Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smoke Machine Podcast 024 - D. Carbone

Smoke Machine Podcast 024 D. Carbone by [SMOKE MACHINE]

Track list:

1 Mogwai - Fear Satan (Surgeon Remix) [Eye Q (UK)]
2 Repitch - Walker (Mike Parker Remix) [REPITCH]
3 Area Forty One - Supercell [Ann Aimee]
4 G Man - El Jem (Perc Remix) [GMR Records]
5 Unknown - Untitled
6 The Nighttripper - Tone Explotation (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) [Underground Liberation]
7 D. Carbone - Detroit's Hole [Sleaze Records]
8 Robert Hood - Minus [Tresor ]
9 D. Carbone - Untitled [REPITCH]
10 Unknown - Untitled [REPITCH]
11 D. Carbone - Berlin Drone [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
12 Shapednoise - White Light White Head [REPITCH]
13 Sawf - Zelo (Radial Remix) [Perc Traxx]
14 D. Carbone - Abnormal Distortion [Dynamic Reflection]
15 D. Carbone - Apparence [Sleaze Records]
16 Planetary Assault Systems - Hold It (Deuce Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
17 Ascion & Shapednoise - Base Impact (D. Carbone Remix)
18 Ascion - Untitled [REPITCH]
19 Sigha - Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin Remix) [Our Circula Sound]
20 Ascion - xyk
21 Shapednoise - Re-Emergers
22 D. Carbone - Abuse [Dynamic Reflection]
23 Dbridge - ZX81 (Shed Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
24 Speedy J - Tesla [Novamute]
25 Radiohead - Little By Little (Shed Remix) [Ticker Tape]
26 Hironori Takahashi - Medue (Obtane Puppetmachine Remix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
27 Dino Sabatini - Ovid [Prologue]
28 Emika - Count Backwards (Marcel Dettman Vocal Edit) [Ninja Tune]

Alphacut Mix 2011

alphacut mix 2011 by alphacut records

Track list:

00:00 despot - texture (acr 017, despot)
02:08 morphy - dusty stylus (acr 017, Morphy)
04:19 b cloud - predictor (acr 017, B Сloud)
06:44 cj weaver - i'm melting (acr 015, CJ Weaver)
09:14 reactiv - asylum (acr 012)
12:27 concept one - lyre bird (acr 015, ConceptOne)
14:36 abstract elements - apathetic vibe (acr 022, abstractelementz)
16:45 bit depth - stalk them (acr 024, Er.ic)
20:19 hexer - the bomb (acr 022, dmyer)
22:28 martsman - periphereia (acr 014, Martsman)
25:16 scale - secret sun (acr 025, scale)
27:48 paranoid society - white lies (acr 021, hidden paranoid society)
30:31 lowcut - therapist (acr 026, lowcut)
32:46 creep & trisector - hollow (acr 019, hidden paranoid society, trisector)
35:36 parallel & relapse - parasitic oscillations (acr 025, Parallel_[NSF], relapse)
37:12 morphy - uptown special (acr 019, Morphy)
39:20 morphy - suspension dub (acr 023, Morphy)
41:08 dejaru - blackmask (acr 021, Dejaru)
43:13 phuture-t - crown ether (acr 023, Phuture-T)
46:25 kodama - out of time (acr 018, acid_lab)
48:10 phuture-t - amazon basin (acr 024, Phuture-T)
51:22 parallel & tim reaper - vega (acr 026, Parallel_[NSF], Tim Reaper)
54:54 cycom - rude bwoy vip (acr 020, cycom)
58:06 cycom - rude bwoy - fanu remix (acr 020, cycom, Fanu)
62:21 hexer - back to business (acr 018, dmyer)
65:11 macc - boomer - martsman remix (acr 012, Macc, Martsman)
68:28 mze - taorrizm (acr 013, mze)
70:46 throttler - feedback (acr 011, Throttler)
72:27 snaper - it's not many (acr 011,
73:59 muted - passing by (acr 017, Muted)
76:35 end... 32 tunes and one locked groove

compiled and mixed by LXC in august 2011
using two 1210s, xone92 and monotron with ddg-1 for extra soundz //

Monday, August 29, 2011

FACT mix 278 - Global Communication

via FACT: It’s a warm, immersive selection comprised entirely of their own work – as GC and also such aliases as Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients and Reload – and it takes in deep techno, low-slung hip-hop, sinewy sci-fi electro, ambient jungle and other vectors into the unknown. Having reunited this year after a long hiatus, the duo of Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton is rightfully and righteously reasserting its status as one of the most vital and multi-faceted production units to come out of the rave era.

