Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clarity - Samurai Music Official Podcast 18

Clarity mixes the latest edition of the Samurai Music podcast series. Clarity's debut 'Infinite' LP is coming and this mix is an exclusive selection debuting tracks from the LP for the first time.

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Clarity 'Hell's Gate' EP out 29 Sep 2014

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Intelligent Manners Live @ Tjuun In Radio Show 19.09.2014

Track list:

Salt - Joy
Simplification - Love Forever (Random Movement Remix)
Makoto & Asides - Searchin
Command Strange - Remedy
Lenzman Feat. Kevin King - Starz
Command Strange - Bring Me Back
Dj Chap - Like A Fyah
Skeptical - Desire
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Ghetto Drama
Mistical - Run Away
Intelligent Manners - Everyday Is The Same
Random Movement - Ahead Of It All
Velocity - Flashbulb Memory
Simplification & Translate - Dance
Dj Marky & S.P.Y - Love Affair
Macca & Loz Contreras - Honey Suga

Bryan Gee - Live on MoS Radio @ Sun & Bass 2014

The final Planet V show on Ministry of Sound radio - recorded live from Sun & Bass 2014.

Aquasky 'Doing It With The R' - PASA082 (The Reinforced Years)

This is some classic Aquasky biz right here. First released in 1996 by Reinforced Records. Passenger Records head honcho and 1/3 of Aquasky, Brent Newitt, is re-releasing the re masters again for your listening pleasure!

Reinforced were a massive part of Aquasky's history, so its only right these tracks see the light of day again. These Aquasky classics plus a selection of tracks Brent and partner in Aquasky, Dave recorded under the name Spacelink, will be available from all good Digital stores on the 20th October 2014.

You may recognise the Spacelink track 'Timezone' from the classic 1996 Kruder & Dorfmiester 'DJ Kicks' mix Album.

To celebrate the release, Brent has put together a very special DJ mix to celebrate the release. So, get in there and enjoy!

Track list:

1: Brazed ‘Disruption’
2: Funk Effect ‘Dive’
3: 4-L Plus ‘Rock The B’
4: Backdraft ‘You Dont Know Me (Fireteam Mix)’
5: Chris S.U ‘Illusion Of Choice (Instrumental)’
6: DC Breaks ‘Shakedown’
7: Document One (Things Change’
8: Erb N Dub ‘Parallex’
9: Misanthrop ‘Catch 22’
10: Sigma ‘Rudeboy’
11: Wilkinson ft. P Money & Arlissa ‘Heartbeat’
12: Wilkinson ‘Perforation’
13: Eat Rave ‘Soul Children’
14: Ellis Dee & DJ Twista ‘Be The One’
15: Wizard & Manoo ft. Top Cat, Daddy Freddy & Lady Chann ‘Buss It Up’
16: Body & Soul ‘Pop Some’
17: D-Region & Code ft. Trinity Chris ‘Untouchable’
18: Evol Intent & Eye-D ‘Jim Skynner
19: Unknown Error ft. Janine Small ‘Rising’
20: Karton ‘Ready For More (Packer & Rhodes Mix)’
21: Disaszt ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’

Data Transmission Exclusive Mix: Ena

One of the most exciting new additions to the prestigious Samurai Music roster, Tokyo's Ena has crafted a sound entirely his own, opening doors into dark, experimental planes of music. A major player on the Japanese underground scene for over a decade, his forward-thinking productions, for the likes of 7even Recordings, Samurai Horo and CX:Digital, permeate the edges of drum & bass, becoming something more, something raw.

His debut album, Binaural, is due out through Samurai's Horo imprint - a breeding ground of innovative producers such as ASC, FIS and Sam KDC - on October 27th. Promising to move further into "uncharted sonic and rhythmic territory," the album offers harsh textures and grim, organic beats, often put together with found sounds. In a interesting and unique move, the tracklist for the vinyl 2x12" LP is totally different from its CD and digital counterparts, with 12 totally separate and exclusive tracks. The CD tracklist has already been revealed, however we've secured a first look at the LP release.

This mix is full to the brim with dusty, extraterrestrial atmospheres and obscure percussion, let Ena induct you into the way of the Samurai!

