Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DTP355 - Klute - Datatransmission

In the world of electronic music sometimes things can all get a bit serious. Anoraks bang on about the catalogue numbers of the 5 releases on minuscule techno labels long since lost as people over analyze the exact meaning of the smallest of details and the inspirations behind it. It is into this atmosphere that we turn to the lighter side of the scene to break up this seriousness and this weeks exclusive podcast comes from a man of whom his biography lists his achievements as being one of the greatest human beings to have walked the earth, being a member of the inter-galactic council of 9 for a number of years and being recently awarded the prestigious role of Minute taker for Brent council narcoleptic society. We’re of course talking about the electronic production and DJing maverick that is Klute.
Head of his own esteemed label Commercial Suicide Klute has also released on many of the most prestigious labels in the world, such as Metalheadz, R:Soul, Hospital, 31 Records, Shogun Audio and Certificate 18 amongst others whilst collaborating with many studio greats too, such luminaries as Lamb, Mogwai, Bis, Natasha Atlas, Harold Budd, Concord Dawn and John Tejada to name but a few.

So with a performance at Basslaced presents A Bunch Of Cuts alongside Calibre, Dbridge and Doc Scott at London’s Fire scheduled in for the 8th of November we thought it was about time we brought the respected techno and drum and bass producer to the DT podcast for his unique take on all things electronic. Now crank up the volume!

Track list:

Nick Bee - Third Entity
Eastcolors - Crispy - Prog:Ram
Mindscape - Space & Time - Eatbrain
Dose - What She Wants - Commercial Suicide
Nymfo - untitled - Commercial Suicide
Seba - Lose Control / Klute - Turnaround - Commercial Suicide
Addison Groove & Sam Bubinga - Rzor (Friction remix) - Shogun
Optiv & BTK - Midnight Nation rmx - Commercial Suicide
BSE - Don't You (State Of Mind dmx) - Blackout
Optiv & BTK - Journey from the Light - Redlight
MIndscape & Chris SU - Swampster (Nymfo rmx) - Commercial Suicide
Detail - Time Stretching - Commercial Suicide
Quadrant - Spinout - Commercial Suicide
Klute - Song For the Broken Hearted - Commercial Suicide
Invaderz - Burning Book Dom & Roland - Outta London - Metalheadz
Optiv & BTK - Zero Tolerance - Dispatch
Mndscape & BTK - Rat Pack - Eatbrain
BSE - Deadhouse (Inside Info & Mefjus Remix) - Blackout

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stray x Exit Records x Matchsticks EP Promo Mix


Track list:

Sabre - Cashmere For Xmas (Critical Music)
Chance The Rapper - Acid Rain (N/A)
Rigglebeats - Doves (N/A)
Sam Binga ft. Redders - Leftem (Critical Music)
Stray - Matchsticks (Exit Records)
Mr. Carmack - Hopscotch (Mad Decent)
&rt;&rt;Wagon Christ - The Funnies (Ninja Tune)
Cardiak - Start It Up Instrumental (G Unit)
ARP▲101 x Darkhouse Fam - Untitled (Brownswood)
Sabre - Voltage (N/A)
Stray - Eazy Boy (Exit Records)
Darkhouse Fam - Brock Wild (Brownswood)
Eprom - Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix) (Rwina)
Gamma - Bounce (N/A)
RP Boo - Speakers R-4 (Sounds) (Planet Mu)
DVA - Walk It Out (Rashad's Slip Away Remix) (Hyperdub)
Earl x Sirrtmo x Boylan - Blunt To My Lips 2014 (N/A)
Mark Pritchard - Natty (Warp Records)
Stray - Chatterbox (N/A)
Okor - Trust Us (N/A)
Machinedrum - SeeSea (Ninjatune)
Traxman - The Comeback 2011 (Planet Mu)
Joss Ryan - Melancholy Dreams (Slick Shoota Remix) (N/A)
Stray - VIP Zoom (Exit Records)
Dream Continuum - Set It (Spectrasoul Edit) (N/A)
Sinistar, Calculon & Austin Speed - Cucaracha (N/A)
Alix Perez x Stray - RIPNDIP (N/A)
Fracture x Stray - Bounce That (Exit Records)
Addison Groove x Sam Binga - Rzor [Friction Remix] (Shogun Audio)
Ivy Lab x Emperor - Pepper (Critical Music)
Noisia x The Upbeats - Little Fling (Critical Music)
dBridge - Original World (Exit Records)
Calibre - Leave Me (Signature)
Halogenix - Feel It (N/A)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Critical Music Podcast Vol.31 - Hosted by Mefjus

