulum - Witchcraft (R.S Drumstep remix) [Earstorm / Warner]
Pendulum - Salt In The Wounds [Earstorm / Warner]
Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Sick (Dr P Remix) [Sunday Best]
Caspa - Marmite (Dr P Remix) [Dub Police]
Pendulum - Set Me On Fire [Earstorm / Warner]
Skepta - Rescue Me (Sigma remix) [3 Beat]
Silent Witness & Break - Abtn [Quarantine]
Shock One - Polygon VIP [Viper]
Shock One - Polygon (Dirtyphonics remix) [Viper]
Billy the Kilt & Dani L Mebius - Work this Pussy (Dj Icey re-rub) [Franchise Recordings]
Pendulum - Witchcraft (Chuckie remix) [Earstorm / Warner]
Pendulum - The Island: Dawn [Earstorm / Warner]
Pendulum - The Island: Dusk [Earstorm / Warner]
Foals - Total Life Forever [Warner]
Pendulum - Watercolour [Earstorm / Warner]
Heist - I Need Killers [Sumo Beatz]
Evol Intent - 404 213 [Evol Intent]
Rusko - Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix) [Mad Decent]
Cyantific - Obey [Hospital]
Cyantific & Logistics - Brighter Day [Hospital]
Pendulum - The Fountain [Earstorm / Warner]
Klute - Fools Love [Commercial Suicide]
Black Sun Empire & D Kay - Bullet In The Head (Gridlok Remix) [Obsessions Recordings]
Ulterior Motive and Jubei - Snoretooth [Metalheadz]
Pendulum - Comprachicos [Earstorm / Warner]
Chase & Status - Heavy (feat. Dizee Rascal) [Vertigo / Mercury]
N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton [Priority Records]
Black Sun Empire & Crushington - Shudder [BSE]
Pendulum - The Vulture [Earstorm / Warner]
Dr P - Sweet Shop (Flux Pavillion remix) [Circus]
Gella - Twinkle (feat MC $pyda) [Sub Slayers]
Pendulum - Watercolour (Emalkay remix) [Earstorm / Warner]
Flux Pavillion - Haunt You [Circus]
Shockone, Phetsta & Metrik - True Believer (Phetsta remix) [Viper]
Ben Verse - The Wilderness [Crunch Recordings]
Spor - Push Me, Pull You [Lifted]
Redlight - What You Talkin About (feat. Ms Dynamite) [MTA]
Dreadzone - Yeah Man (Warrior One remix) [Dubwiser]
Nero - Welcome Reality [MTA]
Duoteque - Logo [Boxer Recordings]
Congorock - Babylon [Fools Gold Records]
Designer Drugs - Back Up In This (Alvin Risk remix) [Iheartcomix]
The City Of Dogs - Absolutely Flawless [Unsigned]
Pendulum - Under The Waves [Earstorm / Warner]
Sigma - Baltimore (feat. Jenna) [Breakbeat Kaos]
Smooth, NC-17 & Nusense - Underwater [Viper]
Gridlok vs Dom & Roland - Londons Burning (Prolix remix) [P51]
Need for Mirrors - Scar Tissue [Samurai]
Prolix - Eruption [Ganja Tek]
Vicious Circle - Condors [Quarantine]
Pendulum - Self vs Self (feat. In Flames) [Earstorm / Warner]
Kavinsky - Nightcall [Record Makers]
Koan Sound - Can You Hear Us [No Label]
Pendulum - Crush [Earstorm / Warner]
Lenzman + Treez - Stellar (feat. Jo-S) [Subtitles]
The Funktion - Gyrator (Icicle remix) [Run DNB]
Heist - Gauntlet [Calypso]
Johnny Jungle - Johnny (Silver Remix) [Nemisis]
Crystal Clear and Zen - Gang Related [Cold Blooded Recordings]
Chase & Status - No Problem [Vertigo / Mercury]
Big Boi and Cutty - Shutterbug [The Island / Def Jam]
Giggs - Look What The Cat Dragged In [XL]
The Prototypes - Breathless [Formation Recordings]
Soul Intent - Rebel Music [MAC 2 Records]
Sigma - Stronger [Breakbeat Kaos]
Chase & Status - Let You Go (Brookes Brothers remix) [Vertigo / Mercury]
Blokhe4d - Beyond The Void [Bad Taste]
Pendulum - Encoder [Earstorm / Warner]

