Monday, December 31, 2012

Heavy 1 - Mix

Two mixes from the man that is Heavy 1... check it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


When you hear the words “house” and “alias”, it’s easy to think of people making their music more polite, but that’s far from the case with Trevino. The first released result of Marcus Intalex’s – an acclaimed producer in the drum’n'bass world for well over a decade – drop in tempo was ‘Chip’, an 808-driven howitzer that paired streamlined drums with builds of wild synth flare; to us, it seemed to take the blueprint that Intalex’s old sparring mates Instra:mental had established on their album Resolution 653 and firmly up the ante. Enjoy.

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Episode 5

Track list and more available HERE.

STUNNA Mix for DnB Show Kemet FM December 12 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ed:it - 'Shutter' / 'Repercussions' / 'Echo' (Out now on vinyl & digital)

Having already featured on Critical Records and gathering support from S.P.Y., Bailey, Spectrasoul, Break, Enei, Kasra, Skeptical and many more, Ed:it's gritty and elegant sound mainlines the warehouse soul of classic drum & bass, serving it up in impeccably sculpted slices. Deep and deadly, this is surely one of the best batch of tunes released this year.

Buy it HERE.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Phil Tangent 'Restitution' / 'Squaring The Circle' [SOULR059]

Marcus Intalex's favourite new artist of recent times, Phil Tangent, returns to Soul:R this month with his second single "Squaring the Circle" and "Restitution. His debut, "Billie's Smile / Lunar ", proved a discerning and unique musicality to Tangent's sound and demonstrated a level of musical depth, which is com- fortably at home in the Soul:r camp. His new single will solidify the deserved recognition for Phil Tangent's sound - a pitch perfect fusion of the soulful deep with the deep. Its mellow and spaced out vibes may sound odd in the current drum & bass climate, but there are real flashes of brilliance here that is too good to ignore. Out on Dec 10 2012, we can't recommend this enough. Go Seek.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dive Deep In / Shadowlands - Lynx feat. Kemo and Hellrazor

Having a reputation for razor sharp production and always pushing boundaries with his music, Lynx's is new single hones on the sound he engineered in previous releases while setting the scope higher. With vocal treatments for well respected vocalist Kemo Dive Deep In submerges itself in dirty, deep funk. A rock solid half time beat and punishing bass stabs keep the momentum while guitar strings weave in and out. Shadowlands features fellow technician Hellrazor in an epic roller comprised of swelling strings, steppy drums and menacing bass. The latter is a favourite and is featured on our Subvert Sessions Podcast. Highly recommended. Buy it HERE.

Episode 52: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [December 2012]

New Subvert HQ podcast... check HERE for track list details. Enjoy!

RUFFHOUSE - Demand / Division 3

Ruffhouse dropped their debut on Ingredients in October 2012 with 'The Foot / Bypass' 'to much acclaim. Already touted as a force to watch, their follow up ups the ante: Demand' really shows their ability to make progressive, forward thinking music and it's the unpredictability of 'Demand' that makes it a stand out track. 'Division III' is equally as impressive, room shattering drums & almighty stabs. It's out now, so get busy buying.