Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paleman - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Track list:

Sweatshop Boys - Wide World (Mosca Deep Dub)
Goldffinch - Black Pyramid
Mak and Pasteman - Dither
Trikk - Naked
Pris - Pencil Pusher
Sly One- Warm Red
Dusky - Truth Capital T
Legwerk - Life is Shower (Dubspeeka Remix)
Paleman - Handy Clue
Mala - Noche Suenos (Zed Bias Remix)
Klose One and Trigga

"The Return" LP - Bios - June 2013

Back from it's hiatus, Bios Recordings are pleased to present "The Return". Label boss Amaning has carefully selected DJ Friendly cuts featuring productions from a host of artists - like hot newcomers like Stereotype, Raw Q, or Survey to certifiable prime movers like Random Movement to Furney & Locksmith. Available on CD, Digi Pack & 3 Track 12" Single in June 2013, "The Return" will take you on a winding 13 track road through the whole spectrum of drum and bass. With so much good music on offer in this tiny package, listeners might find themselves shedding a tear in relief. Absolutely gorgeous.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quadrant & Iris - Sparse VIP (AVANT03B)

The Italian drum and bass label Avantgarde, founded by Dabs and Grotesque, returns to the world of drum and bass in June 2013 with a brand new release.

Label boss Dabs steps up with a remix of Eastcolour's track "I Don't Know Why" bringing a soulful cocktail of the two's trademark styles. On the flip Quadrant and Iris prsents a deeper VIP of their track Sparse. DJ support for the tune is already heavy, with plays from the likes of Need For Mirrors, June Miller, Mefjus, Cern, Nymfo, Mortem and Sabre. Don't sleep on this one!

Monday, May 27, 2013


Track list:

1. Calibre - Wilderness (Signature)
2. Altitude - Make Believe (IM:Ltd)
3. Switch - Alright (TEMPO)
4. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Obsolete (C.I.A. Deep Kut)
5. Marakomu & Mono - Redshift (IM:Ltd)
6. Ed:It - Cargo Dub (Rooted)
7. Andy C - Recharge (Ram)
8. Gerwin - Against The Clock (IM:Ltd)
9. Bredren - The Black Lung (Dub)
10. Bayou - Careless (Flexout)
11. Phil Tangent & Pennygiles - Versions (C.I.A. Dub)
12. Payne & NFR - Detected (IM:Ltd)
13. Nayz - Back From The Dead (Dub)
14. Mortem - Reach Out (IM:Ltd)
15. Arpxp & Maurs - Strange Delight (Pennygiles Remix) (IM:Ltd)
16. John B - Up All Night (Metalheadz)
17. Ed Rush & Optical - Watermelon (Virus)
18. Kuantum - Wasteland (IM:Ltd)
19. Kaiju - Hunter Feat. Flowdan (Osiris)
20 Kryptic Minds - Badman V.I.P (Osiris)

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The Offworld show with LM1 20th May 2013

The Offworld show with LM1 20th May 2013 Bassdrive archive (occasional time markers are used as a guide for you)

Track list:

Part Affair - Traveller [SONREC012]
Blok One - Fractures [Monochrome dub]
Tokalosh - Stellar debris [LQT020]
Eschaton - Lunar (Madcap remix) (Sound & Space Vol 2) (Omni music) (12.00)
Mindgear - Tepture (bftp rmx)
Aural imbalance - Room 2 Breathe (Legacy album) (Cadence)(20.00)
Tidal - Transcendental Meditation [Part 1] (Cosmic Origins dub)
Alaska & Robert Manos - Zeal (27.06)
Eschaton - Nadir (LM1 remix) (Omni music dub)
DJ Trax and Enjoy - A Fresh Beginning (New Beginnings EP) (Omni Music)
Eschaton - Imaginary Skies (Nemanoe Remix)(Sound & Space Vol 1) (Omni Music) (38.39)
Eschaton - Imaginary Skies (Voyager Foil Hat Remix) (Sound & Space Vol 2) (Omni music) (45.12)
Atmodisiac - Blue (Rotation deep dub)
Thesis - Crystal visions (out now)
Shrust - Cocoon (Offworld Transmissions vol 3) (56.57)
Thesis - Reawakened [SDRRLS70]
Mage - Nothing To Say [Influenza Media UK]
Dan Guidance - Its What You Make Of It [KINC057] (1:08:00)
Disept-Fake (Mind technologies Vol 3)[Mindtech Recordings]
Bcee - Our time (Spearhead) (1:15:24)
FreeBird_feat Albert Tempel - No place for me (dub)
Furney - brooklyn 1977 (SDRVNYL001)
Actraiser - Away from me (dub)
Seathasky & Silence Groove - Together (dub) (1:28:30)
Msdos - Global amen (Offworld Transmissions vol 3)
Msdos - Abydos (Liquid drops)
Mage - Journey [Celsius CLS049] (1:38:21)
Nelver - White clouds (FKZLTD031)
Brian.Brainstorm -Red.Dust [RTD004] (1:45:29)
InnaSelf - Green Room (Soul deep recordings)
George William Harrold-The Look in Her Eyes (Soul deep recordings)
Humanature - Introspection (Soul deep recordings) (1:49:58)
Pennygiles - Love Comes Running (DOWNTIME002 A)
Tango & Lighterman - All Fall down (dub) (1:56:40)
Antibreak - Firebreather (Offworld dub)

