Sunday, July 28, 2013

BMT018: Frederic Robinson - Theme Park / Off Topic

Taken from his hugely anticipated forthcoming album, ‘Mixed Signals’, Blu Mar Ten Music presents the first solo expedition by Frederic Robinson.

In a world where harder, faster and more obnoxious is the order of the day Frederic Robinson deals in complex and nuanced music that displays a maturity of thought far beyond the young German’s 21 years. Disciplined and focused, he stretches genres until the restrictions of tempo lose their meaning and the listener is free to simply experience music rather than categorise it. His intensely intricate sound design, instrumentation and arrangement places him closer to contemporary classical composers such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley or Philip Glass than the more typically accepted gurus of dance music.

For Frederic Robinson music is not some cynical fast track to DJ work, transient fame or the faint praise of his peers. Despite having its roots in common dance music this is the exploration of sound and structure beyond the cheap, pyrotechnic tricks of club land and into a much more intimate space of thought and emotion. Having trained as a classical violinist and now studying audio design in Switzerland Frederic is fixated with the meshing of the organic and the electronic, constantly pushing his instruments in new and unconventional ways to create textures that cannot be found in any off-the-shelf software. Those who remember the early DIY synthesiser-tinkering that gave birth to Aphex Twin’s uniquely haunting sound will recognise the same spirit of innovation in the work of Frederic Robinson.

The music itself is beautiful, both subtle and satisfying. Harmonies rush and swoop, collapsing in on each other amid fractured percussion and sparkling melody, simultaneously muscular and fragile. Motifs appear, become warped then reappear in different forms, helping the music to talk about itself while it shifts through distinct movements of light and shade. It is this fearsome and unique skill in execution which has led Frederic Robinson to the ears of tastemakers across the spectrum, from Gilles Peterson to London Elektricity, and seen a flurry of releases on Hospital Records, Brownswood, BMTM and Med School along with remix work for some of his most promising young contemporaries.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Secret Thirteen Mix 079 is a deliberate and plastic studio mix that is gradually shifting thus creating a well-balanced sustained and rich wholeness. The mix includes 30 high-quality and precisely produced records that were mostly released in the last two decades. However, the fundamental part of the mix is based on recently created music pieces by extremely experienced artists such as Genotype, FIS, Demdike Stare, Emptyset and Dominick Fernow’s Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement. There is also a bunch of untitled and unreleased records, two of them by FIS and Ena are from the upcoming compilation on Presha’s Horo label.


Track list:

1. Patti Smith Group – Babelogue (sample) [Arista, 1978]
2. Rapt Baby (written by David Long) [2011]
3. Demdike Stare – Kommunion (Alternate Version) [Modern Love, 2012]
4. Unknown – Untitled *
5. Emptyset – Over [Caravan, 2009]
6. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – In Honduras Death Caused By Being Chased By Spirits [Hospital Productions, 2013]
7. Unknown – Untitled*
8. Miles Whittaker – Irreligious [Modern Love, 2013]
9. Fis – Blue Violet [Unreleased]
10. Unknown – Untitled*
11. Fis – Celiac Tingle [Samurai Horo, 2013]
12. Population One – Approaching [Chronicle, 2012]
13. Varg – norrländska vemodet [Northern Electronics, 2013]
14. Demdike Stare – Mephisto’s Lament [Modern Love, 2011]
15. SS\S – Siglo 1 [Jealous God, 2013]
16. Ena – Dipteran [Samurai Horo, 2013]
17. Unknown – Untitled*
18. Unknown – Untitled*
19. Unknown – Untitled*
20. Unknown – Untitled*
21. J Majik – Organized Crime [Infrared, 1997]
22. Unknown – Untitled*
23. Unknown – Untitled*
24. Abdulla Rashim – Semien Terara 3 [Abdulla Rashim Records, 2013]
25. Unknown – Untitled*
26. Source Direct – Wanton Conduct [Science, 1999]
27. Genotype – Life Support [Unreleased]
28. Instra:mental – Rogue [Darkestral, 2008]
29. Genotype – Purple Lies [Unreleased]
30. Tr nch – Challenger Deep feat Jacques Picard [Mariana Wax, 2013]

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bulb - Into The Deep

It is one of the best deep drum & bass podcast series out there. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Bulb, re-uploaded for the masses.

