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FLASHBACK - Episode 69: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [March 2014]

Episode 69 - a dreamy mix of fragmented microfunk rhythms and shattered beats. Peppered with elements of dub, bass, electro and soul, this one is perfect for late night listening. Tune in.

Download via iTunes:

Track list:

01. Pawn and Calculon - Larchmont (Om Unit Remix) [Shoot Recordings]
02. Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix) [ThirtyOne Recordings]
03. Thing - Future Roots [ThirtyOne Recordings]
04. Thing - Untouched [ThirtyOne Recordings]
05. Overlook - Everything Counts [Narratives Music]
06. ASC - Another Late Night [Auxiliary]
07. J Robinson and Knowledge - Untitled [Tribe 12]
08. M25 and First Function - Unreal [KosMos Music]
09. Nuage - Above Time [IM LTD]
10. Fade - Subject 9 [IM LTD]
11. ARP XP - Five Black Forms [Authentic Music]
12. Blu Mar Ten - Famous Last Words [Blu Mar Ten Music]
13. Tango - Soundboy Dub [Interphase Digital]
14. Packer and Rhodes - Barriah Dub [Interphase Digital]
15. Synkro - Broken Promises [R and S Records]
16. ASC and Synkro - Planet X [Veil]
17. Irrelevant - Heartbeats (Loves Gone) [Kokeshi]
18. Hatti Vatti and Synkro - Tokyo [New Moon]
19. Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant (Machinedrum Remix) [Brownswood]
20. Doc Scott - Far Away (Fourteen Flavours of Funk) [Metalheadz]

Time: 57:13
Recorded: Mar 1 2014
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ingredients Records hosted by Clive w/ Digital + Tom Redeye [Rinse fm 29.10.14]

A Sides Mix on Gilles Peterson Worldwide (GPWW918)

It's not that often a drum & bass head passes through for a Worldwide Family mixtape but, while listening to Kool FM in the car, A Sides caught Gilles' ear and he instantly locked him down for a selection.

30 minutes of 175 bpm. Enjoy.


A Sides Feat. Vanessa Freeman - This Is Your Time (Eastside Records)
A Sides & Makoto - Searchin’ (Eastern Elements)
Sci Clone - Everywhere I Go (Remix) (Metalheadz)
Mark De-Clive Lowe feat. Omar & Sheila E - Get Started (A Sides Remix) (True Thoughts)
Adam F – Circles (Dramatic & Db Audio Remix) (Unreleased)
XRS & MC Fats - Lovin’ (Random Movement VIP Remix) (U Understand Me Music)
Makoto feat. MC Conrad - Golden Girl (Good Looking Records)
Lenny Fontana - Spread Love (Nu-Tone Remix) (Hospital Records)
A Sides feat. Mark De-Clive Lowe – Broken Jazz (Eastside Records)

dBridge - Live at Womb

The Exit Records boss and drum‘n’bass maestro throws down some Amen-inspired breaks and future rollers. Live at Womb in Tokyo.
For those who don't know, dBridge aka Darren White’s first introduction into the music scene was in 1992, when he formed the Sewage Monsters outfit with his older brother Steve Spacek. In the mid-90s Darren met Jason Maldini and was soon working alongside him at Trouble On Vinyl. Whilst experimenting with beats the duo released their first 12" on Renegade Hardware, Flash Gordon/Jeep Beats, followed by a bunch of massive anthems. In 1998 Darren was one of the four founding members of Bad Company UK, based on the philosophy of re-energising what was becoming an increasingly minimalist musical genre. Their label BC Recordings defined a whole era in the genre, and as a production crew released on labels such as Prototype, Virus, RAM, React, and Formation, just to name a few. Bypassing the path leading to mainstream success, the crew instead opted to fuel the underground. This way of thinking was embodied in the birth of flagship internet forum, which gave fans and fellow artists alike the opportunity to express opinions, contribute ideas and greatly strengthened the global d’n’b community. Not staying still for long, dBridge co-produced Spacek’s second longplayer Vintage High-Tech which defined a new generation of British soul music, harnessing the power of today’s electronic media to create a vintage sound. Laterly his collaboration with Instra:mental created the short-lived but vital Autonomic club night, label and podcast series. Autonomic is credited with giving drum ‘n’ bass a much needed shot in the arm, and signposting the possibilities for a multitude of creative young producers. dBridge also helms his label Exit Records, a home to Om Unit, Dub Phizix, Amit, and veteran Marcus Intalex, and has also started another endeavour: Heart Drive. With a history as varied and colorful as his, no one knows what to expect next from dBridge: but it’s guaranteed to be ahead of the curve.


