Monday, December 31, 2012

Heavy 1 - Mix

Two mixes from the man that is Heavy 1... check it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


When you hear the words “house” and “alias”, it’s easy to think of people making their music more polite, but that’s far from the case with Trevino. The first released result of Marcus Intalex’s – an acclaimed producer in the drum’n'bass world for well over a decade – drop in tempo was ‘Chip’, an 808-driven howitzer that paired streamlined drums with builds of wild synth flare; to us, it seemed to take the blueprint that Intalex’s old sparring mates Instra:mental had established on their album Resolution 653 and firmly up the ante. Enjoy.

Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Episode 5

Track list and more available HERE.

STUNNA Mix for DnB Show Kemet FM December 12 2012

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ed:it - 'Shutter' / 'Repercussions' / 'Echo' (Out now on vinyl & digital)

Having already featured on Critical Records and gathering support from S.P.Y., Bailey, Spectrasoul, Break, Enei, Kasra, Skeptical and many more, Ed:it's gritty and elegant sound mainlines the warehouse soul of classic drum & bass, serving it up in impeccably sculpted slices. Deep and deadly, this is surely one of the best batch of tunes released this year.

Buy it HERE.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Phil Tangent 'Restitution' / 'Squaring The Circle' [SOULR059]

Marcus Intalex's favourite new artist of recent times, Phil Tangent, returns to Soul:R this month with his second single "Squaring the Circle" and "Restitution. His debut, "Billie's Smile / Lunar ", proved a discerning and unique musicality to Tangent's sound and demonstrated a level of musical depth, which is com- fortably at home in the Soul:r camp. His new single will solidify the deserved recognition for Phil Tangent's sound - a pitch perfect fusion of the soulful deep with the deep. Its mellow and spaced out vibes may sound odd in the current drum & bass climate, but there are real flashes of brilliance here that is too good to ignore. Out on Dec 10 2012, we can't recommend this enough. Go Seek.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Dive Deep In / Shadowlands - Lynx feat. Kemo and Hellrazor

Having a reputation for razor sharp production and always pushing boundaries with his music, Lynx's is new single hones on the sound he engineered in previous releases while setting the scope higher. With vocal treatments for well respected vocalist Kemo Dive Deep In submerges itself in dirty, deep funk. A rock solid half time beat and punishing bass stabs keep the momentum while guitar strings weave in and out. Shadowlands features fellow technician Hellrazor in an epic roller comprised of swelling strings, steppy drums and menacing bass. The latter is a favourite and is featured on our Subvert Sessions Podcast. Highly recommended. Buy it HERE.

Episode 52: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [December 2012]

New Subvert HQ podcast... check HERE for track list details. Enjoy!

RUFFHOUSE - Demand / Division 3

Ruffhouse dropped their debut on Ingredients in October 2012 with 'The Foot / Bypass' 'to much acclaim. Already touted as a force to watch, their follow up ups the ante: Demand' really shows their ability to make progressive, forward thinking music and it's the unpredictability of 'Demand' that makes it a stand out track. 'Division III' is equally as impressive, room shattering drums & almighty stabs. It's out now, so get busy buying.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Emperor - Critical NYE Promo Mix


Gerwin & Nuage are one of Europe’s most prolific drum & bass collaborators and “Lying Portraits” sees them team up with lyrical craftsman 2Shy to bring some beauty to the genre. Deep but never monotonous, the tune glides through jazz influences it switches easily between a deep, emotive bass-driven track and a smooth, attention-grabbing stepper.

The flip side “Soul Truth” by Gerwin takes things into melodic textures, creating a track filled with multi-layered beauty. A punchy 808 bass winds its way underneath, bringing warm depths to carefully spacious percussion and interesting melodic snippets. The downside here, of course, is that it all ends way too soon.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

TVC Podcast 002 - HijaQ

TVC Podcast 002 invites Russian label owner and producer Hijaq to follow MJAZZ in delivering a 1 hour mix of deep electronica. His career as a producer started in 2010 when he signed first with Deep Revelations and Extent VIP. Now HijaQ is working with his own label 'Something Deep Recordings' creating his unique sound and finding something new in the world of deep drum & bass and micro funk.

Track list:

01 - Dominic Ridgway - Rose Tint The Window (Bulb remix) [Something Deep dub]
02 - I Wannabe - Lost In Memories [DNBB Recordings]
03 - Sobersoul - Dassle Tears [Aerial Vibes]
04 - Abiotic & Detail - Hypnosis [Soundium X]
05 - Unquote - Cut Off The Past [Med School]
06 - HijaQ - Empty Screen [Something Deep dub]
07 - Furi Anga - Empty Planets [free]
08 - Rudoman - Independence Day [dub]
09 - Kharm - Wolf Jacket [free]
10 - Kosmi - Miranda [dub]
11 - June Miller - Isis (Despot remix) [Eternia Music]
12 - HijaQ - Last Day On This Planet [Something Deep dub]
13 - HijaQ - Every Story Has An End [Something Deep]
14 - Getz & Nuage - Low Life [free]
15 - Furi Anga - Distortions Of Time And Perception [free]
16 - Abiotic & Detail - Applique [Soundium X]
17 - Despot & Abstract Elements - Event Horizon [Eternia Never]
18 - Ivax - White Lilies, Your Eyes (Bulb 2012 RE EDIT) [free]
19 - HijaQ - Cosmic [Something Deep dub]
20 - HijaQ - Ocean Of Possibilities [Something Deep dub]
21 - I Wannabe - Someone Who You Love (Dominic Ridgway remix) [Something Deep dub]
22 - Furi Anga - Spark And Flame [Free]
23 - Bop - Impermanence [Med School]
24 - HijaQ - 8bit Madness [Something Deep dub]
25 - Naraka & Furi Anga - Last Drops Of Sapphire [free]