Of course GC are best known for their 1994 debut album 76:14, a landmark in British electronic music that helped define the sound of “chill out” even as it effortlessly outclassed the rest of the field. But of course 76:14 is just a part, albeit the central part, of GC’s legacy. If you’ve never heard Pentamerous Metamorphosis, the pair’s epic five-track reinvention of the Blood Music LP by shoegaze middleweights Chapterhouse, then it’s warmly recommended. Reload, originally a Pritchard solo project before Middleton joined its ranks, gave us a fine run of deep, expressive techno records, most notably the jaw-dropping A Collection Of Short Stories, which was included in FACT’s choice of the 20 Best UK Techno records ever made.

As most of you will know, Middleton and Pritchard have hardly been quiet in the years since the release of the classic GC and Reload fare. Middleton has made music as Cosmos, Mod Wheel and Amba, while Pritchard has been particularly visible of late thanks to his interventions in dubstep and its tributaries, including own-name releases on Hyperdub and Deep Medi Musik, and albums for Warp Records as Africa Hitech (with Steve Spacek) and Harmonic 313 (which evolved out of his and Dave Brinkworth’s mid-noughties, retro-experimental electronics project Harmonic 33).

What about new recorded material from the duo? Well, do know that Global Communication are teaming up with The Vinyl Factory to release a series of limited edition vinyl releases this Autumn, including remixes by Lone and Photek alongside their own new edits of classic GC tracks. Keep eyes and ears peeled for those; we’ll let you know when we have more details.

Until then, dig into FACT mix 268, the perfect soundtrack to late August, that beautiful, frightening moment when the finite nature of summer suddenly becomes clear. Rage against the dying of the light, people, and listen to this while you’re doing it.


Track list:

1. Global Communication – Obselon Minos
2. Reload – Ptyzh
3. Reload – The Biosphere
4. Jedi Knights – May The Funk Be With You
5. Secret Ingredients – Chicago Chicago
6. Jedi Knights – One For M.A.W.
7. Global Communication – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
8. Jedi Knights – Catch The Break
9. Jedi Knights – Solina
10. Chameleon – Links

bvdub presents Deep Space Mix 21


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stev'Oh - Deep'N'Bass Podcast 12

Deep'N'Bass Podcast 12 by Stev'Oh

Episode 32: Subvert Sessions Podcast | UK Bass Edition [August 2011]


Episode 32 is online, this time the focus is on the funkier side of things. Hope you like it.

Track list:

01. Jon Convex - Falling Again [3024]
02. Jon Convex - Radar [Nonplus+]
03. Joe - Rut [Hessle Audio]
04. Indigo - Event B [Over The Edge]
05. Hackman - Your Face Pulling My Hair [Greco Roman]
06. Untold - Just For You (Roska Remix) [Hotflush]
07. Addison Groove - This Is It [Tectonic]
08. Arapaima - Cold Streams and Hearts [Dubkraft]
09. Anenon - Shifts [Brownswood]
10. Arkist - Rendezvous [Apple Pips]
11. Peverelist - Dance Till The Police Come [Hessle Audio]
12. Rod Lee - Let Me See What You Workin With (Pearson Sound Re-fix) [Night Slugs]
13. Martyn - Vancouver [3024]
14. Actress - Maze [Honest Jon's]
15. DJG - Duality [Pushing Red]
16. Phaeleh - In The Twilight [Afterglo]
17. Unquote - Cold Tenderness [Nu Directions]
18. DFRNT - Headspace (Scuba Remix) [On The Edge]
19. Synkro - Just Say [Box Clever]
20. Hardfloor - Yimtrop [Harthouse]

Recorded 20 Aug 2011

Solace Podcast 001 Feat. Clubroot

Solace Podcast 001 Feat. Clubroot by Solace Records

Sam KDC - The Vinyl Club Mix

Sam KDC - The Vinyl Club Mix by Sam KDC

BBC Essential Mix – 2011-08-27 – Jamie XX

Jamie xx Essential Mix by Young Turks

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1, 27th August 2011.

