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Episode 70: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [May 2014]

Episode 70: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [May 2014] by ZulSubvert

We've been away for awhile. Nearly three months, in fact. But we're back with Episode 70. Peppered with elements of dub, bass, electro and soul, this one will get your juices flowing. Tune in and enjoy.

Download via iTunes HERE.

Track list:

01. Sam KDC - Alternative Flash Gordon Theme [Auxiliary]
02. DAAT - Orange Line [Organic]
03. They Live - What We Promise [Exit]
04. ASC - Reform [Auxiliary]
05. Method One - Under The Same Stars [Veil]
06. Method One - Moonlight Mile [Auxiliary]
07. Sam KDC - Foundation [Auxiliary]
08. Nether - Sanctuary [Auxiliary]
09. ASC - Motionless [Auxiliary]
10. Seba - Mesmerism [Secret Operations]
11. Quadrant, Iris and Homemade Weapons - Pembroke [Intrigue]
12. Digital - Archive [Ingredients]
13. Digital - Shaka Zulu [Ingredients]
14. Phil Tangent - Clouded Judgement [Integral]
15. Utah Jazz - Endless [Spearhead]
16. Lenzman - Paper Faces [Metalheadz]
17. ASC and Synkro - Planet X [Veil]
18. ASC and Sam KDC - Sonder [Veil]
19. Method One - The Traveller [Auxiliary]
20. Vaccine - Cascade Failure [NonPlus]
21. Bulb - Tenderness [Kokeshi]

Time: 1:10:12
Recorded: May 25 2014
For mixes and more visit

Sub Zero - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

Something of an unstoppable force over the last decade, Sub Zero has become a very powerful weapon in the Playaz label’s arsenal. Repeatedly impressing and testing the limits of the Martin Audio soundsystem in Room One at the monthly Playaz residency at Fabric his production has seemingly splintered with him proving himself to be just as adept at making pensive, lightweight, hoover bass driven thought provoking tracks as he is carving out his trademark arresting jump up dancefloor shells – something he proved culpably on his Bi Polar EP.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

isolatedmix 45 – ASC

isolatedmix 45 - ASC by astrangelyisolatedplace

Read the feature and interview with ASC HERE.

A stunning mix but it is also the first isolatedmix without a track list, but with sacrifice comes great pleasure – it’s a mix packed full of new material, exclusives and work that ASC only just finished this week.

In the meantime, check out ASC's latest ambient album. Details HERE.

Ant TC1 Presents the Dispatch Recordings Ministry Of Sound Radio Show with EBK & SCAR - 13.5.2014

Track list:

Dillinja - Untitled (Unreleased) - Metalheadz
Kolectiv & Hyroglifics - Tize - Dispatch LTD

EBK in the mix
Incognito - Lost
Hyroglifics - Withdraw
Dexta - The Dogz
Transparent & C-Side - Oylmo VIP
Arkaik & Coma - Heat Seeker
Mystic State - Street Talk
DLR - Outbound - Metalheadz
Transparent feat. D-Los - Awkward Guys
Xtrah - No Good - Metalheadz Platinum
Vince Grain - Drones Over Berlin
Arkaik & Coma - Gain
Hybrid Minds feat. Grimm - Halcyon (DLR Remix) - Spearhead
S.P.Y feat. DRS - Stand Alone
Zero T & Script - Guessing Games (Bailey Remix) - Dispatch Recordings
Amoss - Calokan - Horizons Music
Minor Rain - Totem Tube
Maztek & Cern - Multiverse - Renegade Hardware

Mako feat. Throwing Snow - Ju-Ken - Metalheadz LTD
Cern & Dabs - Alter Ego - Dispatch Recordings

SCAR in the mix
Scar - Ruby - Metalheadz Dub
Philth - Souzou - Dispatch
Blocks & Escher - Moods - Metalheadz
SCAR - Old Time Metal - Metalheadz Dub
Hidden Turn - 31 Records
SCAR- Zero One - Dispatch Dub
Mako - Tell Me Something - Metalheadz
SCAR - Something From Nothing - Integral
Paul T & Edward Oberon - Touch - Tilt Audio
Survival - The Jam VIP 2014 - Integral
Paul T & Edward Oberon - Let Me Give - Tilt Audio
Survival Feat MR Porter - Don't You Know - Integral

LSB, Komatic, Technicolour - Rotary Motion (Calibre rmx) - Integral Records
Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC1 - Hungry For Atmosphere - Metalheadz

IA MIX 136 - The Black Dog

The Black Dog discuss their Kickstarter campaign and their “Sound Of Sheffield” 4 part series, aimed specifically for the dance floor. Their mix features music from Arthur Oskan, Mike Parker, Cosmin TRG, Furfriend, Sigha and more.