After his last podcast reached number 1 in the iTunes podcasting charts, Mefjus is back with another episode set to smash that record once again.
Showcasing some of the world's most future thinking producers from the likes of Fourward, Inside Info, Maztek, Phace, Noisia, Prolix & Gridlok.
Mefjus doesn't hold back either, with some sneak peaks of Critical's secret album project that is due out over the next few months and showcasing his upcoming 'Contemporary EP'. Keep your ears peeled for those! Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Gang Starr - Above the Clouds [Noo Trybe]
02 - Rido - They think that [Metalheadz]
03 - Fourward - Guilty Pleasures [SGN:LTD]
04 - Foreign Concept ft. MC DRS [Critical Music]
05 - Mefjus & InsideInfo - Repentance [Critical Music]
06 - InsideInfo - Up to you [Viper DUB]
07 - Emperor - Control [Critical DUB]
08 - Camo & Krooked - Ruhepuls [Hospital]
09 - dBridge & Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz]
10 - Phace - The Setup [Critical Music]
11 - Billain - Red Surface [DUB]
12 - Maztek - iMaz [Hardware DUB]
13 - Acray - Untitled Hybrid Tune [Authentic Music DUB]
14 - Phace - Vitreous [Neosignal]
15 - Mefjus - Dissuade [Critical Music]
16 - Friction & K-Tee - Jupiter (Mefjus RMX) [Shogun Audio]
17 - Mefjus - Mob Rule [Critical Music]
18 - Rockwell - Childhood Memories (Neosignal RMX) [Shogun Audio]
19 - Mefjus & InsideInfo - Mythos VIP [DUB]
20 - Mefjus & Icicle - Contemporary [Critical Music]
21 - BSE & Jade - Deadhouse (Mefjus & InsideInfo RMX) [Blackout DUB]
22 - Gridlok & Prolix - Membrane [RAM]
23 - Phace - Electronic Frontier [Neosignal]
24 - Detail - Time Stretch [DUB]
25 - Mefjus - Leakproof [Critical Music]
26 - Noisia & Evol Intent - The Liquid [Vision]
27 - BSE - Brainfreeze (Neonlight RMX) [Blackout DUB]
28 - Neosignal - Sequenz (Mefjus RMX) [Division]

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

XLR8R Podcast 318: Special Request

It's not often that an already successful artist comes up with a new alias and sees their career trajectory suddenly jump to another level, but that's exactly what seems to have happened to Paul Woolford. For more than a decade, the UK producer has been releasing a steady stream of well-received music, both under his own name and a variety of monikers, including Bobby Peru, Hip Therapist, and Skip Donahue. Still, at the start of 2012, he was still generally known as Paul Woolford, respectable and reliable techno producer. It wasn't until he began making hardcore- and jungle-referencing music as Special Request that things started to change. Initially issuing a series of white-label 12"s, the project was eventually snapped up by the young Houndstooth, which has just released the first Special Request LP, Soul Music. Coming at a time when nostalgia for the pirate-radio era and a renewed interest in jungle and drum & bass appears to be surging, Special Request has quite simply exploded, placing Woolford on a bigger stage than ever before. Given that, it seemed like the perfect time for the veteran producer to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. To be clear, this is most definitely a Special Request—and not a Paul Woolford—podcast; right off the bat, it delves into the breakneck rhythms of jungle and keeps the throttle floored for more than an hour. Bringing together both vintage cuts and newer productions, Woolford makes a compelling case for the genre's vibrancy before wrapping things up with a noisy bit of sonic exploration from Alva Noto. He's clearly tapped into something potent with Special Request, and it's fascinating to document his ascent.