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mount Kimbie // Resident Advisor Podcast 216 (18.07.2010)


Track list:

1. William Basinski - Melancholia 1 [2062]
2. Klaus - Tusk [Unreleased]
3. Extract From 'Night' Episode Of 'The Hackney Podcast
4. Xela - Wet Bones [Type]
5. Mount Kimbie - William (Mount Kimbie DayGlo Mix) [Unreleased]
6. James Blake - Tep And The Logic [Unreleased]
7. Sigha - Expansions [Hotflush]
8. Klaus & Mount Kimbie - The People Took [Unreleased]
9. Philip Jeck - Spirits Up [Touch]
10. Konono N°1 - Lufuala Ndonga [Congotronics]
11. Mount Kimbie - At Least (Instra:mental Remix) [Hotflush]
12. Mount Kimbie - Blind Night Errand [Hotflush]
13. Mount Kimbie - Vertical (Pig's Ear Edit) [Unreleased]
14. Clogs - Tides Of Washington Bridge [Talitres]
15. Actress - Again The Addiction [Werk Discs]

Subwave // Metalheadz Podcast #15

Subwave - Metalheadz Podcast 15 by SUBWAVE

Track list:

1. Subwave - Reflections [METALHEADZ]
2. Lenzman & Treez ft Jo-S - Stellar [SUBTITLES]
3. Subwave - 4th Illusion [METALHEADZ]
4. Enei - I Can Take [N/A]
5. Lenzman - Open Page (Subwave Remix) [RAZORS EDGE]
6. Data & Dynamic ft Kathy Brown - Compassion [METALHEADZ]
7. NRanges & Uberman - Moth, Which Lives In The Room [N/A]
8. Enei - Z-Grab (VIP) [N/A]
9. Subwave - Rain Dance [METALHEADZ]
10. Total Science & SPY - Above The Clouds [SHOGUN]
11. Eastcolors & Enei - To Fly [HOSPITAL]
12. Ulterior Motive & Jubei – Teverton [METALHEADZ]
13. Sinistarr ft Agzilla – Emo [PLAY:MUZIK]


FACT mix 167: These New Puritans

Art-rock firebrands compile tracks from Salem, Stockhausen, DMX Krew and Shostakovich in stately, edifying fashion.


Track list:

Benjamin Britten – Fiorir rose in mezo al giasso (fragment) from Death In Venice
Capleton – Heavens
William Byrd – Blame I Confess
Mothlite – River
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Joy (fragment)
Benjamin Britten – I Know A Bank (fragment) from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Dimitri Shostakovich – I. De Profundis, Adagio: 1. Prelude: Presentation of Main Theme from Symphony No.14
Julee Cruise – Mysteries of Love
Salem – Water
Deerhoof – South Rakkas Remix
DMX Krew – The Glass Room
Peter Hammill – Don’t Tell Me
These New Puritans – 5 Piano and other recordings

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knowledge | Guest Mix: 1000names

The 1000names duo, AKA Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes from Sofia in Bulgaria, recently dropped Illuminated Man, one of the most breathtaking and accomplished LPs to come out of the hip hop scene in the last few years on the consistently brilliant Black Acre imprint.

Seek out the album, it floats effortlessly from the melancholy to the uplifting, the sober to the playful, it is an intoxicating experience that you cannot help but be sucked into.

In the meantime, Knowledge caught up with the pair who also knocked up a suitably funky yet out there mix.


Track list:

1. Claude Vasori - Tourbillon
2. D. Urruty & A. Pype - Hypothese
3. Sexual Harassment - If I Gave You A Party
4. James Pants - A Chip In The Hand
5. Untitled #1 - Brain
6. Coco Rosie - Happy Eyez
7. Nino - Get On The Floor
8. fLako & Berghem - Put Chur Hand Up
9. Dza - Miami Coctail
10. Paralel Concept - Illectrik Pervert
11. Machine Drum - Children Of The Ice
12. Quarteto Nova Era - De Repente
13. As Valet - Mind Control
14. 1000names - Logarithmic Spirals
15. Mr. Scruff - Pickled Spider
16. Gold Panda - You Kouala
17. Lucky Dragons - Helicopter De Cristal
18. Malmen - Flirt Talk

METHOD ONE "Time Capsule - March 2003" [1991-1993 hardcore mix ]

More old skool action, this time from Method One. He said: "This right here might be the best mix I have ever recorded, and it's certianly one of my favorites. Recorded in March 2003, "Time Capsule" is my thank you to all the dusty 1991-1993 records that paved the way for drum & mp3 files here, just classic vinyl. Whistles and white gloves optional, but reccommended!"