Cyantific - Your Love / Hold Back [Cyantific Music]

The one like Cyantific releases his new single on August 5 2013 and what a blinder it is. It's proper dance floor stuff: Catchy vocals, energetic drums and euphoric rises make this the perfect summer jam to pull of your favourite freeze frame. Lovely melodies and polyrhythmic grooves, this is - in short - absolutely gorgeous. Go seek.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thing - Blu Mar Ten Music Guest Mix

Estonian producer Thing has created this guest mix to accompany his release on Blu Mar Ten Music. Showcasing the dark, moody style he's become renowned for, this one-hour special transports you into his deep, dubby territory.

Track list:

Pause For Thought - Mr Foul
Never Enough - Hanover
Burn It Down - Sam Kdc
This Is Where It All Ends - Estereo & Marlyn
Fear No Man - Curious
Round N Round - Jumpat
Making Example - Andy Pain & Z Connection
Critical Level - Mtwn
Another World - Skeptical
Division 3 - Ruffhouse
Elysium - Thing
Narrows - Overlook
Heirship - Paragon
Mental Units - Defo
Strange Impressions - Thing
Your Creations - Mono
Outer Lands - Thing
Terminology - Clarity
Lost World - Curious
Timbre (VIP) - Stray

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Episode 61A: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [July 2013]

Episode 61, a podcast in two parts. First up, the latest selection of rolling deep basslines selected by Zul. We hope you like this one.

Download via iTunes HERE.

Track list:

01. Ruffhouse and Clarity - Aphasia [Critical Presents Modulations]
02. David Boomah and Wildflower - Love For All, Hate For None [V Recordings]
03. Cruel Culture and Keosz - Tabernacle [Citrus]
04. Paladion - Space Dog [KosMos Music]
05. Anile - That Night (featuring Jess Brinham) [CIA Deep Kut]
06. Parhelia - Future Past [Rotation Deep]
07. Technimatic - Not Far To Go [Spearhead]
08. Parhelia - Circles and Dots (SoulTec Remix) [Rotation Deep]
09. Future Engineers - Synthesis [KosMos Music]
10. Ruffhouse and Clarity - Persecute [Critical Presents Modulations]
11. Genotype - Monday Madness [Samurai Red Seal]
12. Anile - All This Time (featuring Hanna Eve) [CIA Deep Kut]
13. Parhelia - Evolution [KosMos Music]
14. Marso and Gala - Solar Sail [Offworld]
15. Marso and Gala - Whisper [Offworld]
16. Chimpo - Frontline (featuring Fox) [Soul:R]
17. Sam KDC - Catacomb [Auxiliary]
18. Spirant - Alias Grace [Blu Mar Ten Music]
19. Blocks and Escher - Heliocentric (with ASC) [Narratives Music]
20. Congo Natty - London Dungeons (featuring Rebel MC and Martha Kean) [Big Dada]
21. Phaeleh - Whistling In The Dark (featuring Augustus Ghost) [Afterglo]

Time: 54:38
Recorded: 4 July 2013

MixmagTV: dBridge

Every Friday MixmagTV live streams the world's best DJs from the Mixmag DJ Lab - a mini-club in the corner of the Mixmag office.

Watch this and many more great sets here:

Big up dBridge for his incredible set

TVC Podcast 012 - Metro (Vinyl Club Mix)

Metro has been releasing bomb after bomb with his partner in crime Justice that has seen them rise to prominence as a DnB label of choice. Their style cannot be pinned down but one thing is true and that is they deliver every time. So kick back, enjoy the mix and appreciate a true DJ at work!

Track list:

Feelers - Metro - Pinecone Moonshine
Not Selective - Justice & Metro - Dub
Mountain Dub - Dubmonger - Dubmonger
Spiritual III - Paranoid Society - MJAZZ
Tin Can Man - Fushara - Make:Shift
Organic Robit - Cuelock & Dominic Ridgway - Blueberry Musik
Nebula - CJ Weaver - Absys Records (FREE)
Crashes - Daat & Dominic Ridgway - Detuned Transmissions Dub
The Bear - Justice & Metro - MJAZZ (Oxymoron LP)
Soul Cooper - [NSF] Destroy2k (Sub Remix)
Dope Boy - Justice & Metro - MJAZZ (Oxymoron LP)
Antarctica - Muted - Dub
Invalid Code - Cuelock - Applecore/Blueberry Musik
Knuckles - Justice & Metro (Dominic Ridgway Remix) MJAZZ
9000 Year Lease - Dubmonger (Justice Re-Scape) Dub

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BREAK/DETAIL/TIIU - Steam Train / Days Go By

Break does it again with this outing on his label Symmetry. Steam Train is louche and sinister but the real star of the piece is the collaboration between Detail and Tiiu. Prettier and more thoughtful than the flip, Days Go By is absolutely gorgeous with its washes of sensual chords, rolling rhythms all capped together by Tiuu's sensual vocals. It's deepness with an eye for the more discerning dance floors and not to be missed. It's out now and you can get it HERE.

