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Episode 47: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [August 2012]

Track list:

01. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Soul:R]
02. Minor Rain - In My Place [Rotation Deep]
03. Indigo - Symbol #7.1 [Auxiliary Symbol]
04. Zul + Diphasic - Distractions [unreleased]
05. HijaQ - We Need To Do One Thing Before We Fade [Something Deep]
06. ASC - Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal]
07. Silence Groove - Carried By The Clouds [Offworld]
08. Cursa - Ivory [Buried Audio]
09. Ivax - White Lilies, Your Eyes (Bulb 2012 Edit) [FREE]
10. Get People - Something Better (dBridge Remix) [FREE]
11. Blu Mar Ten featuring Stray - Blind Soul (BCee Remix) [Blu Mar Ten]
12. Tomahawk - Until Dawn [Hospital]
13. Nu:Tone - Breathless [Hospital]
14. Heavy1 - The Light Upon My Road (instrumental) [Rubik]
15. SpectraSoul - Away With Me (Calibre Remix) [Shogun Audio]
16. Quantax + Shookz - The Warning [Flexout Audio]
17. Mode - The Abyss (Sam KDC's Acid Dub Re-Think) [The Crescent]
18. Diphasic - Night On The Sun [Danger Chamber]
19. Need For Mirrors - Fabric [Zoltar]
20. Doc Scott - Swarm [Metalheadz]
21. Bulb - Buried Future [Silk]
22. Akkord - Nexus [Akkord]
23. Kiyoko - Rainfall [Auxiliary]

Recorded: 20 Aug 2012
Time: 56:47

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Chapter 1

Click here if you use iTunes (includes enhanced chapters with artwork and links for each track) Click here if you use other podcasting software Click here to get it from SoundCloud

Track list:
Stray - Follow You Around
Future Sound of London - The Empty Land
Chymera - Umbrella
Fink - See It All
Planet Boelex - Suunta
KGB Lawyer - Don't Run Away
Cliff Martinez - Mitrial Valve Prolapse
School of Seven Bells - Reappear
The Cure - Like Cockatoos
Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train
Tournesol - Holy Cow
Marc Moulin - Humpty Dumpty
Kings of Convenience - Gold in the Air of Summer
Photek - Rings Around Saturn
John Coltrane - Like Someone in Love
Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun
Imogen Heap - Just for Now
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric

Visit and for more info.

Ingredients Records

Former chef and now owner of Ingredients Records out of the UK, Clive Psylence is also the director and artist agent at Evolution Artists, responsible for booking tours of top-flight drum & bass DJs like veteran junglists Total Science to young upstart Villem.

While Clive may claim his cooking is miles better than his jokes, the 37-year-old's tastes in music cannot be faulted. Since forming Ingredients in 2009, the label has made a name for itself for its consistent quality, releasing music from brand new artists Skeptical, Jubei, Koto and Sato, amongst others.

On Sept 17 2012, the label will release the Mise En Place EP (pronounced [miz on plas], French for "putting in place") made up of a remix by dBridge, a remix of Foreign Concept by Villem and two originals by Mark Recoil & Kinetic and Stealth & Stylus.

Ahead of that release, Clive took time out of his busy schedule to answer some pressing questions. He also tells us of his dream - to produce the first drum & bass themed cook book. Read on...

Ingredients Records had its first release in 2009 and has since made a name for quality drum & bass. What drove you to start the label in the first place?

I had been into this scene since around 1991 & tried a few avenues to work within it including DJ'ing & production but it clicked one day that i felt my strengths lay in A & R so I decided to start Ingredients.

It's worked out well and I think it's been a combination of good music and a refreshing approach to running a label. I was willing to put out music by anyone who i felt was writing good music, wasn't deterred by lack of profile & also Itreated the producers with respect. I educated them on the whole process including taking them to mastering at Metropolis. I think my reputation was good & I got an abundance of people wanting to be on the label.