Track list:

1. THE PRODIGY - what evil lurks
2. DJ SEDUCTION - hardcore heaven
3. PHANTASY & SEDUCTION - djs unite
4. RABBIT CITY - cutter mix
5. ISOTONIK - let's get down
6. DIGITAL DOMAIN - digital domain
7. RHYTHM SECTION - perfect love (2am)
8. JOHNNY L - hurt you so (s&m mix)
9. BLAME - music takes you (2 bad mice rmx)
10. CRIMINAL MINDS - re-baptized by dub
11. EQ - total xstacy (rmx)
12. DJ EDGE - compnded
13. 4 HERO - cookin up ya brain
14. TANGO - can't stop the rush (rmx)
15. M.A.N.I.C. - feel the rush (techno mix 12")
16. KAOTIC CHEMISTRY - illegal subs
17. ETERNAL - eternal (carl cox rmx)
18. DJ E.Z.E. & DJ ACTION G - rushin to the rhythm
19. RUN TINGS - something to dance to
20. PHUTURE ASSASINS - future sound (2 bad mice rmx)
21. KROME & TIME - manic stampede (dj hype rmx)
22. 2 BAD MICE - bombscare (rmx)
23. YOLK - bish bosh
24. HYPNO-GENESIS - take control (jungled up to f**k mix)
25. 4 MEGA - drop this
26. CITADEL OF KAOS - its not over
27. BASS BALLISTICS - smoke dis (rmx)
28. MAYHEM - damage
29. DJ TRAX - we rock the most
30. WAX DOCTOR - new direction
31. ACEN - trip II the moon (part 3 - kaleidoscopoclimax)
32. MASTERSAFE - in your eyes

METHOD ONE "Time Capsule - March 2003" 1991-1993 hardcore mix (downloadable) by Method One

Moby's Old-School Rave Mix | XLR8R

It's easy to throw around words like 'legend' and 'pioneer' when talking about electronic music, and let's face it, half the time people won't say boo about these labels, most likely because they don't know who they hell you're talking about. But when it comes to true-blue dance music heavy-hitters, the kinds of artists that even your mom has heard of, it's hard to top Moby. The man has changed a lot since getting his start making high-energy rave tunes in the early '90s, but even as his music has morphed, changed, and, yes, mellowed, it's always been clear that Moby still has a soft spot for that bygone era. Here at XLR8R, we've been itching for someone to do a classic rave mix, so we figured who better than Moby to put together a pumping session full of hyperactive synth stabs, feel-good piano melodies, whooshing hoover sounds, and endlessly pulsing beats. To our delight, he was up for the challenge, and the mix does not disappoint. Listen to the mix—we've had it on repeat since last week—and if you're in the mood for more Moby DJ action, check out his recently released Wait for Me. Remixes! album on Mute, which features a Moby DJ set along with reworkings of songs from his last full-length.

01 Messiah "Temple of Dreams" (Kickin)
02 Mentasm "I Need Release"
03 Altern8 "Frequency" (Network)
04 N-Joi "Mindflux" (RCA)
05 Ragga Twins "Hooligan 69" (Shut Up and Dance)
06 Awesome 3 "Don't Go" (City Beat)
07 Moby "Next is the E" (Instinct)
08 Hyper Go Go "High" (Hooj Choons)
09 Fierce Ruling Diva "You Gotta Believe" (React)
10 Bizarre Inc. "Playing With Knives" (Vinyl Solution)
11 Messiah "Xeroxed"
12 Dream Frequency "Feel So Real" (City Beat)


FACT mix 164: Pinch

Pinch, real name Rob Ellis, has been a significant presence in our musical lives since his brutalist debut 12″ ‘War Dub’, released via his own aptly named Tectonic label back in 2005.

In the years that have elapsed since then, Pinch has continued to work his fingers to the bone as a DJ and producer, releasing singles not only through Tectonic but also Punch Drunk, Soul Jazz and most recently Dancing Demons.

As a label-owner and A&R he’s shown incredible commitment and integrity, rigorously maintaining Tectonic’s dubstep core while being bold enough to signmore leftfield offerings such as Pursuit Groove’s recent Foxtrot Mannerisms EP. A roll-call of some of the producers who’ve released 12″s and LPs on Tectonic, or contributed productions to its Tectonic Plates compilations, says it all: 2562, Flying Lotus, Skream, Peverelist, Distance, Shed, Benga, RSD and Loefah.