Track list:

01. ASC &S am KDC - Rebuilt_From_Nothing (Auxiliary)
02. ENA - Squash (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
03. ENA - Deluge (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
04. FelixK - Flower Of Destruction (Hidden Hawaii)
05. Dan HabarNam - One (Cylon)
06. ENA - Halation (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
07. Sam KDC - Erosion (Samurai Horo)
08. ASC - Ashen (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
09. ENA - Precipice (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
10. ENA & ShinsK - Schwarzwald (Unreleased)
11. ENA - Behind The Loops (Samurai Horo)
12. Sam KDC - Immolate (forthcoming Auxiliary)
13. ENA - ???
14. ENA - Recapitulate (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
15. ENA - Reconnoiter (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
16. ENA - Red (Samurai Horo)
17. Indigo - Tethys (Samurai Horo)
18. ENA - Bug Hole (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
19. ENA - Untitled (Unreleased)
20. Kiyoko - Archways (forthcoming Samurai Horo)

Steam Podcast #2: Vali NME Click (Oldskool 1993 Hardcore)

This mix was done on 2x Technics 1200, 1x Vestax 07 Pro, 2x trashed Sure M44-7 needles & strictly original vinyl pressings by Vali of the NME Click. Excellent.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Commix - Bukem In Session Mix

It's been quite some time since we've heard from Commix. Lucky for us then he's just about to drop a stunning new EP on Doc Scott's 31 imprint and rumour has it, he'll will be releasing on a particularly noted label in the months to follow. In the meantime, grab this stunning mix for your listening pleasure.

Ed Rush & Optical @ Let It Roll 2014 (01.08.2014)

Live recording of Ed Rush and Optical DJ set from Let-It-Roll Festival, Prague 2014.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Celsius Podcast #02 Mixed by Nelver

September 2014 sees the second Celsius Recordings podcast coming from Russia, a large selection mixed by the hands of Nelver. Expect an hour packed with some of the most tasteful cuts of drum & bass from all over the world.

Trackl ist:

01. Mage - Around The World (Celsius dub)
02. T BASE - Skeptical Man (Celsius dub)
03. Icarus & Rain - a Tear in the Open (Celsius dub)
04. Actraiser - Strange New Worlds (Celsius dub)
05. LM1 - Shadows (Celsius dub)
06. Low5 - Moment (Celsius dub)
07. Mage - Run Through The Light (Celsius dub)
08. Nelver - The Flight (dub)
09. Derrick & Tonika - Leiden (Celsius dub)
10. InnaSelf - Night Groove (Celsius dub)
11. T BASE - Sunrise (Celsius dub)
12. Icarus & Rain - Lonely Planet (Celsius dub)
13. Mage - The Cave (Celsius dub)
14. Bert H - Nothing Matter (Celsius dub)
15. Derrick & Tonika - Sella Ronda (Celsius dub)
16. Maduk & Nymfo - Motions (Fokuz dub)
17. Macca & Loz Contreras - Honey Sugar (Fokuz dub)
18. Physical Illusion - Sine (Fokuz dub)
19. BCee - Breath In (Fokuz dub)
20. Nelver & Simplification - New York (dub)
21. Physical Illusion - Control (Fokuz dub)
22. Maduk - Approaching Me (Fokuz dub)
23. RoyGreen & Protone - Raindrop (Fokuz dub)
24. RoyGreen & Protone - Renaisance (Fokuz dub)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Auxcast:Phase Three

AUXCAST: PHASE THREE. That's right, the Auxiliary Podcast is back with music from the farthest reaches.

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Total Science - So Addicted

RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2014



A legendary duo who need no introduction. Total Science make their debut on Warm Communications in fantastic style. "So Addicted" sees the group bring on vocalist Grimm with a powerful, uplifting piece of drum & bas beauty. One the flip Total Science have remixed the jungle/ half time affair "Putting Down Roots" originally brought to you by Bristol's Villem & Mcleod. A unique jungle stomper executed to perfection.

UTOPIA MUSIC w/ Break, Mako, Fields, Villem & Chromatic

Utopia Music 16

out 29.10.14

A. Break, Mako, Fields & Villem - Shadowlines
AA. Chromatic - Found You  

Utopia's 16th vinyl single brings label stalwart Break into the fold once again for a hard hitting roller that has been getting reactions all over the globe since it got leaked into the top DJ's hands. The A side teams up the Symmetry boss with Utopia label honcho and recent Metalheadz addition Mako, with his long term partners Fields and Villem. The production and weight are unreal whilst retaining a woody rather than plastic aesthetic.