Intelligent Manners - Night Grooves #63 - Megapolis 89'5 FM 29.10.2014

Night Grooves Drum & Bass show with Intelligent Manners
Listen every Wednesday from 9-10 pm (GMT) on or tune into 89.5FM Moscow

Subscribe to Night Grooves podcast on iTunes:


01. Sampha - Too Much (SpectraSoul Bootleg)
02. Amaning - Be Good To You
03. Packer & Rhodes – Missing Link
04. Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Jumpin' The Sun
05. Eveson – Found A Groove (VIP)
06. Colossus – The Road
07. Chris Harmonics & Dreazz – Tiden High
08. NA - Head For The Hills
09. Amaning - Take Me
10. DJ Chap – Fear (Unreal VIP Remix)
11. Voltage – Out Of This World (feat. Ella Sopp)
12. Dub Phizix & Strategy – Bounce
13. Dr. Meaker – Music In The Night (Unreal Remix)
14. Malaky & Velocity – Midnight
15. Unreal & Pennygiles – Nothing Lasts Forever
16. Intelligent Manners – Sweet Promise
17. Rowpieces - An Intense Moment
18. Tim Cant – Fusion Chillout

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

mR_BLACk - ASC Only

Track list:

ASC & Sam KDC - Blue Sun [Veil]
ASC - Equinoxe [Samurai Horo]
ASC - Distance Between Us [Subtitles UK]
ASC & Sam KDC - Sonder [Veil]
ASC - Nightmute [Samurai Horo]
ASC & Synkro - Planet X [Veil]
ASC - Microsia [NonPlus]
Oak - Otaku (ASC Remix) [Space Cadets]
ASC - Fourier System [Halocyan]
ASC - No Love Lost [Samurai Red Seal]
ASC - Neptune [Auxiliary]
ASC - Opus (feat. Vaccine) [NonPlus]
ASC & Synth Sense - Glimpse [Veil]
ASC - Autoreceptor [Auxiliary]
ASC - Glass Walls [Samurai Red Seal]
ASC - The Touch [Auxiliary]
ASC & Synkro - Borderline [Auxiliary]
ASC - Gestures [Auxiliary]
ASC - No Secrets [Samurai Horo]
Mindspan - Dying Embers [Silent Season]

STUNNA - Un-Dead in The GhoulRoom [October 29 2014]

Aired on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, STUNNA presents his annual Halloween special for 'The Greenroom' (aka 'The GhoulRoom') on Bassdrive radio.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nu:Tone - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

In truth, this is actually the first time Fabric London has featured an exclusive mix from Hospital Records maestro, Nu:Tone. It's not been intentional, obviously, but consider that he will soon release his long awaited fourth studio album, Future History, perhaps they were waiting for the most apt time to deliver his renowned incendiary selections. Here, the drum and bass luminary has pulled together a fierce blast of exactly the kind of accelerated future funk he is famous for.

Track list:

1. Structure - All Night Long
2. Colossus - The Road
3. Amy Steele - Eyes On You (Spectrasoul Remix)
4. Ulterior Motive - You Must See
5. Command Strange - Remedy
6. Technimatic - Looking For Diversion (ft. Lucy Kitchen)
7. Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Machinedrum Edit)
8. Laura Mvula - Green Garden (Nu:Tone Edit)
9. Logistics - Citylife
10. Nu:Tone - Tides (ft. Lea Lea)
11. Sampha - Too Much (Spectrasoul Bootleg)
12. TC - Everything For A Reason (Ivy Lab Remix)
13. A Sides - Dynamic Sound
14. Villem - Poly
15. Billon - Special (Nu:Tone Remix)

Play Diffrent Music Diffrent Music present: GiraffeCast 018

Diffrent Music present: GiraffeCast 018
With a bit of a pause on the usual GiraffeCast format and after the summer's BBQcast, we return with some fresh flavours and some unexpected drama.