Track list:

1. ÿ [Phase] - Leap Into The Deep - Token
2. Microburst - Hawks Church - Temp Lake
3. Oake - Sehtohree Diin Chromtas Vehn - Downwards
4. Arthur Oskan - Back In Black (777 Remix) - Thoughtless Music
5. Agents Of Time feat. Flowers & Sea Creatures - Still Enough - Stem Records
6. Mike Parker - Polar Vortex - Mote Evolver
7. Northern Structures - Eastern Bridge - Sonic Groove
8. The Black Dog - Dropforge Learning - Dust Science
9. ÿ [Phase] - Systems Theory - Token
10. Cosmin TRG - Vernacular - Fizic
11. Furfriend - Endless September (Instrumental Mix) - Perc Trax
12. George Lanham & Mr. Jones - Hackney Movement - The Public Stand
13. Sigha - 352 Lashes (Ideal) - Our Circula Sound
14. Dave Tarrida - Tan.Zen - Autofake
15. Konstruktiv - Polyus (Perc Remix) - Rekord
16. An≠i (Douglas Lee) - Convo - Power Vacuum

Dbridge & Kid Drama - The Aptitude Show Exit Recordings Showcase

Tons of exclusives here. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bulb - Into The Deep 2.3

Into the deep 2.3 by Bulb

Track list:

01 | [00:00] Node - The Traveller [DiN]
02 | [04:24] SFV Acid - Laid [seflreleased]
03 | [08:00] Copeland - Insult 2 Injury [seflreleased]
04 | [10:09] Conek4 - Memories Gone [free]
05 | [13:30] Minor Rain - Autumn Flower [Loodma]
06 | [16:29] Dynamic Stab, nClear & Eugenics Eight - Concentrate [KOSMOS]
07 | [19:27] Fred V & Grafix - Recognise [Hospital]
08 | [23:10] Reso - Pulse Code [Hospital]
09 | [25:47] Ryuei Kotoge - Hole [Broken Bubble]
10 | [27:38] Stray - VIP Zoom [free]
11 | [29:08] Jeru Da Damaja - Come Clean (Sabre's 20/20 bootleg) [free]
12 | [30:26] Machinedrum - Whatnot [free]
13 | [32:48] Copeland - Smitten [seflreleased]
14 | [34:37] D-Fried - Lost Soldiers [seflreleased]
15 | [36:40] Tomas Dvorak - Nanorobot Tune [Minority]
16 | [39:05] Subject - Suspension [CX Digital]
17 | [42:30] Gridlok - Calling Home [free]
18 | [45:10] Auditive Escape - Native Tongue [seflreleased]

none60 Podcast 003 (Silent Dust Mix)

none60 Podcast 003 (Silent Dust Mix) by Silent Dust

Track list:

01. Zilla Rocca ft Roc Marciano - Young Blood
02. Curly Castro ft CASTLE - Livery (Silent Dust Remix)
03. Rick James - Mary Jane
04. Aywy v Sade - Friday Night
05. HOF - Black & White

Silent Dust Mix

01. Gaunt - Percolation (none60)
02. DYL - Metamorphosis
03. Psycho Mantis - Existential Crisis
04. Arkaik - Babylon Dub
05. Calibre ft MC DRS - Eschaton
06. Soul Intent - Dubplate Special
07. Hathor & Sotus - Outcome
08. Blind#2 (Anonymous EP.1)
09. Silent Dust - H.A.B.R
10. Hidden Turn - Time ft Azaco
11. Om Unit - Timelines
12. Photek - The Water Margin
13. Calibre - Rooftops
14. Greyman - Different Perspectives
15. Calculon & Austin Speed - Get Murked (Lewis James Remix)
16. Gaunt - Piranha (none60)
17. Dexta & Hyroglifics - Boxgroove II
18. Banzulu - Nobody Move (none60)
19. DAAT - (The Running Man)
20. Blocks - Moon & Stars