Track list:

01 Blocks & Escher "Sagan" (Narratives)
02 Paradox "Hold The Beat" (Paradox)
03 Krust "The Last Day" (Full Cycle)
04 Paradox "Drum Machine" (Paradox)
05 Loxy & Resound, Blocks & Escher "Monsters" (Narratives)
06 Ruffhouse "The Domino Effect" (Ingredients)
07 Paradox "No Consensus" (Paradox)
08 Detail "Green Rain" (Utopia)
09 Paradox "Ambiguity" (Paradox)
10 Alpha Omega "VCF" (Reinforced)
11 Paradox "I Led You" (Paradox)
12 Bizzy B "Strength" (Planet Mu)
13 Ray Keith "Phizical (Moody Mix)" (V)
14 Photek "Trans 7" (Science)
15 Clarity "Fractured" (Exit)
16 J. Majik "Your Sound VIP" (Metalheadz)
17 Alva Noto "unknown" (Raster Noton)


Monday, October 21, 2013

RA.386 Machinedrum

When Machinedrum reinvented himself in 2011 with footwork as his muse, it sent seismic waves through bass music. By then footwork was the sound du jour, but Travis Stewart stood out by blending it with the pastoral textures of Boards Of Canada, the heart-in-mouth thrill of jungle, and his own polished aesthetic. We liked Room(s) so much that we gave it 5/5 rating. Needless to say the pressure was on for this year's follow-up, the excellent Vapor City, a concept record about an imaginary city and his first album for Ninja Tune.

Critical acclaim aside, Machinedrum's impact is evident in his RA podcast—one look at the tracklist and you'll see there's a whole legion of producers mashing up jungle, footwork and drum & bass into a thrilling fast-paced amalgam behind him (along with some tasty unreleased material of his own). Fracture, Om Unit, Tessela and Ital Tek are among the ranks bringing renewed attention to the tempo.


Track list:

Machinedrum - Rise N Fall
Machinedrum - The Palace
Machinedrum - Show Ur Love
Future Sound of London - Ill Flower (Machinedrum Remix)
Machinedrum - Knowfuture
Skeptical - Eyes Down
Om Unit - Deep Sea Pyramid
System - Sound Man
Tek 9 - Spring
Rob & Goldie - Shadow
Dwarde - Algid
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Sam Binga Crackney Parrot Refix)
Ital Tek - BB
Jon Convex - With You (Kid Drama's Autonomic Mix)
Instra:mental & dBridge - White Snares
Naibu - Just Like You (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix)
AMIT - Human Warfare (Machinedrum Remix)
FIS - Love Drama Stress (Machinedrum Edit)
Machinedrum - Overtime

TOTAL SCIENCE - Jungle/Old Skool/Hardcore mix Chapter 1

No track list available, but the amount of classics - courtesy of Total Science - here is criminal. Prepare for a trip down memory lane on this one.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Choices DnB Mix by DJ Nonsequitur

Our Subvert HQ brother DJ Nonsequitur, purveyor of all things soulful and upbeat, has done it yet again, fashioning an hour's mix of the best knees up material available. Shake your tail feathers, as they say.

Track list:

Begin - Emperor ft Georgia Yates
Mad One - A.I. & Command Strange ft Jamakabi
Bomber - Loadstar
Aphasia - Ruffhouse & Clarity
Take You Higher - Wilkinson
Basilica - Dimension
Terror (Blokhead Rmx) - Telekinesis
Berlin - Loadstar
You Can Dream - Artificial Intel ft Steo
Trident - Future Signal
Tower Bass - Aphrodite
Nosher (Baron I Know A Little Spot rmx) - Total Science
Close - Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Refugee - Wilkinson
Big, Bad & Heavy (Logistics rmx) - Delano
Papa Lover (Serum rmx) - DJ Stretch
Let It Be (DJ Marky & SPY rmx) - Artificial Intel ft Steo
Stars Get Down - Subwave
Reclaim - Ramadanman
We Are One (Nu:Logic rmx) - Logistics
Got Me Going Over (DJ Marky rmx) - Ask2Quit
Going In Circles (Break rmx) - Total Science
Be True - Commix
Scale It Back (Calyx & Teebee rmx) - DJ Shadow ft Little Dragon
Youth (Hybrid Minds rmx) - Daughter