Chimpo - Frontline EP [Soul:R]

More great new music from Soul:r's home city of Manchester. Chimpo is a local legend, he's been on the underground scene for years, DJ'ing and producing his homemade blend of multi-genre bass infused electronic music.

Also known also for his unique microphone skills, Chimpo's delivery style and wit is something to behold. These four tracks on the Frontline EP - out on July 15 2013 - showcase all of what Chimpo has to offer. A release that will stand out for being different and yet totally devastating on the dance floor. The vinyl release contains a huge remix of the title track, "Frontline", by Calibre that utilises Fox's vocal and flips the sound back to the days of jungle techno. Add also the deadly production unit of Dub Phizix and Skeptical on lead track "Buzzin" and you have a package that's pretty much essential.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Blackdub Podcast #8 feat. Able Danger [Surround Sound Recordings/Vampire Records]

Track list:

Able Danger In The Mix:
Warsa :: Terminal 502 [Deceast]
Kryptic Minds :: The Talisman [Tectonic]
Matt U :: Frequency [Black Box]
Tunnidge :: Empty Spaces [Chestplate]
Catacombs :: Music Mi Love [Macabre Unit]
Vivek :: Asteroid [System Sound]
Genetix :: Mohair [Bacon Dubs ]
Warsa :: Recon [Deceast]
Quantum Soul :: Underworld [Uprise Audio]
Matt U :: Threshold [Black Box]
Proxima :: Valve Wars [Tempa]
Sleeper :: Narcissus [Osiris Music]
Genetix :: Prototype [Bacon Dubs]
Kryptic Minds :: Bad Man VIP [Osiris Music]
Seven :: Go To War [Uprise Audio]
Able Danger :: Insane Hype [Forthcoming Surround Sound]
DJ Madd :: The Life You Chose (Distance Remix) [Black Box]
Able Danger :: The Rubicon [Surround Sound]

Enorme In The Mix:
Loxy, Resound, Escher & Blocks :: Monsters [Narratives Music]
Cern :: Micromega [Renegade Hardware]
Kantyze :: Dren [M-Atome]
Kolectiv :: Cryllic (DLR Remix) [Scientia Music]
Fracture :: Better Than Tomorrow [Metalheadz]
DBR UK & Mtwn :: Shrapnel [Dispatch Limited]
Bredren, M-Zine & Scepticz :: Faction [Proximity Recordings]
Mortem :: Iceberg [Metalheadz]
Kolectiv :: Launchpad (Xtrah Remix) [Scientia Music]
Coma :: Half Ounce [Mute:8 Recordings]
Fre4knc, Mtwn & Mindmapper :: Relic [Samurai Music]
Cern & Dabs :: Hell Rose [Dispatch Recordings]
Generic :: Get Away [ BIOS Recordings]
Imagine This & Buck Rogers :: Bounce (DLR Remix) [Bass Mechanix Audio]
Emperor :: Radar [Critical Music]
Kantyze :: Marauder VIP [ M-Atome]
Raw Q & Amaning :: Sirocco [ BIOS Recordings]
Ruffie :: Refugee [Forthcoming AutomAte]
Kolectiv :: Dog Pad (Zero-T Reprint) [Scientia Music]
Ed:it :: Cargo Dub (Total Science Remix) [Rooted Recordings]
Dabs & Safire :: Back & Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]
Ulterior Motive :: Right Here [Metalheadz]

Friday, July 12, 2013

SPEAR051: BCee - Lost & Found LP

Following on from the success of BCee’s debut LP ‘Beat The System’, ‘Lost & Found’ is BCee’s best and more personal work so far. Title track ‘Lost & Found’ and 140bpm ‘Into The Blue’ feature rising star Rocky Nti, who you may be familiar with as the front man for Jakwob live and the this years underground anthem ‘Blinding’ which was also remixed by BCee.