To celebrate the release of Dark Matter, not to mention his new quarterly DJ residency at London’s Fabric, Pinch has put together a 100% vinyl and acetate mix for FACT that’s absolutely stuffed with as-yet-unreleased material. There are a bunch of new tracks from Skream (‘Amitystep’, ‘Phatty Druma’) and Mala (’2 Much Chat’ ‘Answer Me’), Peverelist & Appleblim’s take on Bass Clef’s ‘Promises’, Pinch remixed by Pangaea and remixing WAX (aka Shed) as well as repping with three originals of his own (‘The Boxer’, ‘Elements’ and ‘Swish’). There’s further dubplate action from Jack Sparrow, Redlight, Distance and Goth Trad.

If you want to know where dubstep is headed in 2010, get downloading.


Track list:

1. Bass Clef ‘Promises’ (Peverelist & Appleblim remix) (Dubplate)
2. Emika ‘Double Edge Sword’ (Pinch remix) (Ninja Tune)
3. Skream ‘Amitystep’ (Dubplate)
4. Mala ’2 Much Chat’ (Dubplate)
5. Jack Sparrow ‘The Chase’ (Tectonic)
6. Pinch ‘Midnight Oil’ (Pangaea remix) (Dubplate)
7. Dubkasm ‘Hail Jah’ (Jakes Remix) (forthcoming on Sufferer’s Choice)
8. Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin ‘Dread’ (Dubplate)
9. WAX20002b (Pinch remix)
10. Jakes ‘Time Ends’ (Tectonic)
11. Mala ‘Eyes’ (DMZ)
12. Distance ‘Ill Kontent’ (forthcoming on Tectonic)
13. Jack Sparrow ‘Terminal’ (Tectonic)
14. Red Light ‘MDMA’ (Dubplate)
15. Joker ‘Output 1-2′ (Tectonic)
16. Skream ‘Phatty Druma’ (Dubplate)
17. Pinch ‘Elements’ (forthcoming on Swamp 81)
18. Goth Trad ‘Sublimination’ (Dubplate)
19. Distance ‘Reboot’ (Dubplate)
20. Pinch ‘The Boxer’ (forthcoming on Tectonic)
21. Pinch ‘Swish’ (Dubplate)
22. Mala & SGT Pokes ‘Answer Me’ (Dubplate) [Tease]

Jike // Dubstep & Drum'n'bass Mix Ukrainian Edition (Kiss FM Ukraine 14 Jul 2010)


01. Leftie - Warrior [dubplate]
02. MDX - Blackboard [dubplate]
03. Pro Luxe - For You [Intelligent]
04. Leftie - Tranquility [dubplate]
05. Zipmix & Fimas - Inside my Skin [forthcoming VIM]
06. Sunchase - Pushing This [Drone Audio]
07. Cultpan - Jet [dubplate]
08. Lostlojic - I Want To Move [DubXtent]
09. Ancestral Floor - Apogee [dubplate]
10. Collaspar - Together We Will Live Eternally (Physical Illusion Remix) [dubplate]
11. Fade & Nuage - Hypnotic [forthcoming Digilab]
12. Ultracode & B.H. - I'm Not The Same, I'm Waiting For The Train [dubplate]
13. Flower - Diva [dubplate]
14. Stereotype - Dreams Come True (feat. Tiiu) [dubplate]
15. Physical Illusion - Airport VIP [Brainz]
16. Sunchase - Moulded [Drone Audio]
17. Derrick & Tonika - Seven [Architecture]
18. Widestream & Marso - Illusions [Plush]

62:32 | 320 kbps | 143 Mb

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knowledge | Guest Mix: Optiv

Ed Holmes, better known as Optiv, has been a major player in the drum & bass scene for more than ten years now. As an essential part of Cause4Concern, he has shaped the technoid side of jungle since the late 90s alongside artists such as Bad Company, Konflict, Usual Suspects and Stakka & Skynet. Still going strong as part of Cause4Concern, Optiv has also been releasing solo material since 2002, which also marked the foundation of his own Redlight Recordings. Read the Knowledge interview here.

Download Optiv's guest mix here.