06. Banks - Brain
07. Errin Barra - Dear John (Kaelin Ellis Remix)
08. Beastie Boys - Gratitude
09. Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - Get That Pay (Scooby Mix)
10. How To Dress Well - Words I Don't Remember

Friday, May 23, 2014


The authors of the mix are Andrew Bowen and Dimitri Ploumpidis, publicly known as AnD, electronic music producers, sound designers and Djs based in Manchester. Bowen is originally from Belfast and Ploumpidis is from Thesaloniki but they both have distinct temperaments matured by their completely different social and cultural environments. While one is very impatient, the other one is extremely calm and relaxed. However, this kind of situation adds more color and sensation into their unexpectedly harmonious collaboration. Bowen started collecting records and went to various “raves” in the late 90s and this was probably the essential turning point in his career that indirectly lead him to meet Ploumpidis, who had a great interest in D.I.Y. electronic instruments as he is a certificated designer of electronic circuits. The duo’s paths crossed when they were studying music production at the School of Sound Recording. Step by step they have developed their unique moving sound, permeated with industrial music motives and quickly immersed into intense world of techno. The last 5 years were enormously productive for the duo, they have released numerous records on such conceptual and constantly growing labels as Electric Deluxe, Modal Analysis, Geoff Presha’s Samurai Horo, Black Sun Records, Repitch Recordings, Horizontal Ground and others. Recently they have opened Inner Surface Music, a 100% vinyl imprint to release other artists’ promising recordings.
nD’s personal production stands on the powerful and dense sound dynamics, reasonable distortions and colossal rhythm structures. They are exploring the limitations of computer generated music and also include a wide palette of sounds generated with diverse analog synths, drum machines and effect blocks. Important to mention that some of the devices are constructed on the basis of D.I.Y. principles, and this gives more authenticity to their whole musical identity. Ploumpidis in one of the interviews about AnD’s music production concept stated that “there is calm before the storm” and we should say that this is a very scenic explanation which unveils why their embossed compositions, balancing between tough beats and the elegance of background ambiance, are so manoeuvrable and at some parts have beatless moments similar to soundtracks used in theater. Their prominent and critically acclaimed EPs such as “Bow”, “FVS” or “Kundalini” are a good start to familiarize with AnD’s musical intention and philosophy. It is also important to say that the duo often tours across the globe – Berghain, Fasma Festival or Boiler Room are only a few grand places where the listener could catch them performing live.
AnD wasn’t following ideas of their previous mixes for Electric Deluxe or Resident Advisor. They took an alternative direction and put together more eclectic mix full of splendid musical treasures to reveal their profound personalities. “Secret Thirteen Mix 116” is an enigmatic and subtly thrilling audio compilation weaving 27 abyssal and scenic records released between 1975 and 2014. This mix includes a wide spectre of music by such gifted musicians as Peder Mannerfelt, Ø, Muslimgauze, Cabaret Voltaire, Chris & Cosey, Jeff Mils and others. Patient and accurate mixing followed by the thoughtful emotional and structural development creates a continuous wholeness and also clearly shows AnD’s precision, dexterity, understanding of aesthetics and attentiveness to even the smallest details. John Cato’s abstract photograph “Double concerto #13” could easily be placed in parallel with AnD’s mix, as both of them hold the weight of systematic chaos and artistic effect, and forces to design countless of interpretations in the subconsciousness.

Track list:

01. Kontakt Der Jünglinge – Kontakt Der Jungline 0 [Die Stadt. 2001]
02. Jeff Mills – Introduction – Phase 1-3 [Axis, 2011]
03. Imaginary Softwoods – Untitled (10) [Wagon, 2008]
04. Chris & Cosey – The Giants Feet [Rough Trade/Conspiracy International, 1982]
05. Pupol Vuh – Aguirre I (Haswell and Hecker Remix) [Editions Mego, 2008]
06. Muslimgauze – Untitled 2 Azzazin [Staalplaat, 1996]
07. Peder Mannerfelt – Alpha Waves [Digitalis Recordings, 2014]
08. Ø [Phase] – Madlab [Token, 2014]
09. Kondaktor – Signal#1″ (ANFS Remix) [Modal Analysis, 2014]
10. The Whirling Hall Of Knives – The Fire Of The Eye [Nute Records, 2014]
11. Spatial – Dubfiction Runout (Channel 5) [Broken20, 2013]
12. Bee Mask – Fried Niteshades [Spectrum Spools, 2012]
13. Prostitutes – The Steady Sale Of Junk [Stabudown, 2012]
14. This Heat – 24 Track Loop [These Records, 1979]
15. Portion Control – Suck And Blow [Third Mind Records, 1983]
16. Gruppo D’Improvvisazione – Eflot [Cinevox, 1975]
17. Ø – Syvänteessä Pukinjalkaisen [Sahko Recordings, 2014]
18. Angus Tarnawsky – Tour Maline [Inner Surface Music, 2014]
19. Valanx – Daughters Of The Everfire [SonuoS, 2013]
20. Bernard Parmegiani – Pleins Et Déliés [Recollection GRM, 1976]
21. Cabaret Voltaire – Photophobia [Rough Trade, 1979]
22. ZymOsiZ – Intro [Zhark Recordings, 2001]
23. Mecanica Popular – Visibilidad Cero [Grabaciones Accidentales, 1987]
24. Time Machines – 7-Methoxy-β-Carboline: (Telepathine) [Eskaton, 1998]
25. Grey Branches – Lower Bounds [Inner Surface Music, 2014]
26. Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey – Under Press Of Sail [Snatch Tapes, 1980]
27. Streetwalker – Sun Song [Cititrax, 2013]

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"Metalheadz proudly present a very special edition of MDZcast. For number 46 we have long-time sparring partners Jubei and SP:MC live in the mix.

It’s important to note that this partnership was initially forged back in the late 90s, with Jubei [then DJ Breakz] & SP honing their then raw talent with a series of mixes straight to tape. It was one of their later efforts in 2001 which found it's way to the legendary MC GQ which earned them their first London residency @ Dingwalls, Camden Lock. Fast forward to 2014, the pair have toured the world, represented the finest crews
in the game and collaborated alongside best in the business."

Track list..

LSB - Leave - Soul:r
Vicious Circle & Fierce - Spectre - ???
Calibre - Cold Halo - Revolve:r
Ivy Lab - Baby Grey - Critical
Break, dBridge, Fierce, Nico - Galleon - Quarantine
Anile - Depths - Soul:r
DJ Krust - Tribute - Talkin' Loud
>Code 3 - Living Proof - Exit Records
Special Forces - Sidewinder - Photek Productions
Chroma - Sovereign - ProgRAM
Halogenix - Too Good - Critical
Mefjus & Inside Into - Repentance - Critical
Vicious Circle & Fierce - Euphoric - Quarantine
Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Runaway feat FOX - ???
Teddy Killaz - Scumbag RMX - ???
Teddy Killaz - Z - ???
Blocks & Escher - Moods - Metalheadz
Ulterior Motive - Gods Neighbours - Metalheadz

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lixx - Live @ Beyond (22.02.2014)

Lixx - Live @ Beyond (22.02.2014) by Lixx


01. They Live - 7998 (Exit, 2011)
02. Oak - Bedroom Community (Space Cadets, 2011)
03. June Miller - Cave In (Eternia, 2011)
04. Maurus - Symbol (CX Digital, 2013)
05. Overlook - Digital (ThirtyOne, 2013)
06. Minor Rain - Biomechanics (Translation, 2013)
07. Diagram & Getz - Pyrexia (Interactive, 2012)
08. Quentin Hiatus - Lost One (Section 8 Bass, 2012)
09. Amit - Tokyo (Commercial Suicide, 2011)
10. dBridge & Instra:Mental - Detroid (Autonomic, 2010)
11. Ruffhouse - Strangers (Ingredients, 2013)
12. Dub Phizix - Yukon (Exit, 2013)
13. Loxy & Skeptical - Engage (Renegade Hardware, 2011)
14. ASC & Ulrich Schnauss - Theta (Auxiliary, 2012)

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Auxcast Promo Mix [May 2014]

ASC and Sam KDC have put together a promo mix of sorts for Auxcast Volume Two. You can grab it for free HERE.