Track list:

Orbital - Belfast
Phanes - Lucky Woman
Ifan Dafydd - No Good
Harvey Mandel - Christo Redentor
Koreless - Lost in Tokyo
Floating Points - Sais
Wiley - Colder (Instrumental)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Untitled
Pärson Sound - Untitled
DJ Deeon - Fine Hoes
Luke Vibert - Analord
New Look - Janet
John Tejada - Unstable Condition
Univac - Untitled (Track 1)
Aardvarck - Nosestep (Original Mix)
Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People
Instra:mental - Pyramid
Grimm Limbo - Fortune Favours the Brave
R A G - Rage (Spaventi &Aroy Raw Mix)
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face
Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Bootleg)
Axel Boman - Purple Drank
Loosse - About You (feat. Yolanda)
Anette Party - Moreno (feat. Anita Coke)
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Mr Beatnick - Synthetes
Funke, Sacha vs Nina Kraviz - Moses (Stimming Remix)
Jamie xx &Gil Scott Heron - I'll Take Care of U (Special DJ Version)
Genius of Time - Houston We Have a Problem
Austin Eterno/The xx - I Remember Shelter
James Blake - Libra (Edit)
Pangaea - Bear Witness
Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason
Peter Horrevorts - Siren
Chuck Roberts - My House (Acappella)
Virgo Four - Do You Know Who You Are?
Morning Factory - Diane's Love
Karen Pollack - You Can't Touch Me (Roc &Kato Vocal Beat Trip Mix)
War - The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix)
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)

Friday, August 26, 2011

VRH - Extent VIP Podcast [August 2011]

VRH - Extent VIP podcast August 2011 by EXTENT V.I.P RECORDINGS

Track list:

1.The Untouchables & VRH - Zoids
2.Codex - Vodun
3.VRH - Hunger
4.The Untouchables - Tell dem
5.Fade - Nine princes of amber
6.The Untouchables - Tribulation (Extent V.I.P)
7.Codex - Top secret
8.VRH - It started like this
9.BTK & INK - 5 elements
10.VRH - Shamanism
11.INC & NFR - Exatron VIP (Extent V.I.P)
12.VRH - Sandglass
13.Fade & Original ninja - Run it Rudie
14.Centrik - Going back (Extent V.I.P)
15.Jaybee - This version (War remix)
16.Theory - Murda sound
17.Overdrive - Mechanics
18.VRH - The beast (Extent V.I.P)
19.Gappa G & Lucky B - Ubiquity (Extent V.I.P)
20.VRH - Gods
21.Redox - like this (Extent V.I.P)
22.VRH - Mojito
23.The Untouchables - Lion of Judah (translation)
24.Mental forces - Drama dub

Saturday, August 20, 2011

RA.271 Claude VonStroke

House and bass music collide, courtesy of Claude VonStroke.


Track list:

Throwing Snow - Shadower - Sneaker Social Club
Martin Brothers / Sade Bootleg - Love Is Found
J Phlip - Bootyberg - Dirtybird
Paul Johnson - Feel My M.F. Bass - Dance Mania
Pearson Sound - Stifle - Hessle Audio
A1 Bassline - Falsehood - Dirtybird/Tighten Up
Worthy & Eats Everything - TricTrac- White
Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas - Motivational Edit
EPMD - Strictly Business - Fresh
Justin Martin & Ardalan - Lezgo - Dirtybird
Tyree - Nuthin Wrong - Dance Mania
Alessio Mereu - Magic Key feat. Roberta Prestigiacomo - Time Has Changed
Makossa Megablast feat. Cleydys Villalon - SoyComoSoy (DJ Koze no voy a cambiarRepaso) - Gigolo
Andre Lodemann - Where Are You Now (CVS Edit) - Best Works
Armando, Thomos, Sharvette - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit) - Let's Pet Puppies
Robert Armani, Paul Johnson, Eric Martin - Pop Pop Fizz Fizz (VonStroke Re-make) - Dance Mania
DJ Raid - Raining Minutes - White