Track list:

1. Axiom - Dark Skies
2. Noisia & Joe Seven - Ease Forward
3. Optiv - Smoke Screen
4. Optiv & MarkC4C - Distress Signal
5. SideChain - Grotesque
6. Panic Girl - Burnandrise (Phace remix)
7. Optiv, BTK & Presence Known - Crawler
8. Borderline - Drunk With Venom
9. Proktah - Failure Notice
10. Optiv - Generation Lost
11. Dose - Squander
12. BSE BP & SOM - Roulette
13. Prolix - London's Burning Remix
14. BSE - Chaingang
15. Optiv & MarkC4C - Nothing Lasts Forever
16. Axiom - She Said Destroy

Offkey Podcast: Raiden (July 2010)

via Dubplate Digest:


Track list:

01. Raiden & Khanage - King Stays King (Icicle rmx) [OffKey]
02. Genotype - Balif [Unsigned]
03. Outrage - Seduction [Horizons]
04. Meth - Skank Dub [Unknown]
05. Cern & Dabs - What Remains [Project 51]
06. Genotype - Mystical Mentality [OffKey]
07. Raiden - Vo Dub [Critical]
08. Gremlinz & Friske - Natty Reese Thing [OffKey]
09. BTK - Thats What It Is - [Unsigned]
10. Raiden & Meth - The John Wilson Project [Backlash]
11. Dom & Keaton - Twisted City [Moving Shadow]
12. Loxy & Gremlinz - The Grouch [Unsigned]
13. Friske - No Evidence [Offkey]
14. Rockwell - L.F.T.M [Unknown]
15. Outrage - Twisted [Backlash]
16. Jeff mills - Untitled A1 [Axis]
17. Parliment - Aqua Boogie [Casablanca]
18. Johnny Cash - Lake Of Fire [Columbia]
19. Pink Floyd - Time [Capitol]


Some free music pressure... worth the download, check it out.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ramadanman: Sunday Best's Besti Mix


Track list:

01. kim english - nite life (remix) [nervous]
02. altered natives - crop duster [3024]
03. ramadanman - grab somebody [white]
04. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
05. martyn - miniluv [osgut ton]
06. distance - feel me [chestplate]
07. ramadanman - mir [white]
08. menta - snake charmer [road]
09. ramadanman - fall short [swamp 81]
10. distal - apple bottom [unreleased]
11. unknown - untitled [unreleased]
12. loefah - goat stare [dmz]
13. peverelist - better ways of living [punch drunk]
14. blawan - potchla vee [unreleased]
15. instramental - rift zone [unreleased]
16. ludacris vs joe - how low claptrap (dj orgasmic bootleg) [unreleased]
17. sx - wooo remix [digital]
18. addison groove - this girl [unreleased]
19. benga - one on one [big apple]
20. pariah - crossed out [forthcoming r&s]
21. sigha - light swells (in a distant space) [hotflush]

Friday, July 09, 2010

DJ Cansoe // whats my niche [07/2010]

He runs Breaksblog, now DJ Cansoe blends today some tunes for your enjoyment.

dj cansoe - whats my niche 07/2010 by brockout


"Brand new heat right here. Way back in May, Goldie's epochal Metalheadz label and the collective known as A Bunch of Cuts - comprising Exit, Soul:r, Signature, Commercial Suicide, 31 Records, Bassbin and Revolve:r - went toe to toe. This is Goldie and Marcus Intalex, live, untouched, unaltered and unadulterated for 90 minutes from that night. A heavyweight, bruising roll-out."

We Fear Silence Mix - Goldie B2B Marcus Intalex by wefearsilence



Free beats from Commix, check it out.

Avalanches - Tonight - Commix Remix by Commix

Alex Reece - Basic Principles (Commix Remix) - Metalheadz by Metalheadz

disko404 podcast #12 by Roska


Track list:

1. D-Malice - Visions - Roska Special
2. Roska - In Your Handbag - Fingaprint Remix
3. Deadboy - If You Want Me
4. Roska - Feeline VIP
5. Zinc - Music Makers
6. Roska ft Nikki - Energy
7. Altered Natives - Rass Out
8. Sticky & Paleface - Open Your Eyes (Roska Loves Congos Mix)
9. Roska - Time Stamp
10. DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Roska Remix)
11. L-Vis 1990 - Zahonda
12. Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix)

disko404 podcast #18 by Scratcha DVA


Track list:

13. EL B - I FEEL

Data Transmission 115: Rockwell

Via Dubplate Digest:


"Current darling of the drum & bass scene, Rockwell has emerged over the last year as one of those rare breaths of fresh air who break down the boundaries and push the sound of the genre into new unchartered territories. Anyone who manages to span labels as diverse as Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy, DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio and Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings has got to be doing something right.