Meanwhile,‘Back To The Street’ and ‘In The Shadows’ feature the amazing voice of Philippa Hanna, who as a solo artist has just finished her first stadium tour as support of the legendary Lionel Richie. Finally, stepping up and injecting his own classic jungle sounds into ‘In The Shadows’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ is the mighty Bladerunner (Ram / Dread / V Recordings) whose sound works surprisingly well alongside BCee’s musical goodness.

It drops on Aug 25 2013, this is one album you don't want to miss!

Mindset Records [Podcast 007] - Eleven8

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Subvert Sessions | LUSH 99.5FM [Singapore, Sat 03 Jul 2010]

One of the many mixes recorded for Lush 99.5FM's Clubscapes (Saturdays 8pm), this one from July 2010. Hope you like it.

Subvert Sessions | LUSH 99.5FM [Singapore, Sat 03 Jul 2010] by Zul Othman on Mixcloud

Track list:

1. Bachelors of Science - 25th Street [Horizons]
2. Sabre - One Hundred Teeth (Zul edit) [N/A]
3. Apparat - Fractales I & II (Zul edit) [N/A]
4. Sunchase - Keyring [Drone Audio]
5. Scuba - Eclipse (Abucs)
6. Instra:Mental - End Credits [Non Plus]
7. Consequence - Form A Distance (feat. ASC) [Exit]
8. Seba - Distance [Metalheadz Platinum]
9. dBridge - Inner Disbelief [Exit]
10. Scuba - Tense (dBridge remix) [Hotshore]
11. Lenzman - Fade Away (feat. Jo-S) [Soul:R]
12. 8 Bits - So Good [Digital Soundboy]
13. Nymfo - Greetings Starfighter [Samurai Music]
14. Sunchase - Moulded [Drone Audio]
15. Naraka and Furi Anga - Last Drops Of Sapphire (Brainz Records dub]
16. 8 Bits - On Your Mind (feat. Riya) [Digital Soundboy]
17. Marcus Intalex and ST Files - Love & Happiness [31 Records]
18. Qumulus and Atmospherix - Mo Better Blues [Urban Chemistry dub]
19. High Contrast - Everything's Different [Hospital]
20. M.I.S.T. - Barracuda [Revolve:R]
21. DJ Zinc - Casino Royale [Tru Playaz]
22. Dwele - Hold On (dBridge bootleg] [N/A]
23. A-Sides - Change (feat. Deeizm]) [Eastside]
24. ICR - Two Step Backwards (Future Engineers mix) [Camino Blue]
25. Bachelors of Science - Have You Ever Tried [Horizons]
26. Switch - Vibes From The Tribes [Innerground]
27. Bass Flo - The Prophecy [Offworld]
28. Proktah - Daydreams VIP [Have A Break]
29. Insta:Mental - Watching You [Non Plus]
30. Consequence - A Man and A Woman [Exit]
31. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Lets Get Ravey mix) [Polydor]
32. Ride - Dreams Burn Down [Creation]

Time: 59:31
Recorded on: 3 July 2010 @ Lush studios, Orchard Central Singapore

Silk Podcast Vol.22 - Mixed By Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.22 mixed by Forge.



1. Integration Now - SN2 (2013 VIP)
2. Felix K - Flowers Of Destruction - #6
3. Bulb ft. Tiiu - The Hardest Way (Ghostek Remix)
4. Rockwell - Detroit
5. Tokyo Prose - Echoes (Synkro Remix)
6. Felix K - Flowers Of Destruction - #8
7. Integration Now - SN1
8. Naibu Feat Hydro - Apparitions
9. Paradox - Drum Machine
10. Rido & Hybris - Focus
11. Forge - Gator Mouth
12. Ruffhouse - Division iii
13. Getz & Nuage Vs THRN - Lost In The Silence
14. Ulterior Motive Feat Judda - Timekeeper (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
15. Forge - Late Entry
16. The Upbeats - Monogram
17. The Hybridz - Indigenous
18. Technimatic - Mirrorimage
19. Malaky Feat Lyndsey Murray - Own World
20. Marcus Intalex - Hell 2 Pay
21. High Contrast - Some Things Never Change
22. Artificial Intelligence Feat Steo - Let It Be (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)
23. Flame - Canned Sunset
24. Naibu - Into The Distance (Break Remix)
25. Calibre - Blazin
26. Treex - Smooth Happenin
27. Nic ZigZag - Silk Road
28. Speh - Time Rewind
29. Indigo - Reaching The Source

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

VEIL002 - Pre-order and audio

ASC, Synkro & Sam KDC team up for the second outing on Auxiliary's brand new collaborative outlet, Veil. Side one sees ASC & Synkro pick up where Borderline / Sacred Moments left off and expand their vision further with the disjointed Machine Love and the smoother sounding Planet X. Side two sees ASC team up with Sam KDC for two slices of future funk. 85 bpm synth power all the way with serious bassweight thrown in for good measure. Unique music, as you'd expect from all involved.