Meanwhile, Auxcast Volume Two is out now on CD and digital. Auxcast is the monthly Auxiliary podcast that has been running for the past few years now. After the initial series ended, the label set about compiling a CD that featured some of the best unreleased tracks from the podcasts. Volume Two does exactly the same, choosing some gems from Phase Two of the Auxcasts. Auxiliary's core artists are all in fine form and faves from ASC, Sam KDC, Method One and Synth Sense all feature. There's new bits from New Zealand's deepest, RQ as well as an exclusive from antipodean dub wizard, Nether. Adam Elemental also makes a return to the series, as he introduces his other guise, Clear Skies for this outing. Finishing off the guest appearances is Central Industrial, with more cyberpunk inspired sci-fi soundscapes. Another essential outing from the label that redefined deep.

Get your copy HERE via SURUS, now.

Trap Magazine Mixtape #009 - DJ DIE

Trap Magazine Mixtape #009 - DJ DIE by Trap Mag

DJ Die. Dance music doesn't have many bigger legends - and mixes don't come much bigger than this. From hardcore rave to jungle to drum & bass to the multi-genre badness of his Gutterfunk movement, Die has done it all over the last 20 years. Download now for 60 minutes of world exclusives and impeccable bass-ridden vibes.

mR_BLACk - Corners Of The Mind (Minimal 170)

mR_BLACk - Corners Of The Mind (Minimal 170) by mR_BLACk

The usual amounts of deepness, not to be missed.

Track list:

Lost FX - Stop Motion
Hatti Vatti - 72 Dub
Kid Drama - In Mind
Sam KDC - Washed Out
Synkro - Nights Of Pleasure
ASC & Sam KDC - Cold Spot
Subject - Cazador
Broken Promise - Late Bloom
Reza & Gremlinz - Bloom
Keosz - Last Illness
Hatti Vatti & Synkro - Tokyo
Synkro & Manos - Lost Here
Dominic Ridgway - You'll Never Be Mine
Venture - Touch the Sky
RQ - Sorrow Of The Hunter

Friday, May 09, 2014

Calibre In The Mix - British Council Show 666 (May 2014)

Show 666 - Calibre In The Mix by British Council

Calibre is Dominick Martin, a drum and bass producer originally from Belfast who's been producing tracks since 1995. His first release was for the now defunct label Quadraphonic, owned by none other than U2! Over the course of his career he's released 10 abums, more full length releases than any other drum and bass artist. His most recently album Shelflife 3 came out in March on his own label Signature Recordings, so the British Council thought they'd get him In The Mix.

Track list:

Calibre – Erode (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Rooftops (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Love Worn Soul (Signature Recordings)
Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Bluesday PM (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - To And Fro (Signature Recordings)
Calibre - Hold The Light (Signature Recordings)
David Boomah - Typical Description (Calibre Remix) (BC Recordings)
Calibre - Sick Of It All (Signature Recordings)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

DRS & Marcus Intalex - Mid Mic Crisis Mix For FABRICLIVE

As a prelude to the upcoming Soul:ution Room Two takeover on Friday May 16 2014 at Fabric, label boss Marcus Intalex and one of Manchester’s most reliable renegade emcees, DRS, have bumped consciousness and put together this, their ‘Mid Mic Crisis’ mix. Regular sparring partners in clubs the world over, DRS’ trademark measured Mancuian flow rides perfectly atop on Intalex’s soulful selection with his baritone delivery sitting sweetly and filling out the dynamic range of the rolling selections which reportedly feature, in some form, material from DRS’ forthcoming second album, Mid Mic Crisis.

Basically it’s a glorious and specifically tailored 62 minute mixtape showcase of DRS’ potency as a host, an emcee and a vocalist. But it comes mixed by Intalex which more than hints at the level of quality it contains... two of Manchester's finest in sterling form.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

DJ Madd - Roots & Future Podcast 03

Track list:

Johnny Osbourne - Mr Marshall
onlyjoe - Revolution
onlyjoe - Revolution (RSD remix)
DJ Madd - Unfaithful version
Congo Natty feat. Nanci & Phoebe - Notorious (DJ Madd remix)
Numa Crew - Knowledge
WhoDemSound - Lazy Dub
Sound Kontrol - Salute The Rockers
DJ Madd - Dub Battle
Amit - Daaku
Dr. Blue & The Time Travellers - Doctor Who Dub (Skreamix)
Ben & Lex feat. Earl 16 - Skink (Gorgon Sound remix)
DJ Madd - Good Old Dubs
Johnny Osbourne - Fally Ranking (VIVEK remix)
Rusko - Action Dread
Compa - Murda Dub
DJ Madd - Lone Soldier Dub
+Tour De Force - Battle Cry

Friday, May 02, 2014

SUNANDBASS Podcast #24 - Nu:Tone

Nu:Tone steps into the fray for SUNANDBASS Podcast #24.