The Cheltenham-ish born, London-living producer favours sparse but intricate beats and rhythms with a teasing blend of dark and light moods and textures, creating something that at times reflects moody tech step of the past and at others serves up something totally new. Influenced by golden age ‘90s hip-hop and more recently by like-minded collaborators like Icicle, Alix Perez and Zero T, he’s one of the brightest sparks in D&B right now, and we’re pleased to get this forward-thinking Podcast from him."

Track list:

1. Synkro - Letting Go (dBridge remix) [Blackout Music];
2. ???
3. ???
4. ASC - Phobos [NonPlus];
5. Rockwell - Underpass [Cirtical];
6. Rockwell - Underpass (Alix Perez VIP) [???];
7. Plus Ultra & Skream - Arcaia Avenue [Autonomic];
8. ???
9. Cause4Concern - Synergy (Abstract Elements remix) [C4C];
10. ???
11. Rockwell - Stay Calm VIP [Ciritcal];
12. ???
13. Rockwell - My War [Shogun];
14. Rockwell - Bone Structure [Critical];
15. Enei - Slow Motion [DeepKut];
16. Rockwell - Dj Friendly Unit Shifter [???];
17. Jubei feat. dBridge - Patience [Headz];
18. Alix Perez feat. Foreing Beggars - Dark Days [Shogun];
19. ???
20. ???
21. Rockwell - Full Circle [Shogun];
22. Spectrasoul - Absentis [Shogun];
23. Rockwell - Stowaway [DSB];
24. Breakage - Temper [DSB];
25. Rockwell - Aria [???];
26. Rockwell - Reverse Engeneering [Darkestral];
27. ???
28. S.P.Y - ???
29. Ulterrior Motive - 2098 [Subtitles];
30. System - SciFi [Integral];
31. Alix Perez - Menacing Ways [Shogun];
32. Slam - Positive Education (Zero T Remix) [???];
33. Zero T + Ulterior Motive - Breach [Subtitles];

Monday, July 05, 2010


Berlin's es.tereo with the 18th episode of the digital gewitter podcast (via Everyday Junglist):

"Our eighteenth podcast is proving that Berlin isn’t all about Techno and all its relatives. Breakbeat scientist Es.tereo delivers nearly 73 minutes of Drum & Bass in its wider definition featuring a pile of his own productions and remixes plus a huge load of dubs and some released bits".

Make sure you get your hands on Es.tereo’s tracks that have been released or will be released on Hidden Hawaii, DubKraft, Urban Poetry, Influenza Digital, Amen Brothers, Eternia Music and Digilab."

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as)

track list:

1. Es.tereo – Planet X [Urban Poetry Dub]
2. Abstract Detail – Cold Form [Dub]
3. Koto & Terry Artovsky – Desert Dreams [Dubkraft]
4. Gerwin – The Human Race [Amour Rec. Dub]
5. Es.tereo & Altair – Void [Dub]
6. Kingsin – Clockers [Dub]
7. DJ Gunston – Neon Column [Free]
8. Flatliners – Badoperate [Broken Audio Dub]
9. Es.tereo – Agypt [Urban Poetry Dub]
10. DBR UK vs. Alien Pimp & Datacode – Cold Jazz [Dubkraft]
11. Cuelock – Departed [Diffrent Dub]
12. Es.tereo & Dakosa – Excalibur [Urban Poetry Dub]
13. Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Es.tereo Remix) [Kmag Remix Comp.]
14. Kingsin – Night City (Es.tereo Remix) [Dubkraft]
15. NotioN & Nusense – The End Of Hope [Broken Audio]
16. Phobia feat. Baron Von Alias – Voyager [Ingredients Uk]
17. Flame – Dig it [Modulate]
18. Rockwell feat. Zero T – Bone Structure [Critical]
19. Jubei feat. dBridge – Patience [Metalheadz]
20. FD, Hydro & Keza – Canopy [Critical]
21. Royalston – Synthi [Free]
22. Oak – Mongoose [Free]
23. Dominic Ridgway – Spiritlevel [Urban Poetry Dub]
24. Nuage – Kind Of Lost [Dub]

FACT mix 161: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wolverhampton might not quite be Brooklyn or LA when it comes to musical heartlands, but it’s been represented well in recent years by Goldie, Alexander Nut and Actress amongst others. The latest musician from the city to impress us is Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Real name Stephen Gomberg, Fantastic Mr. Fox came to our attention with a remix of Untold’s ‘Yukon’, released on Untold’s Hemlock label last year. More impressive was Sketches, an EP for the Black Acre label that featured four incredibly intense tracks, full of blinding colour and over-heating circuitry, not to mention a superb Sbtrkt remix.