Sunday, November 18, 2012

MARCUS INTALEX - Cabal [Ingredients UK]

Another highly anticipated release hits the shelves today. Known for his classics alongside ST Files and as a solo artist, Marcus Intalex is a legend with releases on Metalheadz, 31 and his very own Soul:r imprint.

His debut outing on Ingredients is a killer affair: it's A side Cabal is a deep techno influenced roller, with crazy sub-lo bass and slick percussion work. Meanwhile Mud, with it's excellent arrangement, early 90's feel and distinct Intalex vibe is a straight up slice of drum & bass as it is meant to sound. Deeper dance floors, get ready for this one.

Total Science Presents Tuned In 2

It's out today and it's a corker: Total Science presents the follow up the now classic seminal compilation album that encapsulated their vision of drum & bass way back in 2001 "Tuned-In" which included the cream of the crop and the bright new stars of that era.

A decade later they've decided the time is right to do it again, piecing together a selection of their favourite new artists like Break, Fracture, Beta 2 and FD, conjuring tracks that define the CIA sound. Listen and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Episode 51: Subvert Sessions Podcast | 170BPM Mix [November 2012]

Subvert Sessions Podcast hits episode number 51 - this time we glide from deep Autonomic styled glitches right into soothing liquid funk. Hope you like it.

Subscribe via iTunes HERE.

Track list:

01. Synth Sense - Lost In Time (Synkro Remix) [Auxiliary]
02. Method One - Morning Memories [FREE]
03. LM1 - Zero Gravity (Method One Remix) [Offworld]
04. Method One - Angel Island [FREE]
05. Step 2 Far - Deepest Ocean [Offworld]
06. Ruffhouse - The Foot [Ingredients]
07. Skeptical - Catch 22 [Ingredients]
08. Villem and Fields - Azura [Med School]
09. Nultabyte - Luminaire [Connessione Recordings]
10. Villem - Poly [Med School]
11. Mr Joseph and Andy Skopes Presents Does Not Compute - Going Down [V Recordings]
12. Zero T - Red Hand [CIA Deep Kut]
13. dRamatic and dbAudio featuring Grimm - Far Away (Total Science Remix) [Mars Recordings]
14. Need For Mirrors - Vimana [Playaz]
15. Nymfo - Floating Point [Samurai Music]
16. SPY - Love Hurts [Hospital]
17. Eveson featuring Sam KDC - Retrospections [V Recordings]
18. Bop - Skeptikos [Kos.Mos Music]
19. Step 2 Far - Late [Offworld]
20. Es.tereo - Purple Sky [IM:LTD]
21. Hatti Vatti - Palms (ASC Remix) [Absys]
22. Sapphire - Forgotten Galaxy [Rotation Deep]
23. Sapphire - The Dance Of Cosmic Dust [Rotation Deep]
24. ASC - Snow Wolf [Samurai Music]
25. Tokyo Prose and Phil Tangent - Parity (Klute Remix) [Samurai Music]
26. Bulb - Eventually Abandoned [Rotation Deep]
27. Kiyoko - Dulcimer [Auxiliary]
28. Sam KDC - Symbol #8.2 [Auxiliary Symbol]
29. Daughter - Love (Synkro Edit) [FREE]

Spirit / Fade - Rooted001

Perhaps one of the best dance floors bits to arrive in our mail box last month comes this debut release via Rooted Recordings. On one side is a deadly roller by newcomer to watch Fade. But the real scorcher here is the Spirit remix of Chemical Ally & Lady Flava's 'Imagination Of Yourself'. With the classic Spirit styled low end and punchy drums in tow, the end result is quite a ride, and one worth taking too. Out now at all good digital music outlets.

Dub Motion

Regal Records continues it's tradition of releasing exciting dance music from up and comers with the ninth single to join its discography. Their latest release sees Dub Motion showcase his production skills on this single with "Lucifer" and "Red Stripe". Both tunes are intense are already a staple on darker dance floors, with its molten rock surges and spacey interludes. Its reminiscent of horror sound tracks. In a word, intense.

These tunes already been gaining appreciation in clubs and were recently featured on the Hospital podcast curated by S.P.Y. To get your slice, head to your favourite digital music outlets now.