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Asymmetric - Deep in the Program Jungletrain [Fri Oct 18 2013]

Track list:

1.Everything But The Girl - Single (Photek Remix)
2.Alaska/Nucleus - "Ataciara"
3.Syntheticsax – Tuman
4.The Response - "Space Wind"
5.Kjell – Dependence
6.Reximus & Kasious - Serous Six Umiak
7.Madcap – Paradise
8.Morphy – The Gate (RogueState's Voyage Remix)
9.Scale & Acid Lab – A Secret Place
10.Reborn – Textures
11.Nebula - "Escapism"
12.Alaska - "Rare Earth"
13.Polska - "Sabbatical"
14.Bass'Flo - "Poseidon (Relapse remix)"
15.Blade - "Ripples In Time"
16.Tactical Aspect - "Operations"
17.Ricky Force - "Konono Riddim"
18.Newkoncept - Calm By Deception
19.Rainforest - "Dessertor
20.Space Depth – 1961 (jungle mix)
21.Taype - "12 Bit"
22.Phuture-T – Rupture
23.Venetian Snares – Herbie Goes Ballistic
24.Silva D - "Twilight (Dan Miracle remix)"
25.Drum Cypha - Year Of The Minotaur
26.Able Danger - Group Dynamics (Bkey remix)
27.Dub-one/G-netic - Pressure Of 10.000
28.Equinox - Remember Jah
29.DJ Future - Theology
30.J.Digital - Burning Amen (Relapse's Let's Get Drummy Remix)
31.Dillinja - Armoured D
32.Mendelayev - I'm Zombie
33.Dwarde - "Shard (original mix)"
34.Rumbleton - "Panther Fist"
35.Jumpat & The Green Man (TGM) - What the F...
36.Jerry-O – Funky Charge

Thursday, October 17, 2013

British Council Show 637 - SpectraSoul In The Mix

This weeks mix comes from drum and bass heavyweight duo SpectraSoul, formed in 2006 the duo became a core member of DJ Friction's "Shogun Audio" group. Famed for their high energy sets, they've played all over the world and have just released their new album "Delay No More", tunes in this mix come from Lynx, Calibre and the boys themselves.

Spectrasoul In The Mix

Studio Pressure - Presha XIII (Photek Productions)
Chozen - Worst Fears (Lynx Remix) (Self Released)
Chase & Status ft. Bo Saris – Breathing (Ram Records)
Breach - Jack (Calibre Remix) (Dirty Bird Records)
Pedestrian - Hoyle Road (SpectraSoul Remix) (Born Electric)
Amy Steele - Eyes On You (SpectraSoul Remix) (Unreleased)
Jubei - Rufige 11 (Metalheadz)
Sub Focus - Original (Ram Records)
Sam Binga ft. Redskin Sam Binga ft. Redskin (Module)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daat - Organic Cast 005

Track list:

1. FIS - Homologous Interlude
2. ASC & Synth Sense - Reject The System
3. Altair & Silent Dust - Sakharov [Daat Mix Starts]
4. Daat - Crashes
5. Jalex - Test
6. ASC - The Noncolour Entity
7. Metro - Feelers
8. Daat - 1999
9. Jason oS - Flatline
10. Daat - 走る男 [Daat Mix Ends]
11. Rhyming In Fives - All's Well
12. Frederic Robinson - Shut
13. RQ - Sorrow Of The Hunter
14. Thomas Fehlmann - Embrace
15. Paradox - Jupiter 89

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lenzman - FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

Track list:

01. Calibre - The Wash (Signature)
02. Tokyo Prose - ? (Samurai Music)
03. Random Movement & Jaybee - Say (Intrigue)
04. Lenzman - Broken Dreams (Metalheadz)
05. Submorphics - Hurt So Bad (Liquid V)
06. Velocity - Flashbulb Memory (?)
07. Anile - Custom Dancer (Innerground)
08. Eveson - Dystopian Romance (?)
09. Spectrasoul - Memento (dBridge Remix) (Shogun Audio)
10. Furney & MC Conrad - Drum Toolz (Good Looking)
11. Random Movement - Sabina (Innerground)
12. Zero T - Goes Around (Shogun Audio)
13. Response - Surveillance (Ingredients)
14. Die & Interface feat. William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Lenzman Remix) (Clear Skyz)
15. Command Strange & Dynamic - Too Hot Lady (Good Looking)
16. Submorphics - Burning Love (Liquid V)
17. Lenzman & FD - Joanie's Theme (Metalheadz)
18. Amy Steele - Eyes On You (Spectrasoul Remix) (Coleteel Music Group)
19. Jubei feat. Jerome Thomas - Incognito (Metalheadz)
20. Stray - Professor Popper (Exit)
21. FD - Change Please (?)
22. Redeyes - Afro Blue (Vandal)
23. Random Movement - Down Somehow (Innerground)
24. A-Sides feat. MC Fats - What You Don't Know (Makoto Remix) (Eastside)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rhythm Management 22 29/09/2013 [Bassdrive Show 22] - Future Engineers Mix

Rhythm Management 22 29/09/2013

Lies - Londy
Jungle Junx - Reqind The Tape (Remaster)
S.P.Y - Future Tense feat Jo's
Blu Mar Ten - Believe Me
Logistics - Murderation
Nu:Tone & Logistics - Trademark
Oscillist - The Silver Lining
Matematics - Lullaby of Clubland
Break - All Around

Future Engineers Mix:

Rogue Comet - Future Engineers
Changes In State - Future Engineers
Shape Of Time - LM1 & Future Engineers
Inscape - Future Engineers
Time-Zero - Future Engineers
Ellipse - Future Engineers
Side-Effects (Electrosoul System Remix) - Future Engineers
Future Engineers Scratch The Surface - Future Engineers
Berlin (Future Engineers Remix) - LM1
Shape or Form - Future Engineers
Two Steps Backwards (Future Engineers Remix) - ICR
Down- Time - Future Engineers
Synergy - Future Engineers
Chasm (Future Engineers Re-Set) - Mav & Implex
Galaxy (Future Engineers Re-Set - Electrousoul System

Thursday, October 10, 2013

DBridge X Kid Drama presents HEARTDRIVE

dBridge and Kid Drama (one half of Instra:mental) unleash their latest project Heart Drive. Expect more Autonomic style sounds as they fill the huge void left since they last collaborated.

Track list:

dBridge - Splice
Heart Drive - Sindicate
Kid Drama - In Mind
Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot
Heart Drive - Format Affection
dBridge - Lost Signal (interlude)
Heart Drive - Aut0mated L0ve
dBridge - Module Eight
Heart Drive - Vent
Kid Drama - What Do You See
dBridge - Avery Glitch
Kid Drama - Retract (f/ Hands Like Crime)
dBridge - Metrodrone
Heart Drive - When Droids Cry
Twisted Tokyo (Outro)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Phil Tangent Promo Mix

Track list:
Calibre - Simple Things (Signature)
Capture - Hesitate (Dub)
Phil Tangent - We Don't Talk Anymore (IM:Ltd Dub)
Mortem - The Touch (IM:Ltd)
Fields - Colours (Utopia Music)
Random Movement - Waterlogged (Innerground)
Lenzman & Clart - What We Had (Unreleased Dub)
Makoto ft. Conrad - Golden Girl (Good Looking Records)
Villem & McLeod - Another Star (Samurai)
Philth ft. Helena - Set Me Free (Soul Deep Recordings)
Spirant - Dimepiece (Pennygiles remix) (Dub)
Commix - I Have You (Metalheadz)
Submorphics - Organ Grinder (Calibre remix (Rubik Records)
Andy Skopes - True Chord (Redux VIP)
Eastcolors - The Light (Phil Tangent remix) (Demand Records)

Presha // Signall FM Guest Mix October 2013

SIGNAll_FM NIGHT w. Tokyo Prose (NZ) & DJ Presha (NZ):
Official Samurai Music Night
October 11, 2013
KC Dunaj, Bratislava

Overlook Guest Mix - Future Beats Radio Show [Oct 3 2013]

Response - Creep / Resistance [Ingredients Records October 2013]