Kolectiv were invited down to the zoo to come chat about their forthcoming 'Immortalis EP' but things got a bit out of hand…

Campfire Stories 6 (Lapsed Scenes) Mixed by ASC

Campfire Stories is a mix series by friends of Silent Season. The focus of the series is on storytelling through deeper electronic music. Artists weave together narratives using the emotional characteristics of ambient and techno music.This set was recorded at the Decibel Festival in Seattle, Washington on Friday, September 26 2014 at the EMP Museum.…s-all-sscd14…right-sscd11

David Rees’ Aphex Swift Is The Best Aphex Twin/Taylor Swift Mashup Album Of The Year So Far

Taylor Swift is not a regular fixture on our pages. But this has to be heard to be believed. Mixing together Aphex Twin and Taylor Swift is a weird idea at first, but it makes so much sense the more that you think about it. They may be pretty far apart sonically, but both of them have released albums this year that challenged the boundaries of where pop music can go. Enter cartoonist David Rees, who has just put out an eight-track album that mixes the two artists to pretty good effect! Putting together “Avirl 14th” and “You Belong With Me” just somehow works. In a Tumblr post, Rees laid out his reasoning for working on the project: “I actually think Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Taylor Swift have a lot in common besides their songwriting talents — or, at least, they each have characteristics more commonly associated with the other.” Read his full explanation and listen to the mix!

This summer I decided to make an album of Aphex Twin / Taylor Swift mashups. I am a big fan of both these artists — I think they’ve each written some thrilling pop hooks and their production is amazing. I also just wanted to see if it could be done. (Plus I thought “AphexSwift” passed the threshold of catchy titles for mashup projects, which is half the battle.)

I actually think Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Taylor Swift have a lot in common besides their songwriting talents — or, at least, they each have characteristics more commonly associated with the other.

For instance, Taylor Swift made her name by writing big-hearted confessional songs for tween girls. But a lot of Aphex Twin’s music (especially on the Richard D. James album, from which most of these tracks are culled) is also super romantic — saccharine, even. Sometimes I wonder if his impossibly complex, inhuman drum patterns are just serving as a layer of sonic indie-cred to make the heart-on-your-sleeve melody and delicate timbres of (say) Girl/Boy song more palatable for “cool” people. Or, on a more personal level, it’s like he’s protecting his bleeding heart behind a crazy tangle of barbed-wire snare rolls. AND WHO AMONG US HASN’T DONE THAT?


And then, on the other hand, we’ve got to acknowledge that Taylor Swift is sort of terrifying. Aphex Twin is famously camera shy, and employs a lot of cryptic/creepy imagery in his videos. Of course, I wouldn’t describe Taylor Swift as camera-shy … but her incredible poise and superhuman competence are, to me, just as alien and intimidating as Aphex Twin’s photoshopped leering ghoul-faces. It’s a cliche to describe a celebrity as controlled and masterful as Taylor Swift as robotic, but I think there’s some truth there, especially in an age when we assume — rightly or wrongly — any pop singer who hits a high note did it with the help of a computer. There’s also the matter of her lyrics, which can be sorta cruel and sarcastic in a classic “mean girl” way. For all her blinding smiles and Subway commercials and wholesome concerts, I do think there’s a dark side to Taylor Swift. She is what happens when Skynet becomes self-aware.

And so part two of my thesis is: TAYLOR SWIFT IS AS SCARY AS APHEX TWIN

Anyway, there’s a lot more pseudo-intellectual jibber jabber I could say about this project, but basically I just hope people enjoy listening to it, because it was really fun to make. I learned about making mashups while working on it, and I came to appreciate these two songwriters even more than I already did. I would be open to marrying either of them.


Source: Stereo Gum

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Suki Quasimodo Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set


Suki Quasimodo brings us fifty minutes of rooftop Jungle, Footwork and various other ominous club riddims...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Presha & MC LowQui - Samurai Music Official Podcast 20

Samurai Music Official Podcast 20 is a special edition live recording of Presha & MC LowQui at Sun and Bass 2014.

This set was recorded at the Presha curated night, Friday September 12 2014 at the original home of Sun and Bass - the indoor floor at Ambra Night.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Paradox - Samurai Music Official Podcast 19

Paradox presents the latest edition of the Samurai Music podcast series in traditional podcast style as we release his latest collaborative single with long time production partner Nucleus.

Disclaimer - This is NOT a mix, but a narrator-style presented show'

Nucleus & Paradox 'Prism' / 'Electropaque' out now..