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marshal. - Restless EP

After a period of some inactivity, Manifesto Music makes a triumphant return. Having spent the past few months finely tuning our A&R nose and keeping our ears firmly to the ground we are immensely proud to present the debut release this young producer from London town, Marshal. While it is his first appearance on Manifesto Music it is also his first release of any kind which makes us even more honoured to be able to present this to you.

The EP kicks off with the sparse, expansive & experimental sounds of ‘Shy’. Simple bass tones compliment the stuttering, echoing drum hits which create an eerie, tension soaked atmosphere. The mood is flipped 180 degrees with the next track ‘Making Time’. A beautiful piece in the classic ‘liquid’ mould - light, filtered breaks melodic yet melancholy keys and a natural, organic bassline that make comparions with the great Irishman Calibre well and truly justified. The EP is completed with its title track, ‘Restless’. Drawing inspiration from contemporaries such as Stray and Rockwell whilst adding his own unique twist, the airy atmopshere and rolling percussion dont prepare you for the verocious breaks that make fleeting but powerful appearances throughout.

Marshal. - Restless EP by Manifesto Music

Click here for free download (File includes full 320 kbps mp3's, artwork and release notes)


Giraffecast007 by diffrent

Track list:

Frederic Robinson 'His inner strength' (diffrent dub)
Mauoq 'Intruders' (dub)
Critical Impact & Kommonasmuk 'Get away' (clear skyz dub)
Elemental 'Poly6' (dub)
Hunchbak 'Fear not' (diffrent dub)
Detail 'Broken Dreams' (dub)
Whu ' Don't feel blue' (diffrent dub)
Hathor & Sotus 'Love Can Die' (dub)
Jekyll 'Blabbermouth' (diffrent dub)
My New Leng 'Shrt Crct' (Mindstep)
Genotype 'A Few Too Many' (Ingredients dub)
Dexta - 'Killers' (dub)
Submariner - 'Lope' (syncopathic dub)
Shaded 'Extinct' (diffrent dub)
Reza 'Untitled' (dub)
XXX 'Robot monster' (dub)
Arkaik 'Trauma' (diffrent dub)
XXX 'Optic One' (dub)
Slof Man 'Just There' [comfort remix] (IM Ltd dub)
Jeykll 'Dentist' (diffrent dub)
Oceania ' So it Happened' (DNB Revolution Dub)

AK1200 - Hard To The Core [1993 Mix tape]

AK1200 hard to the core 1993 "a side" by ak1200

AK1200 hard to the core 1993 "b side" by ak1200

No track list available, but here's some old skool goodness from AK1200.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Qilin Podcast #10 feat. The Vortex


Track list:

1. Hackman – Always
2. Blawan – Lavender
3. Benjamin Damage – Zeppelin
4. MJ Cole – TGV
5. Bok Bok – Hyperpass
6. Kidnap Kid – If
7. Hyetal – Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox remix)
8. Bok Bok – Look Dub
9. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay
10. Nguzunguzu – Timesup
11. Koreless – MTI
12. Dark Sky – The Lick
13. Lil Silva – Patience
14. Kingdom – Take Me
15. MJ Cole – Hawaii
16. Icicle – Redemption
17. Skream – Future Funkizm
18. Foreign Beggars – LDN featuring Alix Perez
19. Nguzunguzu – Wake Sleep
20. MJ Cole – Manta
21. Disclosure – I love…that you know
22. Lando Kal – Time Out
23. Radiohead – Morning Mr Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger Remix)
24. Throwing Snow & PY – Wallow

Monday, August 15, 2011

dBridge - City of Lonely Runaways / Dischord

Dis-015-dBridge-A/City of Lonely Runaways. B/Dischord by Disfigured Dubz

dBridge is far from being a new name on anyoneʼs lips, having released music on countless labels and his own Exit Records.

