Sunday, October 28, 2012

Insight episode 57 by DFRNT

A nice vareity of music today from deeper, slower tracks all the way up to some epic 170bpm action. Lots of forthcoming tracks from the likes of WIFE, Kevin McPhee and others.


Lixx - SIGNAll FM [23 Sep 2012]

Excellent Autonomic themed mix by Slovakia's Lixx, really hits the spot. Give it a go, full track list available HERE. It's on limited download, so grab it pronto.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bulb - Selfdeny

Experimental vibes from one of our all time favourites Bulb. Free download, grab it now.

dBridge DJ Mix - CLASH MUSIC

Via CLASH MUSIC: Listen to a DJ mix by dBridge ahead of his appearance at Simian Mobile Disco's Delicatessen London date on October 27th 2012.

The Exit Records founder is set to performing alongside Simian Mobile Disco themselves, Rebuild (A Guy Called Gerald & Graham Massey), Mark EBJMNM, Lone, Radioactive Man and more. Find out more about the event.

We asked about a tracklisting but in dBridge's own words, "I'm not a fan of track lists".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 50: Subvert Sessions Podcast | Octane & DLR Mix [Oct 2012]

Episode 50: Subvert Sessions Podcast | Octane & DLR Mix [Oct 2012] by Zul Othman on Mixcloud

Since 2010, Octane & DLR (otherwise known as Chris & Jay) have been blinding the drum & bass massive worldwide with a selection of dance floor destroyers released on top notch labels like Renegade Hardware, Run DNB, Audio Tactics and of course initially and most regularly on Dispatch Recordings.

Their debut album Method In The Madness was recently released to rave reviews. Not to be outdone, Leeds' finest have also recorded an exclusive mix to commemorate our 50th episode. Enjoy.



A front-runner in dubstep since 2006 – though, of course, Scuba hasn’t actually made dubstep in quite some time – Paul Rose has steadily risen through the ranks of UK and European dance music, recent album Personality (not to mention the single that preceded it, ‘Adrenalin’) not just shedding any remaining dubstep skin, but casting off the preconceptions of being a Brit in Berlin. Personality was big, brash, often brilliant, and whatever you thought of it, proved one of 2012′s most talked about albums – no mean feat when dance music full-lengths so often fall into the predictable middle ground.

Download the mix HERE.

Transparency Radio Podcast - Episode 12 - Oct 2012 - First Anniversary Special

Track list HERE.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NSY006: Silent Dust & Zilla Rocca

Considered to be writing some of the most enigmatic and emotive music within 170 bpm bass music, Silent Dust have found favour amongst the genre’s most progressive taste makers. With their current output acclaimed as their best to date, the duo of Andy Hobbs and Dan Blishen have set a new precedent within what can only loosely be described as drum & bass. Championed by Marcus Intalex amongst others.

“Vostok 1” delivers stylistically the sound that found Silent Dust’s self titled album’s cult success. An ambient pulsating narrative to the pseudo sci-fi elation of the first human spaceflight. Musically outstanding, personally connective. Classic Silent Dust.

“Massive” is the wild card in Silent Dust’s musical entourage. No doubt inspired by US hip hop, the track enrolls the charismatic rap cryptology of Philadelphia’s noir hop originator Zilla Rocca. Determined not to be pigeon holed “Massive” has cinematic depth while still smashing the club sound system.

“We're taking each tune as it comes at the moment. The last few singles have been as diverse a selection of music as we've ever written, and this release continues down that road. It's been great to work with artists from outside the Drum & Bass scene... Trying to find a balance that inspires us both.” – Silent Dust

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ASC - Secret Thirteen Mix 039

“Secret Thirteen Mix 039” is a kaleidoscopic musical collage which smoothly connects different styles of music, ranging from ambient, experimental to techno and authentic electronica. The compilation includes emotionally powerful audio material from such respectable musicians as 36, HTRK, Vatican Shadow, Anthony Rother, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Ensemble Economique and others. This masterpiece uncovers author’s solid intelligence, perfection, mobility and spirituality. Read the rest HERE.