isolatedmix 38 – Bulb – Stereogamia

Bulb’s ‘Into The Deep‘ podcast has been a guiding source for many when searching for new electronic music. Sometimes filed under ’170BPM electronica’ or ‘autonomic sound‘ – a unique blend of ambient, electronica and drum’n bass styles, that the likes of ASC, Synkro and dBridge have been associated with. For his isolatedmix,Bulb putsg together a very personal journey. Slithers of light and melody cut through this deep and emotional mix, making this a sublime mix indeed.

Track list:

01. Accelra – Three Suns [Futuresequence]
02. Nils Frahm – For [Erased Tapes]
03. Jacaszek – Zal [Miasmah]
04. Ulver – Eos [The End]
05. Deaf Center – Hunted Twice [Type]
06. Ferrein – Hover [Farver]
07. Allez Allez – Defeatist (Somfay ‘Doubled Up Foldable Iona Rarity’ Remix) [free]
08. Mark Morgan – Metallic Monks [Fallout OST]
09. Volor Flex – Mistake [dub]
10. Martin Stig Andersen – Gravity Jump [Limbo OST]
11. Talvihorros – Alpha [Hibernate]
12. Keosz – Desire [dub]

Dieselboy - Beyond The Black Bassline

Dieselboy presents the ultimate upgrade to your current bass music listening program. Highly polished, textured and dramatic as fuck - this mix runs it from deep, hot and heavy to uplifting, energetic and euphoric. Designed to be played as LOUD as you can handle it. From the intro to the outro, it's one hell of a ride.