Indeed, Ingredients has become a platform for breaking some of the best new producers around right now - Dub Phizix, Jubei and Mode being a few names to first gain notice via your label. Why take that risk and how do you manage to keep the quality so high?

Well it has worked out to be the case, and is something i really value. I can't take all the credit but I've certainly played my part in the progression of a load of new producers & the reason I do it is genuine. I felt the genre needed more labels taking risks, it was very hard for new guys to break in and some of them are really talented, so i wanted to put energy into that side of it all & try to make people realise just how much good drum & bass was getting over looked.

Uncovering raw talent is definitely a commitment. Do you spend a lot of time listening to demos? What's the process behind deciding on a release?

Yeah I'd say that's been the key part really, actually listening to it all. But you have to believe in your own decisions and I go through an elimination process until i get from say 100 demos to 10, then it's where i decide if to proceed with any of them or scrap the lot. I won't tell you what I'd look out for as that'd be giving away my secret, but one word i'd use is 'longevity'.

At one point there was a focus on more of the ‘minimal’ half step styles on your label. Did it worry you, being pigeonholed that way?

Yes it did, but drum & bass does go in waves and you couldn't escape the amount of minimal that was being made. I signed one 12" by Mode & it opened the flood gates! But my interpretation of minimal may be different to others, i wouldn't say Skeptical & Dub Phizix is minimal for example. I also signed tracks by Dub One & dRamatic & dbAudio to keep away from that bracket and everything i was releasing was selling similar units so I felt the fan base was just believing in the label.

These days Ingredients is often cited as one of the best new labels at the moment. Looking back, what do think is the secret behind your label's success?

Is it? I've not really ever felt that, although I'm obviously loving the music I sign & to be honest i don't play much other drum & bass tunes in my sets. As i said earlier, i do look for longevity in the tunes, try not to sound like from a particular era but i think involving people from the artists to the consumers has played a big part in it's momentum.

That said, I'd never felt any pressure because i was just getting sent so many good tunes. But it did eventually come when i released Skeptical's 'Blue Eyes EP' That record is so amazing, it made me realise i needed to follow that. But i stick to the same principles of releasing music I think is good and not looking at who is doing well in the sales charts & all that carry on.

Your upcoming release certainly seems like an ambitious project...

Yeah well I was originally going to do a 2nd Recipe Book album, but i looked at how many d&b albums were coming in the next 3-6 months I just thought the concept of the album was getting a bit rinsed out! So we decided to pick out 8 of the best tunes i had & release over 2 EPs. I'm really excited about both of them especially the Kinetic & Mark Recoil tune, that's Ingredients down to a tee.

What else have you got lined up for Ingredients for the rest of 2012? Any full length projects in the pipeline?

Up after the EP is the 1st Ruffhouse 12" - The Foot / Bypass in October, then it's a 12" from arguably one of the best d&b producers of the last 10 years Marcus Intalex in November. That will be followed by another Ruffhouse 12' (new outfit signed exclusively to Ingredients) in December & 'Mise en place pt2' around January.

Now to the million dollar question, one of the most distinguishing features of each Ingredients release is the recipe card. It is a well known fact you were a chef previously but what made you decide to include receipes in your releases in the first place?

Yeah that idea came from a chat with Breakage. I told him the label name and he suggested putting a recipe on the sleeve, which was too expensive so the idea was adapted! But the point of it really was to get people to notice the label. So many of them around, the music is fairly deep compared to many so what could make it stand out, because the music was good, so the recipes did the trick. Sadly i stopped them from RECIPE022 due to cost and the fact it was so hard getting the producers to do them!

Mind you, Jubei's lamb shanks were really good! But I don't want to upset anyone haha. But some day, I i will do a recipe book one day including all the d&b artists that contributed, will be great to look back on, especially for those doing really well now too.