Response co-wrote Ingredients 033 alongside ST Files and has been sending all his solo material ever since. Ingredients finally buckled under the pressure of how good this producer is and are releasing 2 x 12” singles in quick succession. Kicking off is 'Creep' with it's immense weight and heavy production, it is a tune specifically built for the big room. The flip is just as deadly - 'Resistance' is filled with deep and dark vibes surely to keep any dance floor buzzing. Quality as always from Ingredients, this is not to be missed.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Signall FM Promo Mix - Bratislava 11 October 2013

Track list:

1. Tokyo Prose - Goodbye Hands [forthcoming]
2. Calibre - Rose [Signature]
3. Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound [Samurai Red Seal]
4. Lynx - Shady Pastimes [Soul:R]
5. Commix - How You Gonna Feel [MetalHeadz]
6. Tokyo Prose - ???
7. Tokyo Prose - Saving Grace VIP
8. Redeyes - We All Try [Vandal]
9. Tokyo Prose - Raised by Wolves [Samurai Red Seal]
10. Frederic Robinson & Stray - Bloom [BMT]
11. Calibre - ???
12. Calibre - Paragov [Signature]
13. Synkro - Look at Yourself (DjRum Remix)(edit) [Mindset]

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Diffrent presents: GiraffeCast 013

Dexta & Sense return with an hour of music, banter and senseless chit chat... Peter Arkaik called in sick, and Dominic Ridgway got called into cover at work, but luckily Andy Amoss stopped in to grace us with some laughter and DJ skills....

Track list:

Fybe:One "The Last Minute" [Diffrent Dub]
Dominic Ridgway "Wallee Needs Therapy [Diffrent Dub]
Machinedrum "Gunshotta" [Ninja Tune Dub]
Machinedrum "Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP)" [Free]
Subnation "Scotty III" [Future Vinyl]
Arkaik "Wax" [Diffrent Dub]
Beepo "No Choice" [Dub]
Amoss "The Shapeshifter (Skeptical Remix)" [Dispatch Dub]
M-Zine & Scepticz x Mtwn "Cobra" [Dub]
M-Zine & Scepticz x Mtwn "Choices" [Diffrent Dub]
Shiver "Forfeit" [Diffrent Dub]
Sam Binga "8 Barr" [Critical Dub]
Dominic Ridgway "You'll Never Be Mine" [Diffrent Dub]
Fre4knc "Black Box" [Break-Fast Dub]
Cursa "Sister P" [Protect Audio Dub]
Sam Binga "Freezy" [Critical Dub]
Conduct "Petrichor" [Code Dub]
Machinedrum "Baby It's You" [Ninja Tune]

Dissected Culture Presents: DCL006 Podcast feat. The Clamps

Track list:

Network - War Hawk (Original Mix) [Dub]
Sinister Souls - Facecrusher (Original Mix) [Dub]
Iron - Broken Silence (original Mix) [Nocid Business Recordings]
Audio - Bag of Bones (Original Mix) [Blackout Music NL]
Phace, Misanthrop & Mefjus - Twisted (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
Optiv & BTK - Inception (Maztek Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
The Clamps - Kosen (Original Mix) [Nocid Business Recordings]
Audio - Headroom (Audio VIP) [Virus]
Billain - Blockfield (Original Mix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
Maztek - Caph (Original Mix) [Dutty Audio]
Cause4Concern - Hammerhouse (InsideInfo Remix) [C4C Recordings]
Neosignal - Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) [Division Recordings]
Forbidden Society Feat. Coppa - Hurtlocker (Task Horizon Remix) [Forbidden Society Recordings]
Akov - Construct (Original Mix) [NFG 006 Dub]
Braincrack - Board Steppa (Hyqxyz Remix) [Dissected Culture Ltd]
Bluescreens - Strike One Part 1 (Original Mix) [Ram Records Dub]
Cause4Concern - Peepshow (Audio Remix) [Virus]
Inward Phase - The Game (Original Mix) [Dissected Culture Ltd Dub]
The Clamps - Unfinished [Kosenprod Dub]
Kantyze - Crimescene (Original Mix) [[Disturbed]
Meywenz - Start The Riot (Original Mix) [NFG 005]
Opsen & Primal Therapy - Temple Dome (Original Mix) [Upgrade Audio Dub]
Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts - Back to the Batcave (Chris.SU Remix) [Iolab Records]
TR Tactics - Rusty Machine (Original Mix) [Dissected Culture Ltd Dub]
The Clamps - This Is Not It (Original Mix) [Dissected Culture Ltd Dub]
The Upbeats - Alone feat. Tasha Baxter (Fourward Remix) [Vision Recordings]
Opsen & Primal Therapy - Neocyema (Original Mix) [Kosenprod Dub]
Alix Perez - Burn Out ft. Phace & Misanthrop (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
The Clamps - Worship Of The Shadow (Original Mix) [Kosenprod]
Phace & Noisia - MPD (Original Mix) [Neosignal]
InsideInfo & Mefjus - Mythos (Original Mix) [Virus]
Nickbee - Era (Original Mix) [Bad Taste Recordings]
Akov - Rubix (Original Mix) [NFG 006 Dub]
The Clamps ft Hostile MC - Massive (Original Mix) [Mute:8 Recordings]
Inward Phase, Int Company & Cliffhanga - Clinic (Original Mix) [Close 2 Death Dub]
Forbidden Society - Onset (The Clamps Remix) [Forbidden Society Recordings]
The Clamps - The Underground (Original Mix) [TBA]