Dieselboy + Sonic Mayhem - The Human Institute (VHS Edition) // PLANET HUMAN
Phace + Misanthrop + Mefjus - Twisted // NEOSIGNAL
Alix Perez - Burn Out Feat Phace + Misanthrop // SHOGUN [CLIP]
TC - Get Down Low // DONT PLAY [CLIP]
Optiv + BTK - No Way Out // VIRUS
DC Breaks - Shaman // RAM
Kasra + Enei - So Real (Mefjus Remix) // CRITICAL
NuLogic - Tripping In Space // HOSPITAL
June Miller - Change Feat Sofie Letitre // RAM [CLIP]
BTK - Be Yourself // HARDWARE
Loadstar - Dr Karg // RAM
Wilkinson - Direction // RAM
Enei - The Moment Feat DRS // CRITICAL
Xtrah - Soundclash // CRITICAL
Enei - Elephants // CRITICAL
Prolix Feat MC Coppa - Interlace // PLAYAZ [CLIP]
Phace + Misanthrop - Motor // NEOSIGNAL
Octane + DLR - Set Up The Set Feat Script // DISPATCH
Mefjus - Signalz // CRITICAL
Ulterior Motive + FD - Drum Circle // SUBTITLES
Caspa Feat Mighty High Coup - On It (TC Remix) // DUB POLICE
Skism - Red Heat (TC Remix) // NEVER SAY DIE
Metrik - Drift // VIPER
Trei + State Of Mind - Breed // SOM
Loadstar - Black And White Feat Benny Blanks // RAM
Dirtyphonics - Prelude (Black) // DIM MAK
Sub Zero - Run N Hide (Konichi Remix) // PLAYAZ
Digital + Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) // PHANTOM AUDIO
Vela - Lose It (Loadstar Remix) // AATW
Document One - Moving Together Feat Maksim + Katarina (TC Remix) // BUYGORE
Rene LaVice - Regrets // RAM
Enei - Machines // CRITICAL
Telekinesis - Always Awake // BLACKOUT MUSIC [CLIP]
Upbeats - Beyond Reality // VISION
Hazard - Time Tripping // PLAYAZ
Xtrah - Going Deeper // SHOGUN LIMITED
Telekinesis - Diablo // BLACKOUT MUSIC [CLIP]
Metrik - Freefall Feat Reija Lee VIP // VIPER
Mat Zo + Porter Robinson - Easy (Andy C Remix) // ANJUNABEATS
Loadstar - Refuse To Love // RAM
Original Sin - You Scream // PLAYAZ
John B - The Journey (Instrumental Mix) // BETA
Mark Instinct - CNTRL // ROTTUN
Future Cut - Whiplash (Verb Remix) // HARDWARE
Loadstar - Warrior // RAM
Bass Brothers - Jamaican Thug // RADIUS
Icicle - Timer // SHOGUN
Caspa - War Feat Keith Flint (Hazard Remix) // DUB POLICE
Usual Suspects - Killa Beez (Inside Info Remix) // HARDWARE
Maldini - Party Time // HOSPITAL
Mark Knight - Nothing Matters Feat Skin (Noisia Remix) // TOOLROOM
Loadstar - Vatican Roulette // RAM
Mikal - Epic // METALHEADZ [CLIP]
Amit - Killer Driller // METALHEADZ
Upbeats - One Step // VISION
Dom - Goliath // DRP
Nouwa - Wild West // OBSESSIONS
BTK - Megahertz // HARDWARE
Original Sin - Therapy VIP // PLAYAZ
Upbeats - Thrasher // VISION [CLIP]
Machine Code - Dischord // SUBSISTENZ
Evol Intent + Noisia - The Liquid // VISION
Optiv + BTK - Drop The Funk // PLAYAZ
DJ Hazard - Air Guitar // PLAYAZ
Optiv + BTK - Bad Attitude // BLACKOUT
Optiv + BTK - Mind Control // VIRUS [CLIP]
Dieselboy + Bare - Beyond Thunderdome (Original Sin Remix) // HUMAN IMPRINT
Counterstrike - The Z-Word // ALGORYTHM
Birdy Nam Nam - Goin Down (Skrillex Remix) // OWSLA [CLIP]
Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day Feat Foreign Beggars (Prolix Remix) // BSE
Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day Feat Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix) // BSE
Upbeats + Noisia - Loudmouth // VISION
Phace + Misanthrop - Progression // NEOSIGNAL [CLIP]
Dirtyphonics - Walk In The Fire // DIM MAK
Dieselboy - Tomorrow, Today // PLANET HUMAN

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stev'Oh - Deep'N'Bass Podcast 17

Track list :

Queensway - Stay [ Synopix ]
Arp XP, Estel Luz - Closer '' Stunna remix '' [ IM:LTD ]
Duckem - Mindtrap '' Cryogenics remix '' [ Audio Theory Rec. ]
Minor Rain - When soldiers cry '' Stunna remix '' [ Rotation UK ]
Blocks, Esher - Embers [ Narratives Music ]
Es.tereo - Have a dream '' Silent Dust remix '' [ IM:LTD ]
Gerwin - Soul Truth [ IM:LTD ]
Amplitude, Blue Motion, Dina Eve - Kiss the stars [ Reverse Audio Group ]
Queensway - Run [ Blu Mar Ten Music ]
Quentin Hiatus - Different strokes '' Stunna remix '' [ IM:LTD ]
Es.tereo - Purple sky [ IM:LTD ]
Flaco, Glen E Ston - The aftermath [ IM:LTD ]
Es.tereo, Marlyn - Winteria [ IM:LTD ]
Ficci - Edge of the night [ Offworld Rec. ]
Bulb - Tenderness [ Kokeshi ]
Flame, Nclear - Intermezzo [ Lush Stuff ]
Jakwob - Fade feat. Maiday ''Etherwood remix''

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rockwell - Shogun Audio Ministry of Sound Radio Show [21/5/2013]

Track list:

Alix Perez ft Foreign Beggars - Stand Aside
Underachievers - Herb Shuttles
Evian Christ - F**K It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap
Alix Perez - Villains 1 X Heroes 0 Ft_ They Call Me Raptor
Angel Haze - New York [Gamma Vip]
Gamma - Bounce
Fracture - Sick Wid It [Final1]
Heavy1 - Fear The Satellites [Sinistarr Remix]
Breakage - Natty
Instra:Mental - Hunter
Machinedrum - Dont 1 2 Lose U
Kutz - The Bridge
Friction & Skream - Kingpin [Rockwell Remix]
Tnght - Higher Ground
Shy Fx Vs Baobinga - Sambaata
Neosignal - Planet Online (Rockwell Remix)
Phace & Misanthrop - Waveform
The Upbeats - Undertaker
Dose - What Lies Within
Gridlok & Prolix - Membrane
Skeptical - Eyes Down
Alix Perez - Blueprint
Noisia - Diplodocus
Icicle - Klickstep
Subwave - Deadhead
Flosstradamus X Danny Brown - From The Back (Rockwell Edit)
Stray- L.A. Zoom
Dream Continuum - Set It (Spectrasoul Edit)
Addison Grrove - Rzor
Rockwell - Back Again
Stray - Break Your Legs
Rockwell- *)*
Alix Perez - Warlord Ft Riko Dan
The Upbeats - Alone Ft. Tasha Baxter (Fourward Remix)
Inide Info & Mefjus - Mythos
Dose - Simultaneous
Emperor & Centra - Solar
Black Sun Empire - Dawn Of A Dark Day (Prolix Remix)
Phace & Misanthrop & Mefjus - Twisted
Rockwell - Detroit
Commix - Rack It

Monday, May 20, 2013

Episode 59: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [May 2013]

Episode 59 - Fresh beats for the month of May. All bases of drum & bass covered, thanks for downloading and listening as usual. Enjoy.

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Track list:

01. Fracture and Neptune - Clissold (Machinedrum VIP) [Astrophonica]
02. Om Unit and Sam Binga - Small Victories [Exit]
03. Om Unit and Sam Binga - Electric Riddim [Exit]
04. ASC - Sonic Assault [Halocyan]
05. Future Engineers - Exhale [Transference]
06. Felix K - Ugners [Blueberry Musik]
07. Hibea - White Owl [IM:LTD]
08. Survey - Treibgut [Protect Audio]
09. Chroma - Knock Knock [CIA]
10. Mindmapper and Fre4knc - Collessius [Translation Recordings]
11. Andrezz - Resistance [Liquid V]
12. Andrezz - Senzala [Liquid V]
13. Michael McCann - Deus Ex Human Revolution Theme (LM1 Remix) [FREE]
14. Queensway - Run [Blu Mar Ten Music]
15. Sapphire - Via Lactea [FREE]
16. Mr Sizef - Subway, Which Is Unknown To Us [Med School]
17. Etherwood - Unfolding [Med School]
18. Anile - Another Year [Med School]
19. Mr Sizef - The Second Before Snow Turns Into Water [Med School]
20. Nuage - Eversky (Anile Remix) [Absys]
21. Blue Motion - Meteoric Shower [Reverse Audio Group]
22. Joe Ford - Frozen Sound [Med School]
23. Jade Parker and Synkro - Maintain [Jade Parker Music]
24. The Subdivision - The Kiss [Kokeshi]

Duration: 58:14
Recorded: May 1 2013

Mixmag Mix Of The Week: Compa

With dubstep producing truly exciting moments with less frequency these days, Compa is someone you can look to for remarkable flashes of low-end inspiration. The Lancashire DJ/producer has developed a rolling, highly-percussive style that's all his own, with riddims coming wrapped in dusty crackle, shot through with jolts of electricity and underlined by subtle, subby tremors. He strikes the perfect balance between classic, meditative dubstep and the genre's more recent dungeon offshoot, which is eerie and unsettling.

Following 12" cuts via his own WXWL label as well as Boka and Kokeshi, he's been newly signed to Mala's Deep Medi imprint, perhaps the most revered seal of approval in true-skool dubstep circles.

It's testament to Compa's creativity that his Mix Of The Week comes packed with his own productions, many unreleased. There's a real sense of style and purpose as well as the feeling that he's got dubs for days. New tunes like 'Exist' and 'Bullets' slide into collaborations with Widowmaker and Ipman as well as cheeky, dancefloor-ready bootlegs of Faithless and Kanye and remixes of Digital Mystikz and Congo Natty. It says something that when we had to postpone releasing the mix for a week, Compa remade the recording with fresh dubplates he'd just got cut. The 21 year old is definitely on a mission to prove there's still fresh ideas to be mined from dubstep...