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Homebass Communications - August 2012 Podcast

Fade - Vocal Drum and Bass Selection 2012

Track list:
Drs - Soul Remembers (feat Dub Phizix & Fox)
Anile feat Codebreaker - Start Again
Mondeya - From Hell (Konichi remix)
Xtrax feat Codebreaker - Set The Levels
Fade feat 2SHY - Leader of The Consequence DBR UK feat MC Fokus - Above The Slums
Jubei feat Flowdan - Say Nothing
DRS - Bun Ya (feat Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimpo, Konny Kon & T Man)
Alix Perez feat Foreign Beggars - The Cut Deepens
Basher feat Xtrah & Tactical Thinking - Scripture
Audio feat Stapleton - Fall Back
Fathom - Clear The Mist
Lynx and Hellrazor feat Kemo - How You Move Me
Drs feat Lenzman , Jehst & Ria - Holding On
Spectrasoul feat dBridge - Glimpse
Icicle feat DRS - Bitter Taste
Break feat SP:MC - Between The Lines
Ulterior Motive feat Codebreaker - It's ON
Jade feat Ryme Tyme - Smashface
Prolix feat MC Coppa - On Like That


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This week on Kongkast, we partnered up with one of the top party promoters based in Cologne, Germany for this special Show Case mix - BASSLIEBE CREW. This mix is in fact Six mini mixes Showcasing all SIX of the BASSLIEBE crew DJs, includes loads of their own productions as well as some classics in the mix.

More details via

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Octane & DLR

Since 2010, Octane & DLR (otherwise known as Chris & Jay) have been blinding the drum & bass massive worldwide with a selection of dance floor destroyers released on top notch labels like Renegade Hardware, Run DNB, Audio Tactics and of course initially and most regularly on Dispatch Recordings.

For the last 12 months however, this intrepid duo have been slaving away in their studio, compiling their debut album Method in the Madness (out on Sept 10 2012 via Dispatch Recordings) which is now complete and ready to be unleashed.

Even though the duo are busy putting the finishing touches on the long awaited debut, the self proclaimed "boy band" from Leeds take time out to answer some questions in this exclusive interview, as they tell us about an album that was conceived through "finding sounds, recording and arguing". Read On.

1) Let's start at the very beginning, for those unaware of all things Octane & DLR, can you introduce yourselves please?

Hello, we're Chris (Octane) and J (DLR). We make up the boy band Octane & DLR!

2) How long have you been working on this project?

We both worked solo for years before hooking up. We had our first release in 2010 as Octane & DLR and we haven't looked back - actually, that's a lie. We regularly look back and think, 'why on earth!?' haha!

3) What are some of the inspirations behind this album?

This is a question that seems unanswerable to us. We've never listened to a piece of music and thought, 'I want to sound like that'. It's not something intentional, we've both just had that view on music, even before we met. I guess all we can say is that every piece of music we've ever listened to has influenced us in some way.. The album, specifically, was influenced only by a need for us to explore what we love about all music.

4) This being your debut album - was there anything you were keen to do or avoid, music wise?

We were keen to show all of our colours but also avoid alienating people and each other.. Both of us can have differing opinions on 'What's right'. I think we had around 32 or 33 tracks that were all potentially great in their own way and it took a lot of debate (arguing, pulling hair, adding laxatives to coffee etc.) for us to agree on a lot of the material. Having Ant TC1 as a mediator really helped out and kept us focused on the bigger picture.

5) Collaborations (with Schematic, Break, Gusto to name but a few) are aplenty on this debut. What's the process of approaching producers for a beat?

Being in the industry and meeting a lot of people naturally leads to collaboration I think. Sometimes just as a pastime after a gig we might write a beat with a producer that lives nearby. Most hook ups either don't get finished or even if they do, they're in the bag to DJ with and not planned for release. . The collabs on this album are with great friends of ours and they're all hugely talented in their own right. There wasn't really an approaching process for what we wanted to do, we had music we'd written or part written with other artists and these are just the tracks that made it to the final track list because we were really proud of them.

6) Were anyone else you wanted to collaborate but were unavailable? Any dream collaborators for Octane & DLR out there?