Pushing Red Promo Mix Nov 12 by EHL

Pushing Red promo mix for November mixed by label head EHL. A mix of past, present and future music. Track list available HERE.

Fonik - Process_4

Via Everyday Junglist:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Undoubtedly one of the most thrilling talents to emerge from the world of d'n'b in the last few years, Rockwell has already had landmark releases on Digital Soundboy, Critical and Renegade Hardware. He's now signed exclusively to the mighty Shogun Audio. Read the rest of the story HERE.

Monday, November 05, 2012

eleven8 - 'Hadal Zone' / 'Across the Sky' [Blu Mar Ten Music] - Out Now

Emerging from a background as a punk drummer, eleven8's sound has become famous for it's distinctive percussion and acoustic samples. Specialising in complex and spacious Dubstep and Drum & Bass with a precise blend of industrial, warped effects and snapshots of organic sounds, his productions fit perfectly into the Blu Mar Ten Music's second release. The tunes here are grandly layered and simply majestic.

Buy from these outlets now.

Follow eleven8:

Follow Blu Mar Ten Music:

Inverted Audio - Troy Gunner Guest Mix

With his debut release at the end of last year on Indigo’s superb Mindset Records, Troy Gunner wowed us with his Fool’s Gold EP. Mixing extensive field samples with snippets of beats and rhythms, his fully-formed sound emerged somewhere in between the exquisite sample-work of Mount Kimbie and Synkro’s darker leanings, and his IA mix explores both these aspects to his style.

Read the interview HERE.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Breakage - The Promise [FREE DOWNLOAD]

James Boyle - aka Breakage - made his name as a drum’n'bass producer, but recent years have seen him expand his palette to take in scraping grime, rolling dubstep, underground pop and more, last album Foundation even featuring a typically longing collaboration with the most mythologised man in UK dance music, Burial.

The Promise features three new tracks from Boyle – two solo originals, and a screaming collaboration with recent New Talent pick Dismantle in the form of ‘Ass Up’.



Ashorecast #1 - Presha

Track list:

Dominick Martin – Rebels With A Cause
Imagination Network – F6
Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services – Toward Light
Imagination Network – I9
Unknown – Untitled
Silent Servant – A Path Eternal
Imagination Network – J0
Bronze Age – Coupling Symbols
Imagination Network – B2
Unknown – Untitled
Imagination Network – H8
ASC – The Morning After
Consequence – 11 Circles (ASC Remix)
Unknown – Untitled
ASC – Surge
Felix K – Res Extensa
Unknown – Untitled
Unknown – Untitled
Imagination Network – B2
Fis – Autochtonous
ASC – Open Source
Imagination Network – J0
Sam KDC – Synaesthesia
Imagination Network – G7

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Insight episode 57 by DFRNT

A nice vareity of music today from deeper, slower tracks all the way up to some epic 170bpm action. Lots of forthcoming tracks from the likes of WIFE, Kevin McPhee and others.


Lixx - SIGNAll FM [23 Sep 2012]

Excellent Autonomic themed mix by Slovakia's Lixx, really hits the spot. Give it a go, full track list available HERE. It's on limited download, so grab it pronto.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bulb - Selfdeny

Experimental vibes from one of our all time favourites Bulb. Free download, grab it now.

dBridge DJ Mix - CLASH MUSIC

Via CLASH MUSIC: Listen to a DJ mix by dBridge ahead of his appearance at Simian Mobile Disco's Delicatessen London date on October 27th 2012.

The Exit Records founder is set to performing alongside Simian Mobile Disco themselves, Rebuild (A Guy Called Gerald & Graham Massey), Mark EBJMNM, Lone, Radioactive Man and more. Find out more about the event.

We asked about a tracklisting but in dBridge's own words, "I'm not a fan of track lists".

Monday, October 22, 2012

Episode 50: Subvert Sessions Podcast | Octane & DLR Mix [Oct 2012]

Episode 50: Subvert Sessions Podcast | Octane & DLR Mix [Oct 2012] by Zul Othman on Mixcloud

Since 2010, Octane & DLR (otherwise known as Chris & Jay) have been blinding the drum & bass massive worldwide with a selection of dance floor destroyers released on top notch labels like Renegade Hardware, Run DNB, Audio Tactics and of course initially and most regularly on Dispatch Recordings.

Their debut album Method In The Madness was recently released to rave reviews. Not to be outdone, Leeds' finest have also recorded an exclusive mix to commemorate our 50th episode. Enjoy.



A front-runner in dubstep since 2006 – though, of course, Scuba hasn’t actually made dubstep in quite some time – Paul Rose has steadily risen through the ranks of UK and European dance music, recent album Personality (not to mention the single that preceded it, ‘Adrenalin’) not just shedding any remaining dubstep skin, but casting off the preconceptions of being a Brit in Berlin. Personality was big, brash, often brilliant, and whatever you thought of it, proved one of 2012′s most talked about albums – no mean feat when dance music full-lengths so often fall into the predictable middle ground.

Download the mix HERE.

Transparency Radio Podcast - Episode 12 - Oct 2012 - First Anniversary Special

Track list HERE.