Monday, December 22, 2014

Amoss - Cranium Session 007

Track list:

1. Disprove and Signal - Arkaik Twelve [unsigned]
2. QBig and Zentih B - Backstab [Syndrome Audio]
3. Lockjaw - Demon Core [Vandal Records]
4. Maztek - Stompin [Renegade Hardware]
5. NFR - Sense [IM:LTD]
6. Clarity - Reflex [Samurai Music]
7. REEN - Formulated [Free]
8. Radicall - Rainy Season [Unsigned]
9. Bredren - Rotten (Amoss remix) [Proximity]
10. Amoss feat MCJC - Bleed It VIP [Horizons X]
11. Hyroglifics - No Drama [Critical]

— Perfection Selection (dnb track of the year) —

12. Mefjus feat. Zoe Klinck - Blame You [Critical]
13. Icicle - Mechanisms [Shogun Audio]
14. Bredren - Red Powder [Proximity]

Beer Review — King Goblin

15. Phobia - Warlock [Renegade Hardware]
16. Tom Small - Token [Broken Audio]
17. Clarity - Cryptid [Samurai Music]
18. Incognito - Decayed [Unsigned]
19. Survey - Native Dancer [Unsigned]
20. Fre4knc - Cardiome [Invisible]
21. Amoss & Fre4knc - Oxide [Dispatch Recordings]
22. Mystic State and D.Side - Creep [Unsigned]
23. Jubei feat. dBridge - These Things VIP [Metalheadz]
24. Hybris - Slima [Unreleased]
25. Generic - Diplomat [Vandal Records]
26. Anile - Time Like Mine [Med School]

Loxy - Cylon Podcast: APPLIED SCIENCES004

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Clarity - Exclusive Drum & Bass Arena Mix

Drum & Bass Arena caught up with Clarity on to chat about his stunning Infinite LP on Samurai Music, and scored this deep mix showcasing his signature style.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

BMT028: Blu Mar Ten - Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 4

A fitting finale to the Famous Lost Words remix series, Blu Mar Ten is pleased to welcome The Future Sound of London to Blu Mar Ten Music.

Blu Mar Ten - Night Shift (Future Sound of London remix)

Hand-stamped, 1-sided 10″ vinyl.
Strictly 300 copies, never to be repressed.
Hand-numbered, 1 to 300.
Only available at
Free WAV and mp3 copies with every vinyl purchase.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Upfront 004: Synkro

For download, track list & more info on this/other Upfront mixes head here >>

The fourth in a new, audio-only mix series.

"This mix basically represents my journey so far with a lot of exclusive material in there from myself and a few close friends (Bering Strait, Seers & Djrum). Some of my new tracks take elements from previous work, and others are completely new ideas that I have only recently finished. It's been great fun putting the mix together and it kind of feels like a mini album in some ways." - Synkro