Not really, I think there's a few select artists who we feel we have built a great working relationship with that we'll continue to work with but we are locking down more towards solo projects (as Octane & DLR) again.

7) Were there any specific sounds or beats that inspired you while making this album?

We did a lot of live recording in the album. Some of the musicians and vocalists we've worked with really helped make ideas come to life. We've both got a very technical edge to our writing and when you have a musician with a completely different mindset in the studio, new, fresh sounds really build the vibe. Very similar to a good collaboration track!

8) So, what we some of the maddest moment when it came to putting this album together?

Finding sounds, recording, arguing. The whole process was unplanned. The album is like an illegitimate child!

9) 17 tracks is quite a lot for an album. How many tracks did you record for the project? Tell us more about the recording process.

We started with a lot more. I remember looking in our project folder for new ideas for new tracks and realised there were so many good, unfinished things that we should go in and try to make use of what's there. It turned out we had enough material to probably turn into an album. Some of the tracks had been there for upto a year with loads of work already put in, some just little sketches. In any case pretty much everything got rewritten and most of it ended up not making the final album but that's how the project got started. We drafted in musician friends so we could record drums, sax, vocals, guitars and a load of obscure things and the project slowly built itself.

10) What about your favourite moments from the album or recording - could you clue us in on that as well?

There was no better feeling than that of relief when the masters went off! By the end of the project we'd worked so hard on it for so long we just wanted to find the endpoint. Plus the amount of time we spent writing the album, we had very little income. It has been a really tough journey. So tough that DLR moved to London!!

11) What's next for Octane & DLR - more gigging, albums or locking yourself in a room, glad the debut album horror is over?

We've had a little rest from writing so intensely although we've got a few remixes on the go. The next step for us is releasing the album and building our performance as DJs to a more unique show. We've got gigs and festivals and possible tour plans coming up and a few special singles to come before the end of the year so things are still quite busy. Too busy to even think about a second album just yet!

Rotation Podcast - 22/08/12 - DJ PMX (Liquid Sessions)

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Daat - Orange Line [Official Music Video]

A pretty girl, trains, urban backdrops, and East London... All the essential ingredients for a drum & bass music video...

Daat - "Orange Line"/ Daat - "Orange Line (Deep Blue Remix)" is available now, get it HERE.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Fathom Audio are Billion, Sense MC, Codebreaker MC and Fybe. Collectively have seen their tunes released on Dispatch, Alignment and Dutty Audio. Now they're about to release two epic tracks on upcoming label Diffrent Music. Designed for those who like their beats deep and their bass heavy, this one will be available at all good stores on Sept 3. Not to be missed.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ivax - White Lilies, Your Eyes, (Bulb 2012 RE EDIT)

To celebrate the release of Bulb's latest EP Buried Future (out now), Silk Recordings has given away something truly special. Download and prepared to be blissed out.

Robyn Chaos - Barcode Filthcast 037

dBridge - 5 hour set [Fabriclive from 3rd August 2012]

Via Everyday Junglist: In the ever crowded digital world of infinite musical choice that we live in it is almost unheard of to hear such a long set outisde of the realms of German techno clubs. Drum and bass particularly has for a long time been guilty of not allowing DJ's time and space to express their artform, instead chosing to cram as many names onto line ups in the vain hope of attracting bigger crowds and more hype.

Thankfully there are some lonely bastions out there flying the flag in the face of adversity and a couple of weeks ago, standard bearer of the scene dBridge took the bull by the horns in Fabric's third room for a five, yes five hour set! When you consider the quality of his DJ sets that range from groundbreaking mid 90's dnb through to the wonkiest of contemporary electronica and everything in between, this was surely not one to be missed.

Duely understood by somebody, the set was streamed live online and some brave soul made the effort to record the whole thing!