The Drum and Bass landscape would be quite a different place without Dan Gresham. After a number of 12’s and the defining ‘Future Sound of Cambridge’ EP on Hospital in 2004, Dan has since graced our ears with 3 Nu:Tone albums and also a Nu:Logic album with his brother and sparring partner, Logistics.

Just the shear wealth of music cannot be ignored, but the quality control that he has managed to maintain throughout is beyond impressive. He is certainly an artist that Drum and Bass needs to be thankful for, bringing musicality, soul and depth, yet also a distinct ear and knowledge for what the dancefloor requires.

His DJing is no exception to this, and his SUNANDBASS podcast shows it in spades. Touching all bases, musical, halftime, deep, dancefloor – this podcast has something for everyone, so dive right in.

Track list:

Stray – Award Tour
Roy Green & Protone – Folded
Hidden Turn – Big Dirty
Fre4knc – The Source
Alix Perez – Gully Halves
Calibre – Rooftops
MC Fats – Squarewave (dBridge Remix)
Lenzman & FD – Joanie’s Theme
Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
Technicolour – Centrifuge
Nu:Tone – Set Me Free
Alix Perez – Crystals
Sam Binga – Freezy
S.P.Y. - Rise Again (ft. Suku of Ward 21)
J. Robinson ft. Sun of Selah – Lion Music
Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn – Make it Worth
Roy Green & Protone – Speak the Truth
Fracture – Gripping Grain
Calibre – Archive
Cambridge 4 – Touchdown
Nu:Tone – Broken (ft. Kyan)
Nu:Logic – Relentless
Villem – Poly
Jagged Edge – Rock Baby

Thursday, May 01, 2014


Luke Vibert has been releasing music since the early ’90s, drawing from the approach and aesthetics of UK hardcore, hip-hop and acid house, and charting a course across several pseudonyms – including Wagon Christ and Plug, two of Vibert’s most celebrated projects that are still trucking today (both released records - Toomorrow and Back On Time, respectively – as recently as 2011).

Vibert has long been a slave to acid house, even championing the We Love Acid clubnight featured in FACT last week (named after a 2003 single of Vibert’s, ‘I Love Acid’), and Ridmik is described as a “very personal project”, with the TB-303 “providing a common thread throughout the eleven tracks”.

Vibert’s FACT mix isn’t quite acid all the way, but it does draw from oddball electro, classic hip-hop and, yes, 303 funk – the sort of things that Vibert fans are sure to love.

Hypercolour will release Ridmik on April 7 2014.

Track list:

01. Fee Fi Fo Fum – L E O
02. Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk
03. Ventolin [Marazanvose Mix] – Aphex Twin
04. The Dance Electric – Andre Cymone & Prince
05. The Sound Of Music – Dayton
06. Spin Time – Trouble Funk
07. Cruel – The Men
08. Seargent Disco – Pierre Dutour
09. Berrios Beats – Carlos Berrios
10. On Our Way To ? – Blancmange
11. Security – The Beat Club
12. Git Loose – Devastator
13. Movement – S.L. Troopers
14. I Am Electro – DHS
15. The Big Showdown – Ghosties
16. Cold House – Blapps Posse
17. Zoooommm – Jeuce
18. Pre-Dawn Chaos – Flag

Ant TC1 presents Dispatch Recordings on Ministry of Sound Radio with Nymfo [15.4.2014]

Track list:

Ant TC1
D-Livin - Why - D-Livin
Halogenix - Suicide Steel - Unreleased
Gerra & Stone - Lockdown - Dispatch Recordings

Ant TC1 in the mix
Dabs - Objection VIP - Dispatch Recordings
DBR UK - Paranoia - Dispatch LTD
Friske - Down - Metalheadz
Break - Evil Twin - Symmetry
Blocks & Escher - Moods - Metalheadz
DBR UK & Structured - Scan - Dispatch Recordings
Zero T & Script - Guessing Games (Bailey rmx) - Dispatch Recordings
Dillinja - So Damn Tuff - Test Recordings
Beta 2 & Zero T - Whats Wrong - Methalheadz LTD