Have a listen here.


Monday, July 08, 2013


An oldie but a goodie here, folks. Based almost exclusively around the classic Hoover sound, the selection crammed 105 tracks into 48 minutes of extremely high-octane rave. It’s not for the faint-hearted – in fact, anyone with a pacemaker is strictly forbidden from going anywhere near it – but those who fell fell hard.

Click below to stream/download – or, alternatively, simply marvel at the enormous track list.

Track list:

Mono Junk – Enter (Dum Records, 1995)
Universal indicator – Red Untitled (Rephlex, 1993)
Universal indicator – Red Untitled (Rephlex, 1993)
Elevator 101 – This Is House (!Hype, 1992)
Robert Armani – Moon Lights (ACV, 1992)
Marc Et Claude – Marc vs Claude (Sapho, 1993)
Random XS – Release Yourself (Djax-Up-Beats, 1995)
Brainstorm – Demonomania (R&S, Records, 1992)
DJ Assault – Acid Booty (Jefferson Ave., 2010)
Acid Masters – M.U.S.I.C. (Requestline Records, 1991)
SMR … DJ #1 – Omega (Dance Mania, 1995)
SunKings – Beautiful Love Song (MDE, 1991)
The Acid Mercenaries – Untitled (Panzerkreuz, 2011)
EVOL – Ultra Sours (m.m Label, 2013)
Underground Movement – Jammin Piano’ (Westside Records / D.J. international Records, 1989)
Nasty Thoughts – Acid Sex (Kaos Dance Records 1988)
Jack Frost & the Circle Jerks – Anti Acid (Needle Records, 1988)
808 State – Ride (Rephlex, 2004)
Silicon Chip – FM [Frequency Modulated Acid] (Warrior Records, 1988)
Arbeid Adelt?- Disco Death (Play It Again Sam, 1987)
Mr. Fingers – The Juice (Jack Trax, 1988)
Mark Imperial and Co. – She Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Hoe [Dissin' All Hoes 46th Street Dub] (House Nation Records, 1988)
Moments Of Ecstasy – You and Me (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)
Major Problem – Acid Queen (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)
Miss Nicky Trax – Acid in the House (Kaos Dance Records, 1988)
Gene Hunt – Living in a Land (Housetime, 1989)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax [Acid Remix] (Art Of Mix, 1988)
Ceejay – He’s So Divine [Acid Remix] (BCM, 1989)
Hypnosia – In the Name of Freedom (Metronome, 1989)
Black Kiss – The Orgasm (Who’s That Beat? 1988)
D.I.Y. – U Don’t Have 2 Worry (Subway, 1989)
Scrappy – Touch Me (Westside Records, 1988)
Armando Gallop – Uhaceeid (Missing Dog Records, 1989)
Bassline Boys – Warbeat [7" Mix] (ZYX, 1989)
T-R-P – This Is The Place [Dance Mix] (MG Records, 1989)
Bizz Nizz – Don’t Miss The Partyline (Cooltempo, 1990)
Ellis D – Took My Love Away (Minimal Records, 1988)
Bozo – Big Tits [Acid Milk Mix] (indisc, 1988)
Sid Haywoode – He’s Got Magic [Extended] (Beat Box, 1989)
Dancing Flutes – Do The Do (Underground, 1988)
Executive Board – I Do Anything (BCM, 1988)
James Harris – The Tuffest of the Tuffest (Warriors Dance, 1989)
N.Y. House’n Authority – Dyckman House (Nu Groove Records, 1989)
Paisley Sq. – Transitional Phase (Westside Records, 1988)
Robert Owens – Bringing Down the Walls (Trax UK, 1997)
Mantra – How 2 House (Bunker Records, 2012)
Brandon Cooke – Sharp As a Knife (Polygram, 1988)
Hypnoteck – Love On The New Beat [Acid Mix] (Dip Music, 1990)
Numero uno – Starlight (BCM, 1989)
Elec Pt. 1 – Acid in My Mind (Abstract Acid, 2011)
Air Liquide – Liquid Air (Blue, 1992)
Dimension – Fantasy [Groove Lab Remix] (Warrior Records, 1988)
Armando – Downfall (Serious Records, 1988)
Actual Guy – Acid Emotion (CNR, 1989)