Track list:

1. Faithless - Insomnia (Forthcoming WXWL)
2. Compa - Narabeh (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
3. DJ Q - Trust Again (Compa Remix) (Unreleased)
4. Compa - Alpha (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
5. Compa - Antact (Kokeshi)
6. Compa - Exist (Unreleased)
7. Compa - Acrid (Unreleased)
8. Compa - Earths Orbit (Unreleased)
9. Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories (Compa Remix) (Unreleased)
10. Coki - Shattered (Tempa)
11. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Compa Remix) (Unreleased)
12. Compa - Bullets (Unreleased)
13. Compa - Dem A Talk VIP (WXWL)
14. Compa & Ipman - Let Them (Unreleased)
15. Compa & Widowmaker - Carnage (Unreleased)
16. Nanci & Phoebe Ft. Congo Natty - Notorious (Compa Remix) (Unreleased)
17. Reamz - Fear (Compa Remix) (Unreleased)
18. Compa - Haziran (Unreleased)
19. Compa - Traffic (Unreleased)
20. Compa - Outer Lines (Forthcoming Tuba)
21. Compa - One Lion (Unreleased)
22. Goth Trad - Cut End VIP (Unreleased)
23. Compa - Tibetan Chant (Unreleased)


Featuring 40 tracks from experimental artists from around the world, SEQUENCE6 is a more experimental album than its predecessors, pushing into darker more inquisitive environments and making it harder to pin down into one particular genre. With over 160 track submissions, curatorially we've been even tougher than ever in our selections - again, pushing this edition to be even better than the last, and represent the sheer volume and breadth of great experimental music out there.

As ever, tracks from established artists are juxtaposed with those of emerging artists. One of the best things with the submission process is being exposed to new music each time, discovering new artists whose work you can fall in love with, there are a few artists this time who I would like to work with on individual releases. The element of discovery continues to be the main driver for the series, and we hope the listener enjoys the same experience.

It's nearly 2 years since the first edition of the SEQUENCE series was released. SEQUENCE6 marks something of a completion of a cycle, the cadence in a musical phrase perhaps. That's not to say that this will be the last in the series, but something about it feels like a landmark; just because you've reached the top of the mountain, doesn't mean you never want to climb again.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Microfunk Podcast 007 - Hosted by Abstract Elements [aka Bop & Diagram]


Paradox - Samurai x FABRICLIVE Podcast

This is not a mix, it's a radio show made, by Paradox, in promotion of Samurai's debut Room Three takeover at FABRICLIVE on 31st May 2013.

Track list:

01. Paradox - Drum Machine [Paradox Music]
02. Naibu - Certified [Scientific dub]
03. Paradox - Core Jungle [Paradox Music]
04. Gremlinz & Paragon - Orlanda [dub]
05. Emery & Valentina Yaron - The Chance [Ambra dub]
06. ASC - Polemic [Samurai Red Seal]
07. Alaska & Robert Manos - Zeal [Arctic Music]

Friday, May 17, 2013

DJ Gauge - For The Love Of DnB Volume 4

Track list:

Alix Perez ft Diablo - We Could Have Been
Furney - Time to Myself
ARP-1 - African Call
Treex - All I Need
Incident - Promise
Technicolour & Komatic - Those Feelings
Jrumhand - Space Walk
ARP-1 - Virgo
EZ Rollers - Hope & Inspiration
Vandera - Anandamide
Vibrant Scientists - Out of Space
Karl Future - Afterglow
Soultec, Static & Spero - 1939
Deeper Connection - Houses
Melos - Benifasa Breeze
Ivy Lab - Afterglow
XTC Nottingham - Pianoroll
Furney & Locksmith - This Found You
Blade - Lost Horn
Flowrian - Recharged
Scott Allen - We Nah Run
dRamatic & dbAudio - Life Console
Deeper Connection & Scott Allen - River Jordan
Joakuim - Mad Professor
Calibre - Clipper Man
Furney - Can Anyone Hear Me
Random Movement & Komatic - Accidental Causes

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Guy Called Gerald - AFTER THE AFTER SELECTION Part 2

Techno legend A Guy Called Gerald presents his own brand of brawny bass lines in his latest mix. As he puts it, this one " take's it down lower bass to the bone". Listen HERE.

Hydro - Horizons Music Podcast 12

Hydro's forthcoming 12" with War & Mateba "Black light" / "Enlightenment" is causing a real buzz. To support this release, he's fashioned together Horizons Music's latest podcast. Full of fresh tunes, with music forthcoming on Horizons Music / Symmetry / Dispatch & Metalheadz over the next couple months this mix is a serious onslaught of quality beats.