The flip sounds like a Lenzman classic but instead is brought to you by rising stars Chromatic. Growing in confidence, they have recently been releasing on Hype's Playaz label and are producing quality dance floor bass lines without the need for the screechy mid range bass that has become so prevalent in modern drum and bass.  Warm bass, beats and keys and no need for much else.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fanu @ Bassoradio [Sep 15 2014]

Track list:

Fanu – Yin Dub (Lightless)
Desto – D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S. (dub)
DJ Krush – Transition
Sven – Old Havana (Lowrise)
The 2 Bears ft. Stylo G – Money Man [Fracture remix] (free download)
Qbass – Deepa [Somejerk remix] (free download)
Tim Reaper – Say Goodbye (dub)
Fishstix – Funkin' (Digital 6)
Fishstix – Feelings (Digital 6)
Hidden Element - Bodola (Med School)
Danny Breaks – Drum Session (Droppin Science)
Z-Connection - Horizon [Diffrent Dub]
Cern – Conway (Dispatch dub)
Anonymous – BLND#8 (Blind Music)
Homesick – VIP Sleep (Lovin U) (Footwork Jungle)
Moresounds – Chair De Poule (Moresounds Bandcamp)
Sully – Charms (Hsuan Records dub)
Tek Unlimited – Destruction (Inperspective)
Danny Breaks – Do It (Droppin Science)
BunZero – Acid Hop (dub)
BunZero – Drop That Shit (dub)
Coleco – Tryptamine (Inflect dub)
Coleco – You Got Amens (dub)
Dom & Roland – Raptor (Dom & Roland Productions)
Dom & Roland – Enforced (Dom & Roland Productions)
DLR & Mako – Seek Knowledge feat Rider Shafique (Metalheadz)
Profane – Nazareth Crime (Inperspective)
Soza – Understand The Process [Army Of Ghosts Amen VIP] (Sonar's Ghost Bandcamp)
Om Unit – Wicker and Pearl (Civil Music)
Photek – Shape Charge
Ruby – Get On It [EAN refix] (free download)
Groove Armada – Sweat [EAN remix] (free download)
6BLOCC – Music Vibes Drums [Nonfuture Remix] (dub)
Anonymous – BLND#9 (Blind Music)
Fanu – Paracosm (Lightless)
Def Dee – Place Your Bet [Instrumental] (Redefinition Records)
Warren Of Snares – Conscious (Warren Of Snares Bandcamp)
Def Dee – Yeah feat. El Da Sensei (Redefinition Records)
Supa Dave West – Who Is it... [Dave West Outro] (Redefinition Records)
Warren Of Snares – Damocles (Warren Of Snares Bandcamp)
Danny Breaks – Astral Vibes [Zoostrumental] (Alphabet Zoo)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Trust In Bass Podcast 32 - Sinistarr

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Track list:

01. Press - The Murderer (Sinistarr Remix) [Shift]
02. Redeyes - Get Me Paid [Dub]
03. Jack The Hustler - Would I (HxdB Remix) [Overcooked]
04. Slick Shoota - Kik [Apothecary Compositions]
05. Kallisti - Silverdoor [UNO NYC]
06. ArpXP & Nitri - Makes Me Wonder [Metalheadz]
07. Aperture - Clover [Dub]
08. Dillinja - Deep Love [Logic Productions]
09. Machinedrum - Out In The Streets (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) [Planet Mu]
10. HxdB & Self Evident - Do It Big [Party Guy]
11. Pixelord - Polygon Fane [Infinite Machine]
12. Sinistarr & Tim Reaper - Riff 2 [Architecture]
13. Redeyes - Time A Run Out [Dub]
14. The Renegades - Rollin Up [Dub]
15. Maxo - Honeybell (Sinistarr Remix) [Dub]

Stress Factor Podcast 170 - DJ R1 - September 2014 Drum and Bass Guest Mix

Track list:

01. Break - Coming 4 U [Warm Communications]
02. Blade, MJT - 2gether (Original Mix) [One7Six Music Ltd]
03. Cern, Dabs - Hell Rose (Villem and McLeod Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]
04. Nymfo - Cymatic Frequencies [Commercial Suicide]
05. Stealth - Homage (Back To You) [ProgRam]
06. Upfront - Bru Dub [Smokin Riddims]
07. A Sides - Touch The Ground [Eastside Records]
08. Break - Soldier [Life Recordings]
09. Break - Groove with It [Life Recordings]
10. A Sides - Dynamic Sound [Eastside Records]
11. Stealth - Smash It [ProgRam]
12. Trilo - Prozac [Renegade Hardware]
13. Philth, Wreckless - Remember [AutomAte-Tech]
14. Impish - Wake Up [Fokuz Recordings]
15. C.A.B.L.E - Ask Me A Question (Original Mix) [LuvDisaster Records]
16. Break, Mako - What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Break Remix) [Warm Communications]
17. Nymfo - Electrosmog [Commercial Suicide]
18. Quadrant, Iris, MC Fats, Kid Hops - Dirty 78 (Original Mix)[U Understand Me Music]
19. A Sides - Coconut Dub [Eastside Records]
20. Fields - Reel Funk [Symmetry Recordings]
21. DLR - 10 Steps [Metalheadz]
22. DJ Hazard - Death Sport [Playaz Recordings]
23. A Sides - Solar 45 [Eastside Records]
24. K-Jah - It Gets Better [Ruffneck Ting]
25. Bladerunner - Hot Steppa [Gun Audio]
26. Jinx - Classic [Ruffneck Ting]
27. DJ Crystl - Let It Roll [Dee Jay Recordings]