Frankie Bones – I Call It Acieed! (Underworld Records 1989)
Angie T – Hip House Groove [Acid Groove] (Westbrook Records, 1989)
Liddell Townsell – The Groove (Trax Records, 1988)
MD III – Take Me There (Westside Records, 1989)
Howards Theatre – Ohla Ohla (VW, 1989)
The Maxx – Acid & House Music (CIM, 1989)
Liddell Townsell – As Acid Turns (Trax Records, 1988)
Confetti’s – C Countdown (USA Import Music, 1989)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Brides Of Frankenstein (AMD, 1988)
Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz (Underground Resistance, 1992)
Russell Haswell – Acid nO!se (eMego, 2011)
Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride [The Original X-Rated Swemix Version] (Btech, 1989)
Zsa Zsa La Boum – Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas (Complete Kaos, 1989)
This Ain’t Chicago – Ride The Rhythm (Acid Not Placid) (Club, 1988)
Phortune – Jiggerwatts (Public, 1988)
Sendex – Pure Acid (Bunker Records, 2003)
Ten City – That’s The Way Love Is (Atlantic 1989)
Bizz Nizz – We’re Gonna Catch You! (Byte Records, 1989)
Dux Dux – This Is a Sound [Acid Dance mix] (8ighty 8ight Records, 1989)
Ca Sa – 15 Minutes (White Label, 1988)
Tyree – Night Of Acid (Westside Records, 1988)
2 Men From Jersey – Track Werk [After Dark Mix] (On Track Records, 1989)
Brainstorm – Suicide Acid (Sound Of Belgium, 1988)
Nimrod – Acid Haze (Westside Records, 1988)
Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Heat It Up [Acid House Remix] (Jive, 1988)
Extaesia – Bad Trip [Acid Mix] (R&S Records, 1988)
Laurent X – Machines (House Nation Records, 1988)
Bat House – Bat-House-Mix [Club Mix] (House Records, 1989)
Mark Imperial – The Acieed That Ate The U.K. [Xstacy Mix] (House Nation Records, 1989)
Victor Romeo & The Move – The Art Of Acid (Dance Mania, 1988)
Tyree – Hip House Is a Style (D.J. international Records, 1989)
Reese & Santonio – Bounce Your Body To The Box (KMS, 1988)
Humanoid – Cry Baby (Westside Records, 1988)
F.U.S.E. – Substance Abuse (Plus 8 Records Ltd., 1991)
The Chicago Bad Boy – House Music All Night Long [Mike's Rap-House Mixx] (Warehouse Records, 1990)
Charm – Phantastic Voyage (Urban, 1988)
Jack Factory – Acid James [Washing Machine Mix] (Warrior Records, 1988)
Plastikman – Plasticity (Plus 8 Records Ltd., 1993)
Street Level Funk – Show Me What You Got [Acid Mix Pt. 1] (Warriors Dance, 1988)
V.I.M. – Maggie’s Last Party [Beats + Bass Mix] (Boz Records, 1991)
Frankfurter – Sex (Rodger Records, 1988)
Viola Wills – Love Pains (Music Man Records, 1989)
Nouveaux Nation – Too Deep (Westside Records, 1988)
Full Hip – Acid in the House (Rodger Records, 1988)
Mario Diaz Featuring Mr. Lee – Can You Feel It [Feel The Acid London Mix] (Hot Mix 5 Records, 1988)
Mundo Muzique – Acid Pandemonium (R&S Records, 1991)
Hi-Ryze – Cyberia [Midi Edit] (Brainiak Records, 1990)
Zoo – Extacy [Revelation mix] (Groove & Move Records, 1988)
D.S. Building Contractors – Depth Charge (London Records, 1988)
Dr. Phibes And Teddy Jones – Waresnare (DiKi Records, 1991)
The Unknown – Abstract Expressionism (Housetime Records, 1989)
Victor Romeo – Acid Rain (Jack Trax, 1989)
X2 – Photon (M>O>S Recordings, 2007)
United Kondom – Put Your Condom [Acid Mix] (Public, 1989)
Risse – House Train (New York Mix) (Jack Trax, 1987)
Candyman – Slave Acid Bitch (Westside Records, 1988)
Adonis – No Way Back (Trax Records, 1986)