Follow Hydro for the latest news:

Monday, May 13, 2013



For four decades David Rodigan has embraced reggae music with an enthusiasm that should inspire fans of any genre: He still considers himself a fan and goes to the trouble of collecting autographs every time he meets an artist he admires. As fans listeners will attest, autographs aren’t the only thing he collects: across his years DJing reggae on Radio London, Capital, Kiss and BBC Radio 1xtra, not to mention countless soundclashes, he’s built up a fearsome collection of oneaway dubplates from some of reggae’s biggest names. For over an hour, Rodigan brings out dubplates from Barrington Levy, Shaggy and more, blending old and new school reggae with his signature toasting, and it’s just perfect. No one – and we mean no one – does it like him.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deep Podcast #25 mixed by Marcio Martinez

Mixed by Marcio Martinez
Photo/Cover art by Marcio Martinez

Nitri - Survivors (Amoss Remix)
DRS feat. Enei - Count to Ten
Spectrasoul - In for a Penny
Lenzman - Broken Dreams (Makoto Remix)
Nu:tone - The Boy Who Lost His Smile
DRS feat. Lenzman & Pete Simpson - Raindrops
Random Movement - Down Somehow
Calibre - Alone in a Crowd
Calibre - Don't Mind
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - My Soul
London Elektricity - This Dark Matter
Pennygiles - Au Revoir BlackBird

FLOEX - Pocustone

Here's something you don't usually see on these pages. Tomáš Dvořák aka Floex - clarinetist, composer, producer and multimedia artist from Prague (Czech Republic) - specializes in jazz tinged electronic music. On this album (originally released in 2001), he mixes intricate songs with a set of short, experimental soundscapes. It's miles away from the hullaballoo of bass music we usually feature in these pages. But - and I can't stress this enough - this album is something you should really take some time to listen to and let it all sink in. The melodies are gorgeous, equal parts Cinematic Orchestra and Bonobo but done in a style uniquely his own. Listen to the samples below, and get buying.

UN #31 Synth Sense

Sometimes its better to let the music to speak for itself. Here is something by Synth Sense, a mix that transverses styles, moods and tempos. Enjoy.

Silk Podcast No.20 - Mixed By Forge

Track list:

1. ZigZag – Silk Road (Forge Remix)
2. 94 – 94
3. LTJ Bukem – Music (Technicolour 12″ Rework)
4. Nulogic – Everlasting Days (feat. Lifford)
5. Command Strange – Takeover
6. DJ Marky & Makoto – Bloody Mary
7. Forge & ATP – Untitiled
8. Alix Perez feat Dablo – We Could Have Been
9. Phil Tangent – More Than You
10. Forge & ATP – Far Away
11. Eastcolors – Watch Out (Enei Remix)
12. Pessimist – Hydraulics
13. Noisia & The Upbeats – Clamber
14. Forge – Silent Hill
15. The Hybridz – Indigenous
16. Furi Anga – Poison Flowers
17. Fanu – Abyssinia feat. Gigi
18. Furi Anga – Down Where The Whispers Scream

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cyantific Radio Episode 12 (May '13)

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Track list:

01. AdApt – Need Your Love (Cyantific Remix)
02. Noisia & Phace – MPD
03. Emperor – She Said
04. Shockone – Infinity’s Silence
05. The Upbeats – Retrograde
06. Emperor & Centra – Solar
07. Metrik – Solar
08. Phace & Misanthrop – Motor
09. The Upbeats – Monogram
10. Enei – Mosquito
11. Posij – Close Call
12. Producer’s Pick: Metrik
13. Metrik – Distant Shores
14. Parachute Youth – Can’t Get Better Than This (Sigma remix)
15. Cyantific – Cyantific Dub
16. Shy FX Vs Sam Binga – Sambaata
17. Loadstar – Flight
18. Inside Info & Mefjus – Mythos
19. The Upbeats – One Step
20. The Upbeats – Interval

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Episode 9

The latest selection from Blu Mar Ten Music. Subscribe in iTunes to get new episodes:

Visit and for more info.

Track list:

Thing - Renew
Aphex Twin - Xtal (Heterotic Version)
Dead Can Dance - Song to the Siren
Ananda Project - Cascades of Colour (Sugar Love Mix)
Mr Projectile - Masterin' the Beast
Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun
Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
Keith Kenniff - Portraits Pt 2
Alexander O'Neal - If You Were Here Tonight
Kate Bush - This Woman's Work
Nils Frahm - Over There, It's Raining
Seba - Painted Skies (Oscillist Remix)
Above & Beyond - Good for Me
Jon Hopkins - Small Memory
Luke Sital Singh - Inaudible Sighs
Future Sound of London - Antique Toy