Download here

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Blu Mar Ten - Love is the Devil Remixes

The third and final installment of the Love is the Devil Remixes is out today, featuring reworkings from Spearhead Records boss BCee and Ukrainian boy wonder Sunchase. Accentuating the original’s choral and melodic components, Bcee blends a brand new vocal line into shimmering synths and melancholy keys, underpinning it all with his trademark ultra-warm bass work and loping breaks sprinkled with vinyl crackle. Meanwhile, Sunchase takes Damage in a significantly darker and direction, piling growling bass on top of growling bass before lashing out the breaks. Whispering voices haunt the breakdown before giving way to dark metal stabs and a frenetic drop to die for.Excellent reworkings both of them, this is one for the collection. Go seek.

Buy on vinyl with free mp3 from the Blu Mar Ten store.

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Kiyoko - Finest Ego | Monthly Mix #017

Via Finest Ego: It has taken us a little while to find an adequate new “Monthly Mix” for you but now we can announce this great mix by “Kiyoko” – a new project consisting of Synkro and Bering Strait (Auxiliary / Apollo Records), showcasing some of their very own productions as well as many other great tunes for your enjoyment. The amazing album Sea of Trees can be purchased here.

Track list:

01. Arovane – Eleventh! [City Centre Offices]
02. Yasume – The Prevailing Wind [City Centre Offices]
03. Bering Strait – Surya [Forthcoming Apollo]
04. Actress – I Can’t Forgive You [Werk Discs]
05. Papercutz – Where Beasts Die (Kiyoko Remix) [Dub]
06. Gold Panda – Lonely Owl [Varicount Records]
07. Ulrich Schnauss – …Passing By [City Centre Offices]
08. Manuel – Frequently [Morr Music]
09. Squarepusher – Iambic 9 Poetry [Warp Records]
10. Aphex Twin – Z Twig [Warp Records]
11. CiM – Friends I’ve Made [Delsin]
12. Christien Klein – Handsome Used [City Centre Offices]
13. John Beltran – That Day In Monterey [Exceptional]
14. Xela – Last Breath [Type]
15. Kiyoko – Untitled [Dub]
16. Synkro – 2b [Dub]
17. Bering Strait – Over The Hills & Into The Light [Dub]
18. Boards Of Canada – Olson (Midland Edit) [Dub]
19. Bering Strait – Journey To Truth [Dub]
20. Kiyoko – Untitled [Dub]

Stev'Oh - Journey Into The Depths Of Space

Track list:

Fafa Monteco - They walked on the moon [Hypnotic Music]
Isotroph - After the moon [F4TMusic]
Arkhaios - Between now and forever [Dewtone Recordings]
RQ - Hounds "Mindspan Remix" [Auxiliary]
Bija - Ritual [FREE]
Aes Dana - Currents [Ultimae Records]
Birds of Passage - Bullrush in the sun [Future Sequence]
Hans Zimmer - Time [Inception soundtrack]
ASC - A song for hope [Samurai Music]
Kid Smpl - Escape pod [Hush Hush Records]
ASC - Spheres [Samurai Music]
Textural Being - Alteq [Energostatic Records]
Kid Smpl - Relief [Hush Hush Records]
Dan Habarnam - Record [Exit records]
Quantum World - The sanctuary [FREE]
Sangam - Imminent [Night Tracks]
Atsuko & Sangam - Drown out [Prospekt]


MJAZZ MPOD 28 - Justice & Metro's Summer Soundclash

Grab a deck chair and have yourself a 99....... Justice and Metro bring a summer soundclash loosely based around alternative d and b, jazzy sounds, excursions, sun cream, knotted hankies, parasols and beach volleyball....... Soak it up........