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Domu "The R Volume 2 (2006)" All Reinforced Mixtape

More classics and b-sides from the Reinforced camp originally put together as part of the Domu mixtape series back in 2006.

You can check the new Manix album here:
Download Sonar Circle Unreleased Dubplates here:

Friday, October 04, 2013

Silk Podcast Vol.25 - Mixed By Forge

Track list:

1. Forge - Altek
2. Emperor - Soundboy
3. Rawtekk - Photone Recruits
4. Survival & Silent Witness - Noise
5. Kryptic Minds - Burnt To Ashes
6. Venture - Hard To Get
7. Bulb - Post Truth
8. Seba - Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
9. Furi Anga - The Night Falls (Bulb Remix)
10. Synkro - The Way
11.The Hybridz - Untitiled
12. HiijaQ - Microscopic Galaxies - (Forge Remix)
13. The Hybridz - Rum
14. Makoto Feat. Christian Urich - Girl Im Running Back 2 U (Random Movement Remix)
15. Bcee - In The Shadows (Feat. Bladerunner & Philippa Hanna)
16. Nulogic - Shoot Me Down (Feat. Robert Manos)
17. Flame - Canned Sunset
18. Forge - Static Mind
19. Hybris - Face Of Change
20. Jkenzo - One Drop
21. Foreign Concept - Solid State Dreams
22. Venture - Touch The Sky
23. Hidden Element - Hot Pants
24. Bulb - Your Last Moments

DOC SCOTT - Future Beats radio show 03-10-13

No track list, but quality assured as always from the legend that is Doc Scott.

Flexout Podcast 12 | Incognito Guest Mix

Track list:

Incognito - Stampede [FLEXOUT AUDIO]
Fre4knc - Tubular [SAMURAI MUSIC]
Mzine, Scepticz, Mtwn & Matt Pulsar - Fumes [DUB]
Gerra & Stone - Tenfold [DISPATCH LTD]
Chris.Su & Rido - Predator [SOM MUSIC]
Ed:it & Hyroglifics - Why Don't You [DUB]
Incognito - Shuffle The Deck [SOM MUSIC]
Stealth - Wrong Un [Subtitles MUSIC UK]
Enei & Emperor - Liberation [CRITICAL MUSIC]
Dose - Stamina [ANODYNE AUDIO]
Alix Perez - Menacing Ways [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Octane & DLR - Ordanace [FREE]
Silent Witness & Break - The Hills Have Ears [SYMMETRY RECORDINGS]
Incognito - Breathe & Step [RISE AUDIO]
Shiver - Crossover [FLEXOUT AUDIO]
Ulterior Motive - Timekeeper [SUBITLES MUSIC UK]
Octane, DLR & Break - Power Down [SYMMETRY RECORDINGS]
Halogenix - Take The Lead (feat. Zoe Klinck) [DISPATCH RECORDINGS]
Skeptical - Blue Eyes [INGREDIENTS RECORDS]
Icicle - Minimal Funk [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Alix Perez - Monolith (feat. Foreign Beggars & Jehst) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Break - Something New (Xtrah Remix) [SYMMETRY RECORDINGS]

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Amoss - Horizons Music Podcast 14

Fresh selection of music forthcoming on Horizons Music, including tracks from the Dreamthief 4 LP.