➜ 12" with free WAV's:
➜ Bundle:
➜ Beatport:
➜ iTunes:
➜ Juno:

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

DAAT mix for ADSR Vancouver [September 22, 2014]

ADSR Weekend Warmup: DAAT
22 September 2014

01. Evan Paschke - Worker (Crashed) - dub
02. ASC & Vaccine - Heartfelt - Auxiliary
03. Dominic Ridgway & Clima - Untitled - dub
04. Heden & Dyl - Washed Out - dub
05. DAAT - Fridge - Detuned Transmissions
06. Clarity & Overlook - Engineering - Samurai dub
07. Gremlinz & Jesta - B.S.M.- dub
08. Paragon & Dyl - Unstable - dub
09. DAAT - Elevator - Detuned Transmissions
10. Dalglish - track5 - free release
11. DAAT - 7D - dub
12. DAAT - Rust - dub
13. DAAT - Meat Grinder - Detuned Transmissions
14. DAAT - Sixth Gear - Detuned Transmissions
15. Chu Ishikawa - Echo - Culture Publishers

Saturday, October 04, 2014

SCAR - Rinse FM September 2014

SCAR (Survival & Script) join Khanage to talk about the forthcoming EP 'Old Ground' for Metalheadz Platinum and go into the mix live and direct from the RinseFM studios.

Doc Scott - Future Beats Radio Show 02-10-14

No track list available, but rest assured when Doc Scott's on the case... quality guaranteed.

Friday, October 03, 2014

none60 Podcast 005 (Doc Scott Mix)

The none60 podcast strikes back.... featuring the original “King of the Rollers”, Scott McIlroy aka Doc Scott, a true drum’n‘bass legend. With musical roots steeped in electro, hip hop, techno and house, it was the early 90s rave scene that led to Scott’s initial headlining DJ sets. Here he presents something truly eclectic.

Also out now on none60 right now we have NSY012 - Banzulu - Nobody Move / Gal Dem

Buy here…ove-gal-dem

01. Goldlink - CNTRL
02. Vince Staples ft James Fauntleroy - Nate
03. Hawk House - Vulcan Grip
04. Shlohmo & Jeremih - Let It Go
05. Banzulu - Nobody Move (none60)

Doc Scott Mix

01.Silent Dust - One (none60)
02.Submerse - Lets never come back here again
03.Deft - Wolf
04.Hidden Orchestra - Spoken (Submerse Remix)
05.Machine drum - Vizion
06.Komon and Appleblim - The Visionary State
07.DFRNT - A New Chapter
08.Sam KDC - Lovesick
09.Eluvium - Bending Dream
10.Synkro - New York (Synkro Edit)
11.Instra:Mental - Waterfalls
12.Illum Sphere - Never Lie Twice (Om Unit Remix)
13.Bjork - Dark Matter (Alva Noto Remodel)
14.ASC - Full Circle
15.Darkstar - Armonica (Darkstar Remix) (Original Mix)
16.Omar S - Air Of The Day
17.Eluvium - Return To Debris
18.Silent Dust - Love Sundered (none60)

06.Boxcutter ft Star Fu - Active Transformation
07.Curly Castro ft Margel the Sophant - Emmett Still
08.Nuage - Prints of You (Ital Tek Remix)
09.Has-Lo & Castle - Off The Bench
10.Rodriguez - I'll Slip Away
11.Thom Yorke - A Brain in a Bottle

FLASHBACK - Episode 63: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [September 2013]

The latest round of tunes from the 170BPM end of things, featuring new bits and stuff you've probably never heard before. Hope you like it.


Track list:

01. DAAT and Dominic Ridgway - Crashes [Detuned Transmissions]
02. Bulb - Echoes In The Lab [FREE]
03. Diphasic - Permanent [dub]
04. Abstract Elements - Acid Coke [Demand]
05. Abstract Elements - Naprimer [Demand]
06. DLR, Hydro, Mako and Villem - The Formula [Dispatch]
07. Total Science - Just Want You [Shogun Audio]
08. Fields - Colours [Utopia Music]
09. Ad-Apt - Need Your Love [Spearhead]
10. Dimension - Basilica [Cyantific Music]
11. Ed Rush - Pheromone [Subtitles]
12. Seba - Shades of Me and You [Warm Communications]
13. Seba - Under The Sun [Subtitles]
14. Diphasic - Tokyo Dry [dub]
15. Altair and Silent Dust - Sakharov [none60]
16. Silent Dust and Zilla Rocca - A Million Words (remix) [none60]
17. Method One - Biscayne [Auxiliary Transmissions]
18. ASC - Solemnity [Auxiliary]
19. Synkro - Look At Yourself (Djrum Remix) [Mindset]

Recorded: Sep 15 2013
Time: 54:24

New Blood 014: EAN mix

An exclusive 45 minute mix from EAN, taken from Med School Music's special 'New Blood 014' podcast.