HijaQ - Something Deep 025

Track list:

01 - Dee Flack & Subranger - Mountains [dub]
02 - Sobersoul - Dassle Tears [Aerial Vibes]
03 - I Wannabe - Lost In Memories [DNBB Recordings]
04 - June Miller - Isis (Despot remix) [Eternia Music]
05 - Despot & Abstract Elements - The Never Engine [Eternia Never]
06 - HijaQ - Last Day On This Planet [Something Deep dub]
07 - I Wannabe - Someone Who You Love (Dominic Ridgway remix) [Something Deep dub]
08 - Furi Anga - Spark And Flame [Free]
09 - Ivax - White Lilies, Your Eyes (Bulb 2012 RE EDIT) [free]
10 - HijaQ - Cosmic [Something Deep dub]
11 - HijaQ - Ocean Of Possibilities [Something Deep dub]
12 - Crimean - Escapist [free]
13 - Rudoman - Independence Day [dub]
14 - Hathor - Sinking The Bis'Mar [free]
15 - Despot & Abstract Elements - Event Horizon [Eternia Never]
16 - Kosmi - Miranda [dub]
17 - Abiotic & Detail - Hypnosis [Soundium X]
18 - Furi Anga - Empty Planets [free]
19 - Unquote - Cut Off The Past [Med School]
20 - HijaQ - 8bit Madness [Something Deep dub]
21 - HijaQ - Dreams About Stars [Something Deep dub]
22 - Naraka & Furi Anga - Last Drops Of Sapphire [free]

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Episode 49: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [RETROSPECTIVE OCT 2012]

As we approach Episode 50… here's a look back at the music we love and the other bits that have influenced us over the years. SUBSCRIBE TO THE SUBVERT SESSIONS PODCAST VIA iTUNES:

Track list:

01. Blu Mar Ten - She Moves Through (ASC Remix) [FREE]
02. Muted - Robin [Manifesto Music]
03. Blue Motion - Only Words (Triad Remix) [Influenza Media]
04. ASC and Synkro - Borderline [Auxiliary]
05. Instra:Mental - End Credits [Non Plus]
06. Synkro - Open Arms [Exit]
07. Two Thirds and Bad Apple featuring Veela - Sense Of Being [Med School]
08. Sunchase - Keyring [Drone Audio]
09. ASC and Synkro - Sacred Moments [Auxiliary]
10. Synth Sense - Soulstice [Deep Soul Music]
11. Synkro and Indigo - Reflection [Exit]
12. Marcus Intalex - Climbing Up The Walls [SOUL:R]
13. Magnetic Man - Perfect Stranger (dBridge Remix) [FREE]
14. Stickman - Pressure [Med School]
15. Bop - Enjoy The Moment [Med School]
16. Crimean - Open Letter [FREE]
17. Flower and Mr Sizef - Autumn [Intelligent]
18. ASC - The Ubiquity Incident [Non Plus]
19. Borealis - Not Of This Reality (Crimean Remix) [FREE]
20. ASC - Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal]
21. Chris Coda - Heading North [SOUL:R]
22. Synkro - Departure [Med School]
23. Indivision N4M3 and Tiiu - Other Clouds [FREE]
24. Synkro - Progression [Exit]
25. Aquasky - Dezires [Moving Shadow]
26. Omni Trio - Nu Birth Of Cool (Rouge Unit Remix) [Moving Shadow]
27. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix) [Moving Shadow]
28. Seba - Soul 2000 [Good Looking]
29. Tayla - Resolution [Good Looking]
30. Lynx Bashiyra and Malibu - Star [Blackout Music]
31. Goldie - Inner City Life (4 Hero Remix) [FFRR]
32. Photek - Modus Operandi [Science]
33. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - We Live In Brooklyn, Baby [Polydor]

Cyantific - Liberty EP

Trailer showcasing the forthcoming EP from Cyantific, to be released through Cyantific Music on October 29th 2012. Expect pre-orders and news in the coming weeks at

Cyantific - of course - has a collection of compilations, remixes and 12” releases from which they have received wide acclaim from the underground drum 'n' bass community. A smoking hot DJ, the man otherwise known as Jon Stanley was chosen as BBC 1Xtra’s Best Breakthrough DJ in 2007. Production wise, his association with Hospital Records made his name while tracks like ‘Output’ and ‘Don’t Follow’ have made his a force within the drum 'n' bass scene. The forthcoming Liberty EP - which we have heard and are becoming fans of - is likely to raise Cyantific's stock even further.

Solace Podcast 006 Feauring Perverse

DnB Centrala Podcast No.49 - Kenobiben

Monday, October 08, 2012

Ruffhouse [Recipe030 out 22.10.12]

After the Misé en Place EP smashed it the other week Ingredients are back with another record out on the 22nd of October. Ruffhouse are Ingredients' latest signing & the trio are proving already they are ones to watch. Consisting of Vega, who runs the 'Abstractions' night in Bristol, Pessimist, who has released two stunning tracks on the label already & Cooper. With their distinct progressive arrangement, cold atmospherics & techno influenced percussion they've hit the ground running with "The Foot" & "Bypass" with both getting support from dBridge Loxy & Doc Scott. Check out their forthcoming single and judge for yourself.