Track list:

To Forgive But Not Forget - Outside - Dorado
Cosmic Interlude - LTJ Bukem - Good Looking
Watching Windows - Roni Size Meets Nu Yorican Soul - Talkin Loud
Manapiare - Raiden - Voodoo
Silver Dawn - Artemis - Good Looking
Peverted Undertone - Prefuse 73 - Warp
Do What You Gotta Do - Pablo - Good Looking
Blowfish - Machine - Creative Wax
Brazilika - Dj Venom - Talkin Loud
Jazzy Fluids - Drexciya - Tresor
California Soul - Som Tres - Odeon Fonografica
Feverish - Justice - Basement
Re-Arrange (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix) - Krust - Talkin Loud

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bad Education - Resilient / Urchin / All Night Long (Northern Lights VIP)

Audio Warfare are proud to present Bad Education’s first full release ‘Resilient’/’Urchin’ teamed with the frankly excellent ‘All Night Long’ (Northern Lights VIP).

The hypnotically encapsulating rhythms of ‘Resilient’ showcase a different sound to that previously championed by the Leeds-based imprint, but fused with a half-time blend of tribal yet futuristic soundscapes, proves to be a winning combination; guaranteed to draw you in and get you hooked on first play.

The single will be out on Aug 20, 2012 at the usual outlets. Go seek.

Horizons / Fractured Foundation Podcast 003

Welcome to the Fractured Foundation Podcast 003. This is the third in a series of weekly podcasts leading up to Fractured Foundation at Brixton JAMM 10pm-6am on 10th August 2012 - in Association with Horizons Music (Official Dream Thief 3 Album Launch Party).

DIMENSION - Digital World / Detroit

Cyantific Music is putting out its first single from a new artist called Dimension, out Aug 9 2012 at the usual digital outlets. One of the best things we've in a while, this is proper dance floor vibes... not to mention that it is just the kind of anthems you’d expect from Cyantific’s label. Read an interview with Dimension with Knowledge Mag HERE. Go seek.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bongo - Flaut (Original Mix)

via Bongo: "Flaut was meant to be released on my EP for Sweat it out, but as the EP progressed I noticed it didn't fit with the other tracks. Would be a shame to throw it away, so it's available as free download."

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Episode 46: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [July 2012]

Episode 46 of the Subvert Sessions podcast is now online, taking in sounds going from the rough to the smooth. Download via iTunes HERE.

Track list:

01. Zul + Diphasic - Distractions [unreleased]
02. Zul - Souvlaki [Take Off]
03. Sam KDC- A Prelude To Winter (James' Song) [FREE]
04. Nether - Oracle [Space Cadets]
05. Sam KDC - Foundation [Auxiliary]
06. ASC - No Love Lost [Samurai Red Seal]
07. Zul + Diphasic - Blush [unreleased]
08. Zul - Clarity [unreleased]
09. ASC - Prometheus [Samurai Red Seal]
10. ASC - Blurred Pictures [Samurai Red Seal]
11. Nuage - I Have Never Seen Mountains [Interactive]
12. Calibre - Temple Step [Signature]
13. Nether - Moon Dub [Space Cadets]
14. InVision - Aspirin [dub]
15. ASC + Synkro - Borderline [Auxiliary]
16. Zul - Explore [unreleased]
17. Abstract Elements - Apocalypse [Auxiliary]
18. ASC - Nebula [Auxiliary]
19. Method One - Memorial [Auxiliary]
20. DJ Die + DJ Suv - War And Peace [V Recordings]
21. Roni Size Reprazent - Trust Me (2008 Re-edit) [Mercury]
22. DJ Marky + XRS - Striptease [Innerground]
23. Seba - Nightrider (Technicolour and Komatic Remix) [Nu Directions]
24. Flame + Kest - Through The Thorns To The Stars [Lush]
25. Need For Mirrors - Ebonics [Zoltar]
26. Instra:Mental - End Credits [NonPlus]
27. Joe Syntax - Mogadishu [Med School]
28. Blu Mar Ten - The Beginning (Joe Syntax Remix) [BMT]
29. Fields - Elemental [Utopia Music]
30. Blu Mar Ten - Blue Skies (Unquote Remix) [BMT]
31. Consequence - Chamber Music [Tempa]

Recorded: 9 Jul 2012