If you haven't bagged your copy of the album yet, you can here:
Hospital shop:

Check out the full podcast here:

Critical Podcast Vol.36 - Hosted by KLAX

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Listen on Critical >

Brighton producers and all round good mates KLAX play hosts to this month’s Critical podcast with a wide selection of tunes to showcase. They introduce their release on Critical : Binary Vol.02 [Out Now] and also drop a wave of fresh new dubs currently hitting the D&B scene. Dont forget to check out their truly triumphant mega mini mix half way through this podcast, it will bring back many memories for any longstanding drum & bass veteran. Download and settle in with KLAX for the next hour. Keep it Critical!

Listen / Buy Critical:Binary 002 - KLAX >

KLAX online:

Thursday, October 02, 2014


SATL AUTUMN STUDIO MIX by Satl on Mixcloud

Absys Records Podcast Mix 009 By Gremlinz

Absys Records presents new drum and bass podcast mix recorded by
Toronto’s Gremlinz, who has been carving a path of his own within Drum & Bass for over a decade. He stays true to the core elements of the music and never wavering from his sound, regardless of whatever the passing trends around him might have been. His signature sound remains rooted equally in Reinforced/Metalheadz/Bluenote era Jungle as it is in Renegade Hardware’s early 2000s moodiness, bookended by equal parts Dub and Techno and tied together with an ever-present B Boy edge.
Tracklist :

01. Glyph & Gremlinz – Evolution
02. Breakage - Come Back
03. Phobia & Jubei - Guillotine (Breakage Joseph Igance mix)
04. Code3 – Living Proof
05. Clarity – Hours
06. ??? - ???
07. Gremlinz & No Rules – Water
08. Breakage – Rebel Creation
09. ??? - ???
10. Nasty Habits – Prototyped VIP
11. Ink & Gremlinz – The Light

Data Transmission Mix of the Day: Uncle Dugs

We were going to say mixes were like buses with two coming along at once this afternoon but then we realised that that particularly laboured analogy just wasn’t going to cut it in this instance. We mean, it was that long ago since we dropped our last exclusive mix on you lucky lot with this week seeing our hallowed pages already harbour the talents of The Drifter, Matt Fear & Kreature and Glaswegian techno aficionado Harvey McKay.

Now we’ve got all that bragging out of the way let us accompany our unveiling of an extra special mix from DT favourite Matthew Dear (courtesy of our friends over at RBMA) with our second exclusive mix of the day as Uncle Dugs provides you with another fresh selection of cuts for you to wrap your ears around ahead of his performance this weekend for Back To 95 at London’s Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. Turn it up!

Overlook - Influences Podcast

Track list:

Wendy Carlos - Intro
Joy Division - No Love Lost
23 Skidoo - The Gospel Of New Guinea
The Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire
Pink Floyd - On The Run
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood - Some Velvet Morning
Tropic Of Cancer - Hardest Day
The Cure - A Forest
A Clockwork Orange - Intro
Portishead - Biscuit
David Lynch - The Pink Room
Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
Joy Division - Transmission
The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
The Smiths - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
The Plugz - Reel Ten
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone
David Lynch - Say It
Cliff Martinez - Kick Your Teeth
Vangelis - Prologue & Main Titles
Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme
John Carpenter - Chariots Of Pumpkins
Mica Levi - Lonely Void
Bernard Herrman - Prelude / Rooftop
Future Sound Of London - Dirty Shadows
Clint Mansell - Are You Recieving
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm
Angelo Badalamenti - Dance Of The Dream Man

Big Up Podcast 81 - Hatti Vatti

Hatti Vatti. The name you might not have heard until his recent album 'Worship Nothing', which we've been playing on repeat for the past couple of weeks. For the fans of deep electronic music (we're talking Synkro's emotional vibe, Bluetech's intricate production, or Indigo's 'genreless' subs), Hatti Vatti makes music that’s actually wrong to compare to any of these inspirations, as it sounds both wicked and beautiful, sincerely emotional, effortlessly personal, and unique to Hatti Vatti.