Here we have two analogue masterpieces - to be released in September on Skream's Disfigured Dubz imprint - that show how diverse a tempo can be. Exploring his beloved 170bpm he takes us through two emotional tracks of complex chord sequences and lush string arrangements tinted with his trademark melancholic signature. Watch out for the promos via soon.

Deep'N'Bass Podcast 11

Deep'N'Bass Podcast 11 by Stev'Oh

Tim Reaper - First Impressions EP

First Impressions EP by Tim Reaper

SYNKRO & INDIGO - KUSF San Francisco Friday Night Sessions Mix 2011

SYNKRO & INDIGO - KUSF San Francisco Friday Night Sessions Mix 2011 by Mindset Records

Track list:

Synkro - Mountains (Dub) / Kevin McPhee - Get In With You (Naked Lunch)
Biome - Anything (Dub)
Lo:Tek - You Don't Know My Name (Super)
Kelis - Brave (Dark Sky Remix) (Dub)
Until Silence - The Bends (Dub)
GoldFFinch - Groove Panda (Dub)
Synkro - Presence (Forthcoming Styrax Records)
Biome - Conscience (Forthcoming Mindset)
Synkro - Progression (Indigo Remix) (Forthcoming Exit Records)
Indigo - Snowfall (Synkro Remix) (Dub)
Indigo - Nommo (Dub)
Synkro - 4U (Forthcoming Mindset)
Indigo - Astral (Dub)
Synkro & Indigo - Reflection (Exit Records)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dabs - Horizons Music Podcast 4 (August 2011)

Dabs - Horizons music podcast 4 (August 2011) by Horizons music

Track list:

01. June Miller - Give Up The Ghost (Horizons dub)
02. Need For Mirrors - Erotic Relapse (Zoltar)
03. Enei, Eastcolors & Noel - Cracker | Jubei Remix (Critical)
04. Dabs - Crawler | Quadrant Remix (Citrus dub)
05. Nickbee, Malk & The Chiller - Beyong the Sea (Black Seeds dub)
06. Octane & DLR - Ordnance (Critical dub)
07. Cern & Borderline - Futurus (dub)
08. Gridlok - Dirtball (dub)
09. Nymfo - MatchstickVIP (dub)
10. Dabs & Amoss - Still There (Horizons dub)
11. Heavy1 - Ongaku (dub)
12. Marcus Intalex - Stark (Dispatch dub)
13. Arpxp feat. Estel Luz - Closer | Survival Remix (IM Ltd)
14. Incident - An Evening With Her (Fokuz dub)
15. Cern - Raven Row (Horizons dub)
16. Data - Formless (Horizons)
17. Dabs & June Miller - Ditch (Horizons dub)
18. Amoss - Minus (Horizons dub)
19. Octane & DLR - Back in the Grind | Dabs & Cern Remix (Dispatch dub)
20. Dabs & Grotesque - Checkmate (Dust Audio dub)
21. Survival - The year 2133 (Dispatch LTD dub)
22. Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off| Icicle RMX (Shogun)
23. Flame - Resistance (Modulate dub)
24. Enei feat. Riya - No Fear (Critical)
25. M-zine - Endings (Dust Audio dub)
26. Fathom Audio - Clear the Mist (Dispatch LTD dub)
27. Makoto & Heavy 1 - Water Line (dub)
28. Cain Mos - Cern (dub)

Kmag Bungle Video Competition

Bungle 'The Siren' ft. Ayah - Kmag Bungle Video Competition. by Knowledge Mag

Knowledge Mag, Spearhead, Addict Clothing and AV1 Production have joined forces to launch a contest for aspiring video directors. If you've ever fancied yourself as a music video director, or thought you could do better than videos you've watched, now's your chance to step up and show everyone what you've got.