Nymfo Guest mix
Chromatic ft P Fine - Plummet - Dutty Audio
Sunchase - 420 - Metalheadz
DLR, Nymfo Need For Mirrors & HLZ - Totem - Dispatch
Calibre ft DRS - Fear Of Letting Go - Signature
Adeh - Hallucination - Subculture
Nymfo - Tower of David - Dispatch Recordings
SCAR - Fair Game - Horizons
Lenzman & FD - Joanie's Theme - Metalheadz
Fourward - Countdown - Shogun Audio
Teddy Killerz - Mock - Dutty Audio
Chris.SU & Mindscape - Swampster (Nymfo Remix) - Commercial Suicide
Nymfo - Coming Through - Dispatch Recordings
Klute - My Black & White ft. Klose (Calibre remix) - Commercial Suicide
Nymfo - Worms - Dutty Audio
SCAR - Dodgy Dalek - Dispatch
State of Mind & Nymfo - Put It On - BlackOut
BTK & Nymfo - Drink Until This Night Makes Sense
Knarsetand - My Escape (Nymfo Remix)

Ant TC1
Beta 2 - Time Traveller (ft. Steo) - Metalheadz LTD
DLR & Mako - Seek Knowledge (ft. Rider Shafique) - Metalheadz


The brainchild of childhood friends Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead, Slowdive emerged as the ’80s became the ’90s, and by 1991 had been firmly lumped in with the shoegaze scene of the era – or, as it was coined in Melody Maker, “the scene that celebrates itself”. Come 1992, the shoegaze backlash was in full effect, with Manic Street Preachers’ Richey Edwards famously declaring “we will always hate Slowdive more than we hate Adolf Hitler”.

In 1995, Slowdive were dropped by Creation following the release of the third album Pygmalion.

Time, however, is a hell of a healer, and the year since Slowdive’s break-up have seen them rightfully reevaluated: a shy counterpoint to My Bloody Valentine’s distorted bombast, and a treasure of early ’90s British pop. This year, the group followed many of their peers by reuniting – announcing a set of live shows, including an appearance at Barcelona festival Primavera Sound and telling FACT that ”we are all super thrilled to be back together again after 20 years and can’t wait to get started!”

Slowdive’s FACT mix, we’re told, “followed a discussion we all had at a rehearsal in February about what artists and tracks have influenced us as a band and also what tracks would sound great included in a new Slowdive mix.”

“Maybe some of the more well known choices, such as The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Byrds and Brian Eno for example, are pretty obvious to listeners but they are also great songs by some of our favourite artists that had a profound influence on us all as aspiring musicians. We still think all these songs sound amazing and important to Slowdive as a band.”

“The Cure, Can, The Stooges, This Mortal Coil (and The Cocteau Twins) and My Bloody Valentine we all grew up respecting and still admire. It’s hard to ignore how some of these bands have helped shape our sound. Spiritualzed (and Spacemen 3), Swans, Dinosaur Jnr and Bark Pychosis we also have been fascinated with since they began sonically expanding our minds when we were still teenagers. Syd Barrett, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, who are all sadly no longer with us, offer an acoustic tinge to the mix. The simple melodies, majestic melancholy and emotional aspects of these songs we never tire of.”

Download Slowdive’s session for FACT, and read John Twells’ Beginner’s Guide to Slowdive here.

Track list:

1. Sonic Youth – Silver Rocket
2. Can – Mother Sky
3. The Byrds – 8 Miles high
4. My Bloody Valentine – Clair
5. Dinosaur Jnr – Let It Ride
6. AR Kane – Haunting
7. This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
8. Bert Jansch – Come Sing Me a Happy Song to Prove We Can All Get Along the Lumpy Bumpy Long and Dusty Road
9. Swans – Saved
10. Brian Eno – The Big Ship
11. The Cocteau Twin – Pink Orange Red
12. Phillip Glass – Floe
13. Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube
14. Taylor Deupree – Img_0083
15. Kitchens Of Distinction – The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule
16. Nick Drake – Riverman
17. Bark Psychosis – Nothing Feels
18. The Smiths – How Soon Is Now
19. The Stooges – Search And Destroy
20. The Cure – Cold
21. Spiritualised – Run
22. Syd Barrett – Terrapin