Track list:

Hatti Vatti – Worship Nothing (New Moon Recordings)
Troy Gunner – Capacity (Demand Records)
Es.tereo – Blurmotion [Indigo remix] (forthcoming Urban Poetry
Hatti Vatti – Algebra 6 (Nowe Nagrania)
Hatti Vatti – 1ne (New Moon Recordings)
Indigo – Genetic Memories (dub)
Stickman – These Eyes (dub)
Jafu – What’s Your Theory (Deep Heads)
Jalex – Next Step (Eternia Music)
Hatti Vatti – Synthesis (New Moon Recordings)
??? – ??? (dub)
Heden – Her Loss (dub)
Kontext – Worldbridger (forthcoming Absys Records)
Theme – ??? (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
Reza & Gremlinz – Akiko (forthcoming Cylon)
Perverse – Terrain (dub)
Synkro – Synthetic (dub)
SGNL & R4NS0M – Rubber (forthcoming Absys Records)
Khords & R381 – Helix Part 2 (forthcoming CX:Digital)
Hatti Vatti – Algebra 7 (Nowe Nagrania)

Read the interview HERE.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Paul SG - Live At Sun And Bass 2014 - Bassdrive X Sun And Bass

Track list:

01. Paul SG ft. T.R.A.C & LaMeduza - Let Me Show You (Liquid V)
02. Paul SG - Gangster Boogie (Jazzsticks)
03. Paul SG - Lady (Liquid V)
04. Paul SG - Faso (Fokuz Dub)
05. Paul SG ft. T.R.A.C - Stay Classy (Liquid V)
06. Paul SG - Tribal (Jazzsticks Dub)
07. Paul SG & Tayla - Destination Unknown (Jazzsticks Dub)
08. Paul SG - Lefthanded (Jazzsticks Dub)
09. EZ Rollers - Hope & Inspiration (Goodlooking)
10. Seba & MC Conrad - Planetary Funk Alert (Paul SG & Pulsaar Rework) (Dub)
11. Pulsaar - Hitchhiker´s Blues (Jazzsticks)
12. Paul SG - Cosmic Jam (Jazzsticks Dub)
13. Jazz Cartel - Expand (Paul SG Remix) (Jazzsticks x Creative Wax)

Episode 75: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [September 2014]

Episode 75: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [September 2014] by Zul Othman on Mixcloud

Episode 75: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM [September 2014] by Zul Othman on Mixcloud

Deeper and more melodic than previous installments, Subvert HQ Podcast Episode 75 features minimalist compositions cavorting with muscled baselines. The mood maybe one of milky wistfulness, but this is electronic listening music at its best. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Download via iTunes:…cast/id395437067

Track list:

01. Kid Drama - Separation [Pleasure District]
02. Bop - Lucid Dreaming [Med School]
03. Heart Drive - Empathy Reboot [Pleasure District]
04. Theme - Theme 3 [Samurai Horo]
05. Pessimist - Short Sighted [CX Digital]
06. Pessimist - Solaris [CX Digital]
07. Nuage and Gerwin - Lifestyle [Translation Recordings]
08. Heart Drive - Format Affection [Pleasure District]
09. Tokyo Prose - Small Gains [Samurai Red Seal]
10. Response - Control [Ingredients]
11. Hydroglifics and Kolectiv - Tize [Dispatch]
12. Hydroglifics - Terra [Dispatch]
13. Digital and Response - Slip Away [Mars Recordings]
14. Bop - The Backbone Flute [Med School]
15. Bop - Higgs Boson [Med School]
16. Kid Drama - Void Response [Pleasure District]
17. Heart Drive - When Droids Cry [Pleasure District]
18. Tokyo Prose - Common Ground (featuring Synkro) [Samurai Red Seal]
19. Blu Mar Ten - Somewhere (Frederic Robinson Remix) [BMT Music]
20. Courtney Pine - I've Known Rivers (4Hero Remix) [Talkin' Loud]

Time: 58:52
Recorded: Aug 30 2014