Directors are invited to submit their videos for the track 'The Siren' by Bungle ft. Ayah, the first track from the Bungle album forthcoming on Spearhead, you can download the track for free HERE.

Next, film and / or animate a video using your own footage, edit it and finally upload it to the Vimeo competition group. There's no brief, the advice given is to use whatever equipment you've got. You can even use your mobile phone and edit it in iMovie, just be creative and use your imagination.

The winner will receive £500 worth of Addict Clothing of their choice and their video will be used as the official music video for the track.

The deadline for entries is midnight (GMT) September 18th and the winner will be announced by September 26th.

You can find more information and entry rules HERE

Machinist Music Podcast 003

Machinist Music Podcast 003 by JohnRolodexMachinistMusic

Track list:

A-Sides F. MC Fats - Temperature's Rising - Mysterious Vibes LP forthcoming
Trex - Chicken Pox - John Rolodex Remix - Lockdown dub
DJ E & Kantyze - Turn Me Out - dub
John Rolodex - dub
A-Sides - Hibiscus - Mysterious Vibes LP forthcoming
Rene LaVice - Spile - Rubik dub
Meth - Thump - dub
S.P.Y - Hot Spot - Innerground dub
John Rolodex - Connector - Trex Remix - Machinist dub
Gremlinz & Rene LaVice - dub
Brainwash & Mystic - Fear of Noise John Rolodex Remix - OIK dub
Trex & Eljay - Clips - dub
Gremlinz - Nailgun - dub
S.P.Y - Sabotage - dub
John Rolodex - Between Two Worlds - dub
Morphy - Imhotep's DNA - dub
Data - Prowl - dub
Rene LaVice - Pulserate - Machinist 002 forthcoming
Julian Kaoss - Miracles - OIK dub
Sinistarr - Shudder - dub
Cause4Concern - Luca - Silent Witness Remix - dub
Rene LaVice - Headlock - Machinist 002 forthcoming
Rene LaVice - Maintain - dub

Renegade Hardware Podcast 05 - Gremlinz

Renegade Hardware Podcast 05 - Gremlinz by Renegade Hardware

The Hardware podcast series reaches the 5th instalment, this time the man in the hosting hot seat is none other than Gremlinz. Expect a barrage of beats and bass as he takes you through this episode.

Track list:

1. Ink - Ice Age - Renegade Hardware
2. Ink & BTK - Cold Flow - Hardware Dub
3. Optiv & BTK ft. MC Fokus - Blindstruck (Instrumental) - Hardware Dub
4. Psychosis - Inner Sense - Renegade Hardware
5. Konflict - Roadblock - Renegade Hardware
6. Future Cut - Overload - Renegade Hardware
7. Konflict - The Bekoning (Usual Suspects Rmx) - Renegade Hardware
8. Total Science - Rebel Soul - Renegade Hardware
9. Gremlinz & Friske - Amber Rose - Hardware Dub
10. Ink - Hidden Dreams - Renegade Hardware
11. Ink & Gremlinz - Remorse - Renegade Hardware
12. J. Robinson - Chiefdom - Hardware Dub
13. Reza - Yanomami - Tech:noir
14. Genotype & Loxy - Ital Lion - Exit
15. Gremlinz & Rene La Vice - Bleebleebloobloo - DSCi4
16. Damn Kids- Choke (Gremlinz Rmx) - Bad Concept Recs
17. Loxy & Ink - Quasimodo - Renegade Hardware

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Instra:mental - No Future (Remixes)

Instra:Mental aka Alex Green and Damon Kirkamduo have shaken the very foundations of drum & bass with their new sound that owes as much to Detroit techno, as it does to music at 170bpm. While they've been quiet on the d & b front as of late, the duo have just released the No Future mixes for free. Get downloading HERE.

C4- Memories Gone

C4- Memories Gone (Aim-Johnconek4) by Conek4

Kmag Unsigned July winner and lovely tune to boot, courtesy of C4.