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Rham! 1988)
Professor Funk – Move Your Acid (Westside Records/ D.J. international Records, 1988)
Lake Eerie – Sex 4 Daze [I Want It, You Can Get It] (Nu Groove Records, 1988)
Hithouse – I Felt Acid House Love (Disco CBS, 1989)
Plaza – Hi-De-Ho [1st Mix] (ZYX Records, 1991)
The Garden Of Eden – The Garden Of Eden [The Serpent in the Garden] (Pepper Records, 1988)
Grey House – Move Your Assit [Acid Version] (House Nation Records, 1989)
Farley Jackmaster Funk – I Need a Friend (House Records, 1988)
JITB – America (Dancemaniac, 1989)
Virgo – My Space (Trax Records, 1986)
Dancer – Boom-Boom (Trax Records – 1987)
Bobby Konders – Nervous Acid (Nu Groove Records, 1990)
Human Action Network – Frustrated Shank (Alphabasic, 2007)
Ricardo Miranda – Black Acid (Hour House Is Your Rush Records, 2010)
Neil Hawaiian House – Too Good To Talk To (New Power Records, 1989)
Zero Zone – Auto.Exe (Djax-Up-Beats, 1992)
Claude Young – Acid Wash Conflict (7th City, 1995)
Phuture – Acid Trax (Trax Records, 1987)
Mike Dearborn – An Acid Memory (Djax-Up-Beats, 1995)
Acid Masters – Voodoo Acid (Requestline Records, 1991)
Function Long – Etch-A-Squelch (Trudge Recordings, 2003)
Club MCM – Pump It Like This (Rhythm Beat, 1992)
Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy (Rhythm King Records, 1988)
K.A. Posse – Tell Alexi (Pheerce Citi, 1989)
Dada Nada – Haunted House (One Voice, 1988)
Ruff ‘N’ Ready – A-Ba-Ba-Beat [Main Mix] (ZYX Records, 1989)
Jade 4 U – Rock It To The Bone (House Records, 1989)
Gary Jackmaster Wallace – House is Taking Over Me [Club Mix] (Dance Mania, 1989)
Gil De La Paz – Casa [Latin House Mix] (Kool Kat Music, 1987)
Sandoz – I Can’t Take The Heartbreak (Westside Records, 1988)
Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Tom Tom (Trax Records, 1988)
Jared Wilson – Last Two (7777, 2009)
Smokin’ Gang – Move Your Big Booty (Acid) (Hot Mix 5 Records, 1989)
Colm III – Christmas Tree (Ruby Red Records, 1988)
The Beatmasters – Ska Train (Rhythm King Records, 1989)
Longsy D’s House Sound – Let’s Get Mental (BCM Records, 1989)
Long Fellow – This Is Penis (Acid Records, 1989)
K.A. Posse – Dig This [After Hours Mix] (D.J. international Records 1989)
Gentle Ben – Back From The Future (Trax Records / Radical Records, 1989)
Cosmic Blast – Atomic (Westside Records, 1988)
Cool McCool – World Turns Around (Hot Mix 5 Records, 1988)
The MD Connection – Self Preservation (Muzique Records, 1989)
Mantra – The Lick (Bunker Records, 2012)
Derrick May – Daymares, It Is What It Is (Transmat, 1997)
Elec Pt. 1 – Acid (Bunker Records, 2006)
Fast Eddie – Hip House 89 Remix (Tyree’s 89 Mix) (D.J. international Records, 1989)
Nemesis – Oh Baby Now (intrigue Records, 1989)
101 – Move Your Body (Speed, 1989)
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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Rob Sparx - Babylonian EP [8th July 2013]

Migration (now part of NexGen Recordings) returns to its dubby roots for Rob Sparx's latest, the Babylonian EP featuring talented Berlin based duo Symbiz Sound, vocalist Singin'Gold and Dubstitutes (Rob & MC Task the team who bought you 2 Faced Rasta). Heavy and deep flavours are mixed with 8-bit melodic glitches and hints of classical/jazz, funk & soul, liquid & trap. GET IT HERE.

Auxcast:Phase Two Episode 7

Episode 7 : [ ASC | Synth Sense | Presha ]