Hyperon - Broken Audio Podcast Vol 3

With their forthcoming EP due out within the next couple of months on Broken Audio, Hyperon have put together this mix to celebrate the relaunch of the label. Hyperon has been influenced by many sounds from different types of music such as jazz, hip hop and Motown, whilst also by some of the names in the Drum & Bass scene. Whilst not restricting themselves to one style of music, they produce a lot of D&B that has a melodic soundscape backed with a refined technological aspect.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Actraiser - Phantomile EP [FREE]

After our short haitus in releases, Actraiser steps up to the plate and really gives Cut something to shout about. The Phantomile EP from Bristol based Actraiser demonstrates Rob's natural ability to craft classic sounding, yet forward thinking dubstep tracks. Throw in a cheeky remix of Doc Scott's Shadow Boxing, alongside the pounding "The King Is Dead" or the more ethereal tones on title track "Phantomile" and you've got a 5-track EP destined for the DJ boxes of many, and an EP that we're really proud of here at Cut.

Thesis - Autumn 2012 Mix

Track list:

1. Synthetic Journey - Sights & Sounds Of The City [Monochrome Recordings dub]
2. Villem & Fields - Azura [Med School]
3. Nuage - Hazy Streets [Translation Recordings]
4. Amptek - Always You [Soul Deep Recordings dub]
5. Scenic & Advisory - First Sunrise (Thesis Remix) [Free DL]
6. Zen Dub - Mankind [Free DL]
7. Hobzee & Zyon Base - Viral [IM:Ltd]
8. Thesis - Paradise Sunset [Soul Deep Recordings dub]
9. LM1 & Scenic - Quiet Truth [dub]
10. Exygen - Untitled [dub]
11. Thesis - Shift Forward [Unreleased '09]
12. Thesis - Introspective [Soul Deep Recordings]

SoulTec - A Lesson In History: Volume 1

Track list:

PFM - Cruising Detroit - Moving Shadow
FBD Project - She's So (Revisited) - Bang-In-Tunes
Fokus - Online (Dub Mix) - Dee Jay Recordings
Funky Technicians - Air Tight - Legend Records
Source Direct - Secret Liaisons - good looking
Neil Trix - Gesture Without Motion - Reinforced Source Direct - Different Groove - Odysee Wax Doctor - Offshore Drift - R&S Records
Peshay - The Vocal Tune - good looking
Source Direct - Shimmer - Odysee Records
Intense - Positive Notions - good looking
LTJ Bukem - Music - good looking

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Carhartt Radio October 2012: Madlib - Medicine Radio Show Pt. 2

Los Angeles based DJ, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and music producer Madlib let his mind free wheeling and prepared a Carhartt Radio show that accompanies the Medicine Show Europe Tour 2012 featuring Freddie Gibbs, J Rocc, and himself. His mix features unreleased, unheard, and exclusive Madlib material in combination with some known stuff out of his musical universe. An edgy twisted, 47 minutes long collage that melts HipHop and audio drama into one big psychedelic trip.

Atmosphere Radio Sept 2012 Autumn Edition with DJ's Clart & Mauoq

Monday, October 01, 2012


Consisting of members Pessimist, Vega and Cooper, Ruffhouse are amongst the hottest property in modern drum & bass. With a timeless sound, bridging classic aesthetic together with cutting edge production values, Ruffhouse are quickly carving out their own groove within bass music.

Dropping their debut 12” for Alignment Records in the form of “Pellet” and “Classified”, Ruffhouse are setting the bar high. Like it’s namesake would suggest, “Pellet” is an armour piercing dance floor smasher. Echoing classic Virus sound of the 90’s with an edge and vibe that could only be found in 2012.

“Classified” delivers the goods in the form of drone bass yearnings and clinical percussive drum hits. Sonically stealthy with all the muscle to shake the speakers. An apt flipside to “Pellet” making this 12” a certified club favourite amongst dBridge, Loxy, Doc Scott and Skeptical.


Doc Scott interview Rinse FM for Uncle Dugs 14.09.2012

Loxy - Samurai Music Official Podcast 11

An artist / DJ we have been pursuing for a podcast for some time, we now present to you the Loxy edition of the Samurai Music Official Podcast. A DJ's DJ and a constant crowd favourite, Loxy can always perfectly put together a set that contains the best of the most progressive Drum and Bass in existence. The always potent weapon of label nights for Metalheadz, Exit Records, & Renegade Hardware, everyone has come to understand that when Loxy steps to the decks, school is about to start. With productions alongside Resound for Samurai Music, Loxy has now been added to the stable of DJ's available for Samurai Music nights, and we are proud to be able to offer one of the best DJ's in the business to represent our sound.