Track list:

1. Misel Quitno – Pull it Out Somewhen (Dimlite’s the Helmut Grokenberger of this Remix)
2. Illum Sphere – Titan
3. Fantastic Mr Fox – If I
4. Brandy- Angel in Disguise (Fantastic Mr Fox Refix)
5. Rudi Zygadlo – Manuscripts Don’t Burn
6. Sepalcure- Down
7. Airhead- Mikola Bottle
8. Fantastic Mr Fox – untitled
9. Stateless – Aerial (Dark Sky remix)
10. Fantastic Mr Fox – Over
11. Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (SBTRKT remix)
12. James Blake – CMYK
13. Pushing (Sully Remix)
14. Zed Bias – Two Sides feat Tawiah (Fanatastic Mr Fox Remix)
15. ??? – Beat For

Friday, July 02, 2010

Bad Chemistry Sessions Podcast Volume 002

Studio mix by SPKTRM (Bad Chemistry/Human Imprint/Habit/Project 51/Evol Intent/Barcode/Freak/Soothsayer). Slammin' mix shocasing the heavier side of drum & bass. Read an interesting interview with the man here.

Spktrm bad chemistry podcast002 summer2010 by abelGEIN

Track list:

01. Intro
02. Spktrm - Anomalous Singularity (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
03. Gridlok - Chatter (Project 51 Recordings)
04. Gridlok & The Upbeats - The Jitters (Ram Records)
05. Spktrm - Positron (Unreleased)
06. Cern & Nymfo - Proton Pack (Project 51 Recordings)
07. Spktrm - Sector Depth (Project 51 Recordings)
08. SPL & Triage - Untitled (Habit Recordings)
09. Legion & Genr8 - Devil With Aces (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
10. Gein - Motherfucker (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
11. Spktrm - Waters Unknown (Project 51 Recordings)
12. Gridlok & Mindscape - Chrome (???)
13. SPL & Eye-D - Pyramid Punk (Lost Soul Recordings)
14. Spktrm - J.17.9.22 (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
15. Gein feat. KJ Sawka - Insane (???)
16. Demo & Ewun - Tek Jam (Bad Chemistry Recordings)
17. Icicle - Frozen (Renegade Hardware)
18. Alaska feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Amzinai (Arctic Music)

dBridge blog with free mp3 giveaway

Check dBridge's blog to get some previously unreleased tracks he's rather generously decided to giveaway for free, including a bootleg of Dwele's 'Hold On'. Download now.

Klute b2b Dom & Roland [D&BTV]

These two titans have recently combined for special back-to-back sets at selected nights only, fusing together an intense and energetic mix of complimentary and contrasting styles sure to smash any dance floor.
Both well-respected DJs in their own right, they share a similar outlook as independent artists and are committed to bringing the best in high-quality dance floor drum & bass.
Last week saw the pair raise the roof at another epic edition of Star Warz, following up their performance on D&BTV's 100th anniversary show in June with another barrage of heavyweight beats.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sunday Morning Lift Me Up mix by DJ Nonsequitur

Subvert / Locus compadre DJ Nonsequitur unleashed the liquid fury, good vibes included.

Sunday Morning Lift Me Up mix by dj_nonsequitur

Track list:

1. Let's Leave Tomorrow (feat. Bev Lee Harling) - Netsky
2. Burguesinha (Marky and S.P.Y Remix) - Seu Jorge
3. Spread Love (Nu:tone Remix) - Lenny Fontana
4. Togetherness - DJ Marky and Makoto
5. Flashback (Goldie Remix) - Calvin Harris
6. Just One Second - London Elektricity
7. Scribble - Underworld
8. Iron Heart - Netsky
9. Warehouse (Illskillz Eemix) - Logistics
10. 1 n 2 - Jonny L
12. Real People VIP - Bcee
13. Conversations (feat Kevin King) - Mutt