Omnius - Evermind [free download]

Evermind [free download] by Omnius

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Call the Ambience – Ear & Drum Session 53

Via The Ear & Drum:

This is a selection of the deepest most chilled tracks I could find in my collection. No dance floor frenzy with this one, just kick back and close your eyes as the music floats you away to another time and space.

Call the Ambience – 1hr+ of Ambient Drum & Bass from 2011

Track list:

Amit – Dream Sequence
June Miller – Cave In
B Cloud – Flying in a Dream
Marc Atmost – Disappear
Kogyo – Time
Synkro – Open Arms
Subwave & Stop Thinking – Plastic Heart
Scuba – In_2
Amit – Lullaby For Yerma (feat. Rani)
Oleg Sirenko – Drops
SooSLiX – When the Ocean Sleeps
Bop – The Amazing Adventures of One Curious Pixel
Viktor Gradov – The Space Wanderer
Bop – Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom (ft. Bev Lee Harling)
Metrik – Ocean Drive
Technicolour – Permafrost
Pag – North
Bop – Irreversible
Bop – My Heart Is In a Freezer
Project-Scorpion – In Depths of Ocean

Jerona Fruits Podcast Vol. 18: Plaster Cast


Track list:

Hybris- Please Exist (Metalheadz)
london elektricity- [mutatted forms rmx] (Hospital)
The Burbs - Sea Life (Jerona Fruits Forthcoming)
The Burbs - History (Jerona Fruits Forthcoming)
Mikal - Mission [Big Bud rmx] (Soundtrax)
Physics - Soul catcher (Dub)
The Burbs - Generation (Dub)
Agent Alvin - All I want (Dub)
Paradox - Legacy (Paradox Music)
The Burbs - Night time (Jerona Fruits Forthcoming)
Hamilton - Echoes (Ram Forthcoming)
The Burbs - In The Rain (Jerona Fruits Forthcoming)
Amy Winehouse - Take The Box (Island Records)

Friday, August 05, 2011

mR_BLACk -Tenderness

mR_BLACk -Tenderness (minimaldnb electronica ambient) by mR_BLACk

Track list:

Freeloader - Mind Rhythm (Hoax Remix)
Sam KDC - Three Point Zero
Venture - I Never Got To Say Goodbye
ASC & Bvdub - Symbol #2.2
Ghosts Of Paraguay - Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)
Phaeleh - Memories Feat. Anneka
Irrelevant - Grains (Myrkur Remix)
Stumbleine - Ember (Sorrow Remix)
Meturi - Lucky Fellow
Aliquo - Like Spirits Drifting Up From The Mountains Into Heaven
Shea D Stedford - Twelve Minutes Past Nineteen
Bop - Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom Feat. Bev Lee Harling
B.C.Bird - I So Sleep
Synkro & Indigo - Reflection
Stev'oh - Exploration
Blue Motion - Haunted Forest
Es.Tereo - Excalibur (with Dakosa)
SKV18 - Withdrawal
Felix K - Res Gogitans (Hoax Remix)
Indivision & N4m3 - Other Clouds Feat. Tiiu
Blue Motion - Genetics
JRobinson & Dominic Ridgway - What I Do
Stickman - I Dreamt Music
How To Destroy Angels - A Drowning (Inertia_ Remix)
Delete & Sotus - The Red Wheel
Quantum World - Emotional Response

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Episode 30: Subvert Sessions | LUSH 99.5FM Singapore [Sat. 16 July 2011]

Another night at the Lush studios on July 16 and despite the technical cock ups (my bad) the tunes still rolled out nicely, in my humble opinion. Download via iTunes

Track list:

01. HijaQ - Nebula [dub]
02. HijaQ - Two Identical Snowflakes [Something Deep]
03. Omni Trio - Brother In Detroit [Moving Shadow]
04. Zul - Speranza [N/A]
05. ASC - Brainscan [Samurai Red Seal]
06. ASC - Zone One [Samurai Red Seal]
07. Zul - Headmusik [N/A]
08. Zul - Quorra [N/A]
09. Nuage & Eastcolors - Life In Lie [Translation dub]
10. DJ Clart - Rigel 6 [dub]
11. ASC - Sunburst [N/A]
12. DNS and Artomic - Paz Interior [Extent VIP]
13. LM1 - Potential [Offworld]
14. Bulb and N4M3 - From The Moon [N/A]
15. Bulb - Lexicon [Extent VIP]
16. ASC - Focus Inwards [NonPlus+]
17. ASC - The Ubiquity Incident [NonPlus+]
18. Radicall - Man Of Few Words [Absys]
19. Subway Funk - Zenith [Extent VIP]
20. Mind Over Matter - Fly Away Like Leaves [Extent VIP]
21. HijaQ - Insomnia [dub]
22. Omni Trio - Skeleton Keys (Omni Trio remix) [Moving Shadow]
23. Omni Trio - Trippin' VIP [Moving Shadow]
24. Greg Packer - Touch Me [GLR]
25. Logistics - Eastern Promises [Hospital]
26. T-ak - Voyager [Hospital]
27. LM1 - Unbreakable [Offworld]
28. Synkro - Departure [Med School]
29. Bungle - Would You Do It All Again [Horizons]
30. Big Bud - Lady Sings The Blues [Soundtrax]
31. Stranjah - Cry 4 U (feat. Swervez) [Hospital]

Interactive 6 - Sub - 2011/08/02

Interactive 6 - Sub - 2011/08/02 by INTERACTIVE

Track list:

1 Koto - Filmscape (forthcoming on DROP October 2011)
2 Sub - Alpha (forthcoming on DROP October 2011)
3 Acid Lab - System (forthcoming on Syncoapthic.Recordings October 2011)
4 Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Clear Distinction (Dub)
5 Hexer - The Bomb (Alphacut Records)
6 Parallel & Tim Reaper - Vega (Alphacut Dub)
7 Morphy - Uptown Special (Alphacut Records)
8 Flatliners - Bad Operate (Broken Audio)
9 Nic TVG - Some Persons Change // Sub Rmx (forthcoming on Pinecone Moonshine October 2011)
10 Koto - Motions (forthcoming on DROP October 2011)
11 Sub - History (forthcoming on DROP October 2011)
12 Tru:Tek - Lionheart // Kasra Rmx (Flexout Audio)
13 Felix K - Escapism (forthcoming on DROP October 2011)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sam KDC - 'Three Point Zero'

Sam KDC - Three Point Zero [Free Download] by Sam KDC

His latest 12" on ASC's Auxiliary imprint confirms his arrival amongst this elite club of 'autonomic' producers. Not to be outdone, Sam KDC has released this quality freebie as well. Worth checking out.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Bulb - Into the deep 013

Bulb - Into the deep 013 by Bulb

Track list:

01. Shea D Stedford - Twelve Minutes Past Nineteen [dub]
02. Omnius - Lacuna [dub]
03. Microfunk Crew - Scene 1 [free]
04. Jalex - Assembler [Eternia Music dub]
05. Bulb - The Core [dub]
06. LM1 & Bass`flo - Ascension [Rotation Deep dub]
07. Es.tereo - Daylight [dub]
08. Radicall - Deep Inside [dub]
09. Getz - Square of Pegasus [Interactive dub]
10. Furi Anga - When The World Jaded (Seba Remix) [Translation]
11. Cain Mos - Supernova [MindTech dub]
12. Beastie Respond - We've Seen You Through (ft. Emilie Reimers) [Teal dub]
13. Keeno Ft. Fifi Smart - Refrase & Rewind (Barefoot Remix) [Point Audio dub]
14. Bulb feat. Faib - Not An Angel [dub]
15. Nuage & N4m3 - Sunday Morning [dub]
16. London Elektricity - Fault Lines (Unquote's Snowy Remix) [Hospital]
17. Queensway - Feel Sexual [dub]
18. Hidden Element - Morning Watch [dub]
19. Psyko Konceptor - Compassion [Rotation Deep dub]
20. Newk - Dreams [dub]

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