Transparent - Structured Music Podcast

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Blackout Podcast 33 - Mixed By June Miller

Track list:

1. Phace & Misanthrop - Nordwand [NEOSIGNAL]
>> Neonlight - Extrasolar [BLACKOUT]
2. Phace & Misanthrop - Sex Sells [NEOSIGNAL]
3. Noisia - Running Blind [VISION]
4. Pythius - Abandon [BLACKOUT]
5. Prolix & Misanthrop - Transcendent [TRENDKILL]
6. Eastcolors - Murderer (Audio & Meth Remix) [PROGRAM]
7. Ulterior Motive - M.I.R [METALHEADZ]
>> June Miller - Snapcase [CRITICAL]
8. Concept Vision & Segment - Though Leap [BLACKOUT]
9. Matiflow - Gutter Trash [SEROTONE]
10. Whiney - Just Leaving [DUTTY AUDIO]
11. Blu Mar Ten - Break It All Apart ft. Agne Genyte (Break remix) [BMT]
12. Concept Vision & Segment - Deserted [BLACKOUT]
13. Jaguar Skills & Chords - Lust Feat. Matti Roots [RAM]
14. Ulterior Motive - Tape Pack [METALHEADZ]
15. Sizzla - Champion Sound feat Errol Dunkley (Skeptical remix) [MUTI]
16. Frankee - Gully VIP [UNRELEASED]
17. A-Cray - Stomper [NEOSIGNAL]
18. Cern - Tiamat [DISPATCH]
19. Prolix & Mob Tactics - Transmission [TRENDKILL]
>> Mefjus - Dissuade [CRITICAL]
20. June Miller - Operation Ivy [RAM]
21. Dabs & Saffire - Hideout ft. Lowqui (June Miller RMX) [AVANTGARDE]
22. Nymfo - Electrosmog [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
23. June Miller - Keep Ups [VAMPIRE]
24. Dabs - Objection VIP [DISPATCH]
25. Trilo - Enterprise [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
26. June Miller & Nymfo - Misfits [RAM]
27. Noisia - Shaking Hands [VISION]
28. Shapeshifter & The Upbeats - Bloodstream [SSXUB]
29. Blu Mar Ten - Hunter (Conduct remix) [BMT]
30. Breakage - Come With It [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
31. Neonlight - Kosmonaut [BLACKOUT]

Friday, September 05, 2014

Sam Binga - The Antipodean Tour Mix

Track list:

1. Sully - Inroads
2. Stunna - Illeagal
3. Brian McFly - In Da Club
4. DJ Monita - Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture's Astrophonica RMX)
5. DJ Rashad - GT Music
6. My Nu Leng ft Fox - Masterplan (Sam Binga's 161 Rebax)
7. Mr Carmack - Tour For Days
8. Sam Binga & Deft ft Redders - Steppin'
9. DJ Die - Nasty
10. Fracture, Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Back It Up
11. Addison Groove & Sam Binga - RZORCRAB
12. Fixate - Throwback Therapy
13. Sam Binga - Boongooz
14. Foreign Concept - Make Meals
15. DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll
16. Sam Binga & Trigga - MCR
17. Total Science & Zero T - Bizzy Time (Break RMX)
18. Hyroglifics - No Drama
19. Fracture, Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Bubble
20. Shabba Ranks - Tingaling

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Ninja Ninja Podcast Episode 1 Mixed By Conduct

Track list:

Whiney - Still Leaving
Kasra & S.P.Y - Surface VIP
Mikal & Break - Status Low
BTK - Drop It
Phace - Non-Human
Mefjus - Signalz
Eastcolours - Watch Out (Enei Remix)
Conduct - Bedlam
Artifact - Surveillance
Prolix - What You Need
Conduct - Futile
Kasra & Enei - So Real (Mefjus Remix)
Noisia - Mudslide
Break - Groove With It
BTK - Megahertz
Coleco - Induction
Arkaik - Wax

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Monday, September 01, 2014

SUN AND BASS Podcast #27 - Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz has been holding the drum and bass torch up high since his first releases in 2000, since then gracing us with 4 albums, the most recent of which, his ‘Portfolio’ LP, has just been released on Spearhead.

This mix nicely showcases Luke’s style, blending dubs and new tracks alongside some stone cold classics that always deserve an airing.

Sit back, get this mix rolling and smell the Sardinian sea air – soon come!