Track list:

1. Nickbee - Same Questions feat MC Fava
2. Xtrah - Time Slips Away feat Codebreaker
3. Mako - Hungry for Lies
4. Dabs - Skulls and Bones feat Kwality (Stray Remix)
5. Fields - Colours
6. Bredren - The Truth
7. Nitri - Against Our Will (J.Kenzo remix)
8. Hydro & Instant - Sanctity
9. Skarpa - Psychosis
10. Hemoglobin - Ketones Under Fire (Fearful remix)
11. Detail - Human Trust
12. Halogenix - Take the Lead feat Zoe Klink
13. Blocks, Escher, Loxy & Resound - Monsters
14. Om Unit - Sleepwalkers
15. Xtrah - Groove Shadow
16. DLR - Trading Places
17. Rido - Faith
18. Amoss - Bleed It feat. MCJC
19. Frankee - Black Heart
20. ?
21. Gremlinz & Rumbleton - The Shield
22. Amoss - Shapeshifter feat. MC Fokus (Skeptical remix)

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

FLASHBACK - Episode 60: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [June 2013]

Episode 60 - a collection of tunes plunges joyously into the unknown, elegantly gliding between the blissful and spooky making this an ominous soundtrack for after dark. Enjoy.

Download via iTunes

Track list:

01. LSB - This City (12" Version) [Spearhead]
02. ASC - Polemic [Samurai Red Seal]
03. ASC - Oracle [Samurai Red Seal]
04. Barefoot - Murmurs [Med School]
05. Calibre - Do Not Turn On [Signature]
06. Scenic & Advisory - Skin Deep [Offworld]
07. NotioN - Below The Down [BIOS Recordings]
08. Kantyze - Marauder VIP [M-Atome]
09. Alix Perez - Broken Heart (featuring Two Inch Punch) [Shogun Audio]
10. Bop - Impermanence [Med School]
11. Blocks and Escher - Heartshaped (ASC Remix) [Narratives Music]
12. Thing - Outer Lands [Blu Mar Ten Music]
13. Minor Rain - Complexity [Sinuous Records]
14. Dfacta - Night Story (N4M3 Remix) [FREE]
15. Etherwood - Unfolding [Med School]
16. Calibre - Keep Control [Signature]
17. Thing - Renew [Blu Mar Ten Music]
18. Clarity - Fingerprints [Nu Directions]
19. Instra:Mental and dBridge - White Snares [NonPlus+]
20. Clarity - Counting Hours [Nu Directions]
21. Instra:Mental - End Credits [NonPlus Limited]
22. Synkro - Dwelling [Med School]
23. Indigo - Reaching The Source [Samurai Horo]
24. Dusky - I'm Running (Synkro Remix) [Anjunabeats]
25. Daft Punk - The Game Of Love [Columbia]

Recorded: June 5 2013
Time: 59:51

ASC - Episode 218 Electronique Podcast

Episode 218 of the Electronique podcast by ASC. If you only listen to one mix this week, make it this one. It's a definitive snapshot of whatever he's pushing right now. There's plenty of new stuff from ASC, Synth Sense, Vaccine, Method One, Indigo and other music forthcoming on Auxiliary and Samurai Music. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Fields - On Your Own [Utopia Music]

A solo release from Fields is always a joy and these two tracks definitely demand your attention. On side A, On Your Own packs a wallop with its gritty bass line. Side B Colours is slightly moodier but all the more satisfying with its irresistible groove. Well worth investigating this one, get your own HERE.

Xtrah - Lost Time EP [Symmetry Recordings]

Xtrah delivers his second release on Symmetry alongside Codebreaker and the result? Pure dance floor devastation. On the flip he collaborates with label boss Break with 'Always New', unleashing a fearsomely accelerated groove surely to find favour on tougher dance floors. Futuristic and compelling, Lost Time EP exemplifies electronic music at its best. Get your copy HERE.